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Newcastle United letters to The Mag – Mike Ashley, Steve Bruce, Newcastle Takeover…

4 months ago

With Newcastle United, the letters / opinions continue to flow into The Mag.

Steve Bruce and his players on a run of eighteen matches that have brought twelve defeats, four draws and only the two wins.

Only one point above the drop, Newcastle United now favourites to go down with West Brom and Sheff Utd, whilst olenty talk but no action visible with a takeover

Some contributions are sometimes too brief to make up into a full article and so we have gathered up a number of recent comments sent in, relating to issues at Newcastle United (if you would like to send anything in, long or short, then [email protected] is the place)

Dear Mag,

Steve Bruce isn`t going to walk and Mike Ashley won’t sack him.

One suggestion Ashley might go for, is to put Bruce on gardening leave i.e tell him to stay at home and write his memoirs.

Anything as long as he`s kept away from the team not in charge for the rest of the season.

D Macbrew

Dear Mag,

It looks like Mike Ashley is prepared to lose £100 million just to see the supporters unhappy.

Jan Harry

Dear Mag.

Relegation, fasten your seatbelts kids, we could be in for a bumpy ride, again!!!

Mark Odell

Dear Mag,

Bruce not to blame for most of this but what was he thinking, saying I (he) will do it my way now.

How long has he been in charge of the team?

This club has lost its soul and I think this is the worst I have ever felt about my club.

Please please bring on the Saudi mags.

Stephen Hagan

Dear Mag,

The A B C of what is wrong at Newcastle United.

In simple terms, it is as every Newcastle fan knows: Ashley, Bruce and Charnley.

Barry Page

Dear Mag,

Just like the Titanic we are going down.

But unlike then, it won’t be the passengers saved.

It will be the crew waving to us from their lifeboats as we sink below the surface.

Captain Bruce will be on the news saying he and his crew did their best but they couldn’t save us.


Dear Mag,

I believe that Cashley gets up in the morning puts on his Garfield slippers and thinks how can I off the Newcastle supporters today???

I know I’ll change the name of the stadium (failed), I’ll bring in Joke Kinnear (failed), get rid of Rafael Benitez and bring in a puppet, Steve Bruce.

For all his money and supposed business sense, the man is a plum.

Neil Oliver

Dear Mag,

Has. There. Ever. Been. A coach. So. Less. Able. Than. Bruce. For. Example. Would. Any. Coach. Play. West. Brom. Without. Any. Strikers. A team. With. The. Worst. Defence. In. The. Division. In. Fact. Has. Any coach. In nufc. History. Taken. The. Field. Without Someone. Who. Is a. Recognised. Striker . Other. Examples. Of. Non. Coaching. Development. Of. Young. Players. And. Discarding. Players. In. Favour. Of. Those. With. Less. Ability. But. More. Willing. To. Agree. With. His. Mindless. Tactics. And. Enjoying. Many. Days. Off. Instead. Of. Training. There. Are. Many. More. Examples. Poor. Management. Skills. Player. Conflict. On. And. On. Finally. An. Image. Of. Steve. Bruce. Appearing. To look. As. He could. Not. Believe. Joelinton. Did. Not. Score. A. Simple. Goal. Against. WBA. Why. Would. Anyone. Expect. Joelinton. To. Score. Maybe. Joelinton. Will. Find. His. And. Brucey’s. Level. Next. Season. When. We. Are. In. The. Championship.

Jo. Fiddes

Dear Mag,

I remember standing on the terraces at St James Park and feeling a thrill and atmosphere in April 1970, as a teenager, when we played Man Utd and expecting George Best to play, but he was not on the team sheet. Still, it was a great game and a great win at 5-1. Beating the great Man Utd.

This is a time when standing was the only way to watch a game, squashed against your friends and do even think about needing a wee. I remember my friend’s Uncle standing in the Leazes End listening to his transistor radio commentary and feeling the atmosphere. He was blind, but still went to all the home games just to soak up that feeling and euphoria.

These were the days when tackles were tackles, crunching into another player, then both standing up and getting on with the game. When men were men and boys became men. Now footballers seem to fall over if a player comes within ten yards and then scream wildly, before rolling around for five minutes. If no one takes any notice they just get up and play on.

What has happened to football over the years? Where has the atmosphere disappeared to, where have the men gone, where has the excitement gone?

Why is football becoming boring, is all to do with the money men and nothing to do with the football?

Philip Heslop

Dear Mag,

Maybe Fat Sam has taken on a job beyond him. A club that has taken a step back too far.

All attributes that apply to Brucie ball NUFC.

Dissention in the ranks, an owner seemingly not interested.

A coach nobody wanted or rated, a world class manager fobbed off by an idiotic owner who hasn’t learned anything and loves prodding the faithful with his stupidity stick.

At West Brom we saw NUFC frightened to attack and way way too deep, no thought of attacking, two dire teams frightened to lose

Bruce is lucky in that there isn’t any crowd because he would be getting pelters for such insipid dreadful clueless performances.

A team of misfits, coached by a misfit, ran by and owned by a misfit.

The premiership swerving our takeover, so near then nobbled by the big 6 and a premiership and government who didn’t want it.
What’s left at nufc? Relegation, dire football?

No hope, no escape, the dark moment approaching. Can’t beat West Brom??

Anthony Stafford


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