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Brighton fans with telling comments on Newcastle United and especially Steve Bruce after 3-0 win

3 years ago

Brighton fans have been reacting to what they watched on Saturday.

A real stroll for Graham Potter’s team who played really well.

However, at the same time they were up against an absolutely shocking opposition, Steve Bruce’s Newcastle team absolutely woeful on the day.

In the aftermath, interesting to see what the Brighton fans have said about both Newcastle United and especially Steve Bruce.

I like the many sarcastic lines about what a great job Steve Bruce is doing and how Mike Ashley has to keep him at least until the end of the season…

It was only Brighton’s second home PL win of the season and their only double of the season so far.

Brighton absolutely battered Newcastle on Saturday BUT in actual fact, the difference in quality between these two teams (managers!) was even more plain to see at St James Park in September, when Brighton fans also saw their team win 3-0.

I am amazed at just how many Brighton fans like Steve Bruce BUT at the same time they do add that this doesn’t mean they would ever want him to be their manager!

Brighton fans commenting via their North Stand Chat message board:

‘Would be surprised if Steve Bruce sees the weekend out after this match.’

‘Would make sense, they have a good replacement (Graeme Jones) in the staff already.’

‘Watching Steve Bruce on Sky now, I feel sorry for him.

He has said at least three times we were beaten by a far far better team.’

‘I guess you probably rate Jones, but the Geordies aren’t too happy with him either apparently.’

‘I’d like Bruce kept on until May.’

‘Disappointed that Bruce is not learning from this, taking the positives and moving on.’

‘4 million to sack him and let’s not forget, he dropped Palace in the sh.te.’

‘Always liked Bruce think he is a honest old style manager, his time may have passed by but honourable person nonetheless.’

‘Ashley will be perfectly happy with 17th and wouldn’t want to pay him off. He’ll probably stay.

Either way, that final day fixture of Fulham v Newcastle is looking a lot more interesting now…’

‘I hope he stays until we are safe at least.’

‘They do have enough good players to stay up. I don’t think any of them have an ounce of fight though.

Sack him or not, it doesn’t matter. Fulham will beat them on the last day and send them down.’

‘I don’t think they should do anything rash, best to keep him to not rock the boat.’

‘Newcastle are easily the worst team in the PL right now.’

‘Whilst it virtually guarantees us EPL football next season in some ways it’s sad to see such a big club like the Toon serving their fans up with performances like that.’

‘Steve Bruce is a decent guy and Newcastle should be in the PL, proper team with proper support. However this version looks pretty dire.’

‘The only thing keeping Bruce in his job, is Ashley’s refusal to pay him off.

Who is the better owner? Ashley or Bloom…. Tough one.’

‘When Dubravka feigned injury on 30 minutes, it looked like Graeme Jones took control and was trying to reorganize Newcastle tactically. Steve Bruce just looked like he was doing an impression of Phil Neal in the awful Graham Taylor England documentary.’

‘The Geordies are getting exactly what they deserve.

Nearly 10 years of moaning about Ashley, while going to the games, buying the shirts, eating the pies and drinking the pints.

If they actually wanted him out they should try a little harder than a protest march from the pub round the corner to their turnstile at 14:45.’em.’

‘Can’t really argue with that to be fair. They have been surprisingly (considering how die hard they are all supposed to be) pathetic when it comes to protesting against Ashley and trying to get him out of the club.’

‘Mike Ashley has form for getting rid of managers with a handful of games to go. For our sake, hope he stays on, because those run of fixtures they have look shocking.’

‘Absolute dinosaur. Doubt there is another PL manager Potter would start with just 3 defenders against. For all the talk of Moder as a left wing back, him and Gross were left and right midfield only dropping back if absolutely necessary. Veltman was pretty much left back and White right back. And our centre forwards playing on the wing. And Bruce had no answer at all. Doubt Pep would have let us get away with that for more than 5 minutes. He was taken to school by a Rookie PL manager and should be expelled for his F rating.

But not till the end of the season, please.’

‘Ashley is sticking with Bruce according to reports this morning due to his loyalty and passion for the club. Clearly not worried about the fight at training and the players backing Richie over the manager, or the performances against us and West Brom. Absolute car crash of a club at the moment, Bruce has lost the dressing room and not sure if they can stay up now, the players haven’t got the fight in them.’

‘Hope Bruce stays, doing a fantastic job.’

‘I’m conflicted about their supporters. There’s no denying they are fiercely loyal and that deserves respect. They could do with a crash course in fan protest though.’

‘Sounds like Bruce and Newcastle were incredibly complacent and hadnt done their research. Give us space and time on the ball like they did and it was inevitable they’d get a footballing lesson.’

‘Who was their manager when we completely outclassed them in September? Maybe that guy should have warned Bruce about us.’

Read an interesting comment on another forum from an Aston Villa fan saying that Bruce’s teams always seem to have loads of injuries wherever he goes, the suspicion being his training methods don’t get the players fit enough, and injured players are rushed back too quickly (as seemed to be the case with Almiron last night).’

‘Am l the only one on this thread, who actiually thinks that Steve Bruser is a pretty good manager? Hugely successful as a player of course, although his managerikal exploits have been rather more modest.

Hampered to a great degree by his chairman refusing to spend big and losing several important players to long term injuries, his top goalscorer amongst them, l think he is doing as well as any other perspective manager can.

Don’t blame Bruce for the demise of Newcastle United, lay that completely at Mike Ashley’s door.’


He’s spent about 90 million (***£100m+!) over the last 2 seasons. He’s a dinosaur, hopeless.’

‘There’s only so many managers of any quality that will put up with Ashley. Ashley doesn’t care what supporters think or say as long as he survives in the Prem. nothing will change, even if they go down.’

‘I like Steve Bruce. I think we’d have more points on the board if he were our manager with this squad, but there’s no way we’d be putting in the performance we did last night. The difference between the teams was incredible. We shouldn’t be anywhere near them in the table.’

‘What Newcastle need and deserve more than a new manager is a new owner. Even if it means a few seasons in the championship or league 1. Feel for their fans.’

‘I like Bruce too, doesn’t mean I want him to be our manager.’

‘I have respect for Bruce as a man and a manager but he’s absolutely not the type of manager I’d choose at Brighton.’

‘Had a read through the Newcastle forum earlier, they seem to absolutely hate the guy, in a visceral way. Not the kind of thing we had on NSC at the end of Hughton’s last season, when even the ones who wanted him out, it wasn’t in a hateful way, more a feeling of respect for what he had achieved, but we needed a change. They really want him out, there was no post I read in support of him.’

‘Yes. I also have a good mate who’s a Newcastle fan. Calls him El Cabbagio. A few of the more polite snippets about Bruce and the match from other Newcastle fans:

‘Bruce is a pound shop Allardyce at best.’

‘Newcastle made Brighton look like Barcelona.’


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