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Richard Keys at his pathetic ‘best’ with latest attack on Newcastle United fans

9 months ago

Richard Keys is at it again.

The embarrassing and ridiculous presenter back on his favourite topic.

Namely, having a go at Newcastle United fans.

The latest Richard Keys episode came on Saturday ahead of the Newcastle v Wolves match.

In the Bein Sports studio they had this image up (see below), the banner that Wor Flags put up outside St James Park last week after Steve Bruce made it only two wins in sixteen games, with a massive twelve defeats in that run, plus two draws.

Richard Keys speaking on Bein Sports:

“What Newcastle fans want, is not Steve Bruce.

“[I] Don’t know what they want?

“You know, Mike Ashley, well within his rights to continue support his manager.

“To run the football club as he sees fit, it [Newcastle United] is his [Mike Ashley’s].”

The clip of Richard Keys speaking on Saturday is below, it is just beyond laughable how he presents this, arms outstretched and the incredulous tone, as to how it is incomprehensible why Newcastle fans wouldn’t be happy with the situation and why they might think Steve Bruce was somehow at fault.

It is like we (Newcastle fans) are part of some bizarre experiment, with so many dodgy idiots in the media such as Richard Keys, making us question our sanity and grip on reality. With no other club / manager situation would Richard Keys be going on like this. Imagine if it was Rafa Benitez on such a run, a run that is now only two win in seventeen games for Newcastle after Saturday night’s draw with Wolves.

I didn’t have a clue who the other clown was, on Saturday’s show with Richard Keys. Someone who is also on this clip below and doing the same as Keys, arms outstretched, incredulous voice as to why on earth Newcastle fans might be unhappy and want change.

After doing some research I eventually worked out that this other knacker is Nicky Summerbee, who played for a certain club called Sunderland for four years (1997-2001)…

Nicky Summerbee:

“Listen, he [Steve Bruce] is under pressure.

“You don’t need to be putting pressure on the manager and anybody at the club, in the position what you are in.

“You’ve got to get together, get through this situation, sort out what you are going to do.

“But I’m lost, I’m lost with everything about the club at the moment, I really am.

“But straight away, don’t jump on Bruce’s back, get behind the players and support the team.”

You can watch the clip for yourself below but I have also dug out some past quotes from Richard Keys, bigging up Steve Bruce, rubbishing Rafa Benitez and Newcastle United fans. Keys was full of it, how Rafa could easily be replaced and that replacement do far better than him (Benitez).

Rafa starved of transfer funds by Mike Ashley in his time at the club, actually making a profit on deals in and out in his three years.

Then Steve Bruce comes in and with Mike Ashley’s help made this total mess, Newcastle United in seventeenth and they’ll drop into the relegation zone if Fulham beat Tottenham on Thursday.

The thing is, this run of two wins in seventeen (all competitions) is shocking BUT it isn’t even as though things have suddenly gone downhill. These past 15 months since Christmas 2019 have seen Newcastle United win just 11 Premier League matches of the 46 played, only 23% of them, whilst Steve Bruce has lost a massive 23 of the 46, exactly 50%, indeed you can put it that Bruce has failed to win over 76% of these last 46 PL matches played.

However you put it, it is shocking! Remember as well, whilst Rafa was starved of transfer funds, Ashley has allowed a net spend of over £100m on players since Steve Bruce came in.

Looking at what Richard Keys has said since Rafa left and Bruce came in, some real classics.

Keys frothing at the mouth as he talks of Steve Bruce as ‘a breath of fresh air’, how he believes Bruce could win trophies at Newcastle, loving it when Bruce is ahead of Rafa’s points total the previous season at a certain point, ridicules Rafa signing Almiron and so on.

Richard Keys responding to Newcastle fans via Twitter – 30 June 2019:

“You will be there for the first game of the season – watching your team in your own stadium with someone in charge who will give you your team back and excite you.

“My team (Coventry) will be playing in Birmingham. That’s when you know you’ve got bad owners.

“Wait for the replacement (for Rafa Benitez) announcement.

“Your club (Newcastle United) is buoyant – financially stable.

“Your owner (Mike Ashley) tired of Rafa’s constant moaning and no one in their right mind gives the manager financial control.

Rafa won’t get a better job than he had. Newcastle will power on.”

Richard Keys on 17 July 2019 via Twitter:

“Good luck Brucey. Delighted.

“It seems British coaching is making a bit of a comeback.

“Newcastle couldn’t have chosen any better.”

Richard Keys wrote this on 9 August 2019 on his blog:

“Newcastle will do ok. Believe me.

“What a breath of fresh air Steve Bruce will be.

“He’ll get them playing – and they’ve got the players to do that – unlike Brighton, who can’t afford to.

“It was so refreshing to hear Bruce talk about winning a trophy.

“He knows they can’t complete in the top 6. Those days have gone – unless you’re owned by a Nation State or a billionaire.

“But Newcastle CAN win a trophy if the coach cares enough about silverware and not his bonus for grinding out a top 10 finish.”

Richard Keys wrote this on 19 November 2019 on his own personal blog:

‘It’s gold for Steve Bruce – the man even Geordies wanted to fail. What a job he’s doing – proving that not only Benitez can manage that club.

Is it true? Does Bruce really have Newcastle seven points better off than at this time last season? Yes it is. And that despite a really tough start – a far more difficult start than Benitez had. 

Anyway, against a near impossible background, Bruce has been quietly working miracles. I’m disappointed that he didn’t take the League Cup more seriously, but otherwise it’s been terrific.

Do you know, he might even get an assist or perhaps even a goal out of £21m Miguel Almiron before the season ends. What exactly was Benitez thinking when he paid that money to Atlanta United? I can’t think of one – can you?”

Richard Keys wrote this on 11 September 2020 on his blog:

“I like Newcastle’s business.

“It’s not the superstars that Geordies were hoping for, but I’m not convinced it ever would’ve been.

“Joelinton has got to have a better season surely? I’d say top half.

“Steve Bruce would become a legend if he could deliver a trophy. And he just might.”


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