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Robbie Savage and Chris Sutton welcome ‘Newcastle fan’ Dougie to their 606 show…

4 months ago

Robbie Savage and Chris Sutton, what can you say?

Newcastle United fans finding themselves helping to pay the wages of this duo, in return for constant trolling throughout this season.

The pair presenting BBC 5 Live’s 606 programme, Newcastle fans paying via their TV and radio licenses to fund the wages of Robbie Savage and Chris Sutton.

Actually, 606 was a brilliant revolutionary radio programme / phone-in that burned amazingly brightly for far too short a time under Danny Baker when he lit the fuse in 1991, only to so swiftly crash and burn as early as 1992 when David Mellor took over the presenting of it.

You could hardly have picked worse, after all, Robbie Savage and Chris Sutton were only 17 and 19 years old respectively back in 1992, trying to make it as football players.

Whatever they hoped to achieve in their playing careers, the pair could never have dreamed of how much fun they would have almost 30 years later when constantly trolling Newcastle United fans.

This pair are a total joke and not in a funny way, what on earth are the BBC thinking when they employ a duo that are so unprofessional in their license funded roles?

BBC 5 Live Sport – Chris Sutton and Robbie Savage on Saturday 13 March 2021 presenting 606…:

Robbie Savage:

“Right then, will Newcastle stay up Chris?”

Chris Sutton:

“Woahhhh, will they stay up? Just. Just.

“What does Dougie think though, Dougie you are a Newcastle fan?”


“Hiya, ya alreet. How’s it gannin?”

Chris Sutton:

“Good thanks. What do you make of recent performances? Because are things looking up Dougie?”


“Yeah definitely.

“Just been hit by injuries. 

“I wasn’t…earlier on in the season the results were iffy and the performances weren’t great. Then after the Sheffield United game [NUFC lost 1-0 on 12 January 2021] I thought we’re down, looked like the worst team in the league.

“In the recent few weeks we have been playing some really attractive attacking football but then we just got hit by these injuries.”

Chris Sutton:

“It [injuries] has had a massive impact.

“Even the game against Aston Villa, you are not having much luck. 

“You’ve got the injuries, the Villa goal was fortunate. 

“You’re not having much luck with injuries are you Dougie?”



“We’ve always been struck down by injuries throughout the years. It has always been a downfall for us.

“That goal (for Villa) last night, when it went in I thought well, that’s our luck, because it looks like we are going down.

“But a team that is going down, I don’t think would have got that equaliser.”

Chris Sutton:

“And if you do stay up this season Dougie, would you like to see Steve Bruce start the next [2021/22] season?

“And if so, where do you think you would finish next season?”


“So I think, I would like them [Steve Bruce and his coaching staff] to stay.

“Even if we go down I want him [Steve Bruce] to stay.

“But even if we do stay up, as long as he doesn’t go back to…revert back to his defensive way of playing, and keeps this attractive attacking way of playing, that we are at the moment.

“I can’t see why we can’t be qualifying for Europe next season. Like the way West Ham are this season.”

Robbie Savage:

“Dougie, thanks so much, Newcastle fans…”

Chris Sutton:

“What do you think Robbie? You are a good friend of Steve’s.”

Robbie Savage:

“Emmmm, to be fair I quite enjoyed you facetiming me when Newcastle equalised, jumping around your living room.”

(Chris Sutton and Robbie Savage laughing their heads off…The End.)

Since ‘Newcastle fan’ Dougie chatted to Robbie Savage and Chris Sutton last (Saturday) night, Newcastle supporters on social media have responded appropriately, incredulously…

Dougie’s accent was…difficult to place. Especially when it changed four or five times during the call.

Not all Newcastle fans come from Tyneside of course and speak perfect English like what we do, however, not many (any!) Newcastle fans say what Dougie said last night!

The conversation about Dougie amongst Newcastle fans is wondering whether he is indeed the one NUFC supporter who does believe all the above, or is it a Mackem, or is it a prankster who supports another random team and doesn’t realise how bad his attempt at a Geordie accent is, or is it Alex Bruce, or is it simply an Alan Partridge style stunt from Robbie Savage and Chris Sutton – getting one of their mates to ring in?

Or indeed, in May 2022 will ‘Newcastle fan’ Dougie be once again talking to Robbie Savage and Chris Sutton on 606, the trio congratulating Mike Ashley and Steve Bruce on the achievement of Newcastle United qualifying for the Champions League?

When people ask you why you continue to support Newcastle United, at times like this it is a very tricky one to answer.


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