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This current shambles I can’t help but think of what Danny Rose said about Steve Bruce

9 months ago

Danny Rose didn’t do a lot when he was at Newcastle United.

The loan defender never even looking interested in getting fully fit, never mind giving his all for Newcastle.

Danny Rose had came to St James Park so he could play some football, in the hope of forcing his way into the England squad for the summer 2020 European Championships. However, after barely having yet featured for Newcastle, we all heard that due to the virus situation, the 2020 Euros would be put back a year.

After that announcement, Danny Rose didn’t exactly improve for Newcastle United when it came to commitment or fitness.

Steve Bruce spoke a load of nonsense about how well Danny Rose had supposedly played when on loan at Newcastle and that he (Bruce) was going to definitely try and sign the Tottenham player on a permanent deal. As with a lot of what Bruce says, we now know it is dangerous to believe much of what he comes out with, no attempt whatsoever to sign Danny Rose, who went back to Spurs and will shortly be a free agent, no clubs showing any serious interest in taking Rose even on loan these last two windows, not surprising when you consider how bad he was for Newcastle United. Meaning that having been excluded from their first team squad, Danny Rose is spending his final year at Tottenham not playing a single game either for them, or out on loan elsewhere.

One major contribution that Danny Rose DID make when at Newcastle United, was an unintentional one. The Tottenham player letting Newcastle fans know just what a joke it was behind the scenes under Steve Bruce.

Danny Rose gave Newcastle fans some incredible insight in an interview (read below) in May 2020, comparing and contrasting the training regime at Newcastle United under Steve Bruce, with what he had been used to at Tottenham under Mauricio Pochettino.

Rose said that at Tottenham, players were lucky to get even one day a week off under Mauricio Pochettino. The defender talking about how strict he was and that he had heard the same about other foreign managers at Premier League clubs, such as Antonio Conte at Chelsea.

In contrast, Danny Rose said that since arriving at Newcastle, he couldn’t believe how easy life was…

Danny Rose talking about how strict (or not…) managers can be, to The Lockdown Tactics podcast – 20 May 2020:

“I heard [Antonio] Conte had a strict regime when he came in at Chelsea, I heard that he wasn’t willing to compromise in any shape or form.

“Even [at Tottenham] under Poch [Mauricio Pochettino], he had a different culture to the British.

“It wasn’t that he didn’t understand it, you [he] know the British like to have a drink, it was just something he couldn’t get his head around.

“Even after we beat Ajax in the Champions League semi-final and it was obviously the biggest night of our careers, on the flight home we weren’t allowed a drink.

“It was ‘no you are training tomorrow, you are up at 9am’….so it is just one of those things.

“He was like ‘no we have got a game on Saturday’ – the night was over.

“I do fully respect what he [Pochettino] has done but at the same time, with that Champions League semi-final we had been together since we were 22 or 23.

“So for me, that’s all I’d known for the past five or six years, you would play and then get one day off if you are lucky and that’s it, you’re grafting for the rest of the week.

“So now I’m at Newcastle [with Steve Bruce], you are getting two or three days off a week if you win.

“So I’m thinking what’s going on here then?

“It’s a shock to the system.

“We would only get one day off if we were lucky under Poch.

“Even in international breaks, he would see the ones who would go away as having a holiday because training isn’t as hard with your national team.”

With this current breaking news shambles last (Wednesday) night, I can’t help but think of what Danny Rose said above about Steve Bruce.

Steve Bruce naming and shaming a number of players on Saturday night blaming them for Newcastle not beating Wolves, publicly calling out Dubravka for conceding the headed goal, Lewis for letting the cross come in, Joelinton for seeing a late chance blocked by a defender on the line, then mainly blaming Matt Ritchie for not passing instructions on when going on as a sub, even though Shelvey took a quick free-kick only a few seconds after Ritchie stepped onto the pitch, meaning Ritchie had no time to speak to all the players he needed to, before seconds later the equaliser went in.

This setting in motion Matt Ritchie calling Steve Bruce a ‘coward’ (read the full story here) for the Head Coach not taking responsibility himself, then Bruce physically confronting Ritchie on Tuesday at the training ground, said to have embarrassingly physically barged Ritchie with his shoulder.

This whole new drama giving us a number of other insights as well, some of which may well point to why things are such a shambles when it comes to results and performances these past three months, only two wins in seventeen games.

The initial report from The Mail revealed that Matt Ritchie had wanted to sort things on Saturday night and rang Steve Bruce BUT the Head Coach said no, they would sort it at the next training session. Ritchie not happy with that at all, as it meant fully three days after what had happened during and after that Wolves match.

A further article in The Telegraph on Thursday has reported that Steve Bruce will now try and bottom this whole mess out with unhappy players, when he next meets up with the squad on Friday.

Hold on!

This is where we are hearing those Danny Rose alarm bells ringing very loudly.

This has been the routine for Steve Bruce and the Newcastle United squad since Saturday, when the two dropped players set in motion so many internal problems, mainly caused by Bruce himself.

Sunday – Day off

Monday – Day off

Tuesday – Training

Wednesday – Training

Thursday – Day off

Friday – Training

Saturday – ???

Sunday – 12 noon kick-off away at West Brom

Now, is it just me, or does the above look pretty ridiculous???

Newcastle United are in a very serious relegation struggle and indeed, if Fulham beat Spurs tonight, Steve Bruce and his players will be in the bottom three when they travel to West Brom on Saturday.

Steve Bruce clearly feels there are a lot of specific issues that need working on as well, including Dubravka stopping preventable goals, Lewis defending crosses better, plus of course Joelinton’s shooting. Not to mention of course, the protocols they need to have in place for when substitutions are forced and the team needs to change formation / positions on the pitch.

That is all before you get to with so many key players missing (Wilson, ASM, Almiron, Manquillo, Schar etc), surely Steve Bruce should be wanting to spend every minute possible working with the much changed team who will face West Brom in this huge match on Sunday.

Instead, the players are having half the week off in the lead up to this match.

I think we can be 100% confident that there is no way that this is how Rafa Benitez would have prepared for such a crucial match, or indeed an ordinary one, whilst Danny Rose made crystal clear that he had never seen anything like it before, until he experienced playing under Steve Bruce for himself.

There is a reason (well a lot of them actually) why Steve Bruce has never won a single trophy as a manager, why he has the worst record of any Premier League manager to take charge of 300+ games, why he has never even finished top nine in the Premier League, why he has spend half his managerial career in the second and third tiers, why his last three jobs before Newcastle United were with Championship clubs.

No hiding place now for Steve Bruce, last Saturday and previous he has wanted to blame everybody but himself.

However, it is all on him now, Steve Bruce’s responsibility if he extends further his already shocking two wins in seventeen games record.

Here’s hoping that he and the players will show the benefit on Sunday of all of these days off work this week…


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