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BBC Sport comments from neutrals about Steve Bruce and Newcastle after Brighton – Says it all

4 months ago

Really interesting reading through these BBC Sport comments following Newcastle’s embarrassing display and feeble defeat at Brighton, totally lacking in any real desire to try and win the match.

The comments from neutrals especially telling.

This is what Newcastle United are reduced to under Mike Ashley and Steve Bruce.

A club that neutrals are divided on, whether to sympathise with, or laugh at, this never ending nothingness of supporting Newcastle United year after year.

The BBC Sport readers comments, mainly from neutrals, tell you all you need to know about Steve Bruce, Mike Ashley and Newcastle United…

‘I’ve had good Geordie friends in my life – good guys – don’t want them to go down – but BHA have Potter – Fulham have Parker – and NUFC have Steve Bruce – doomed?’

‘Is this maybe just the right time to welcome back Big Sam to Newcastle?

A potential win/win for both parties!

Something has to change, if not Newcastle are down.’

‘Even if Newcastle stay up, this has been a terrible season for Geordies. I bet Mike Ashley & Steve Bruce are so glad no fans are present at games to let their feelings known.’

‘Newcastle looked like a championship team and have done last few times I’ve watched them.’

‘Looking at Fulham and Newcastles remaining games I fear the worst for the Geordies especially if they perform like that in all their remaining games.’

‘There’s only one way you can have a worse owner than Mike Ashley and that’s the Saudi Arabian monarchy.

Newcastle fans voted in the 90% region for that take over completely disregarding the fact they had just personally ordered the assassination of an innocent man. This is called getting what you deserve.

Dreadful club with selfish caveman fans.’

‘Surely this must be Bruce’s last season as a PL manager.’

‘Just watching that France v Wales Rugby game tonight. Credit to both sides. Talk about playing for your shirt. Newcastle by comparison, talk about getting paid for nothing. An utter disgrace. What a difference between professional sportsmen. That team don’t deserve to play on the Premier league. They are an utter utter, but total disgrace. Feel sorry for their fans.’

‘Poor ownership, poor manager and now a bunch of players who really dont look up for it. If anyone deserves to go down its Newcastle.

Bruce will go but no doubt like Allardyce will find another job putting every fan in fear that their club could be their next.

The owner will no doubt still be the owner next season and so the sorry saga continues for all the die hard fans. You have my full sympathy.’

‘Well I’ve defended Bruce up to now as I didn’t like the treatment he got from the get go at Newcastle but after this result there’s really no choice…If Newcastle are to stay up he has to go.

They need a new manager bounce and quick.’

‘In some way I can see why Newcastle fans feel this is all on Steve Bruce.

But like spurs this has been going on long before Bruce and mourino came to your clubs.

It is from the core of the club at Newcastle, scouting network. Who in the name of all that’s holy believed Joel Linton was worth £40 million?

You have players who have been signed on long term contracts who are just there for the money.’

‘Newcastle fans. You have my sympathy for the way Mike Ashley has run your club to the ground.


Mike Ashley is basically a McCaskey with the way he only cares for the bottom line, and it’s a damn shame Steve Bruce is complicit in this TORTURE!!’

‘I fear for the worse for Newcastle, no fight no desire no sense of purpose.

As a Spurs fan trust me I know what I’m talking about!’

‘Between Ashley & Bruce they are gradually dragging Newcastle down. This so-called big club will soon be relegated.’

‘This has to be Steve Bruce last chance at managing an EPL club, the only reason I can think to why Mike Ashley employed him was that he was cheap. Sympathy goes out to the Georide fans – no one should have to suffer this!’

‘I feel so sorry for the Newcastle fans .This was a cup final type of game and they never showed up .There are still 9 games left for them , but they will have to show some heart , otherwise I’m sad to say that they will be doomed.’

‘Wow! Newcastle were shocking!

We needed the win, but I didn’t expect it to be that easy.

Bruce has taken you down a dark alley.’

‘Can’t see Bruce surviving much longer.

Newcastle need to get rid and hope a new Manager can boost their season.’

‘Said last week Newcastle would be ok as Brighton are worse. Shows how much I know.’

‘Bruce hasn’t got a clue what decent football is, let alone the ability to coach that into his team.

Newcastle deserve to go down, they have no style of play, terrible anti football hit and rush tactics, pub team manager, pub team owner.

For their fans, I hope they get relegated to get rid of Ashley and Bruce.’


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