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They invited questions for Alex Bruce, son of Steve – This was never going to end well

10 months ago

They have invited punters to ‘fire over any questions’ they might have for Alex Bruce, son of Steve Bruce.

The invitation has come from UnderTheCosh which is a podcast hosted by former football players Chris Brown and Jon Parkin.

The invitation made today (Monday 15 February 2021), ahead of Alex Bruce appearing on their podcast tomorrow.

Alex Bruce has regularly gone on the attack in defence of his dad’s woeful attempt at managing Newcastle United.

With Newcastle United in seventeenth place and Fulham closing the gap to seven points, the position is looking precarious.

Newcastle with games away at Chelsea and Man Utd up next, whilst Fulham play Burnley and Sheffield United.

UndrTheCosh making the following invitation:

“Former Ipswich, Hull and Leeds defender Alex Bruce is with us tomorrow.

“Fire over any questions.”

Oh dear, this was never going to end well, here are a few of the replies / questions for Alex Bruce so far…

Rafa Fans:

‘When will your dad leave Newcastle?’


‘Why does he think being 17th in the premier league and only 7 points (could be four by Wednesday) above the relegation despite spending over £100M is acceptable? Bruce has said that he’s aiming for a top 10 finish at the start of the year so has he failed or was he lying?’

Richard Patterson:

‘Did he ever smash that lads head in that he threatened to do on social media a few years ago or did he not really mean it as a threat?’


‘On a scale of 1-10, 1 being sh.t, 10 being perfect, please Rate how good your dad is as a manager.’


‘I can do that for him…… -5.’

Rafa Fans:

‘Thoughts on how many managerial trophies your dad has won compared to the mighty Rafa Benitez?’


‘Any chance your Dad could resign and retire??’

Scott Thomas:

‘His thoughts on the delusional Newcastle fans criticising him because his dads manager there.’

Rock Steady Eddie:

‘Why won’t your dad do the decent thing and just walk away?’


‘Why doesn’t your Dad just resign. He’s not up to the job. We don’t want him here. He clearly doesn’t want to be here. He’s more than wealthy enough to walk away. If he was a real fan it’s what he’d do.’

Jack Hatton:

‘How does it feel knowing ya dad is just as hated as Matt Hancock?’

MBE Jock Mcburnsie:

‘delusional for wanting a premier league coach not a failed one with the worst stats in the premier league.’

The Farmster:

‘1) Given you have complained about social media messages received by you and your dad, does the fact you yourself have sent threats to football fans on here make you a massive hypocrite?

2) Can your dad and his appalling track record resign?’

Honore De Balzac:

‘Ask him why he made the bizarre choice of phoning Talksport & not the old bill to talk about death threats to his Dad. Unless Jim White is an undercover detective that is.’

Rafa Fans:

‘Thoughts on your dad being statistically the worst manager in Premier League history?’


‘So the result of this request is just Newcastle fans commenting, which is going to go one way or the other. Either they’ll ignore them all and not ask them which is probably for the best or #nufc fans are going to get hammered throughout the podcast.’

Jones In, Bruce Out:

‘How much is his dad being paid off Jeff hendrick to start him every week?’


‘How is ye da a footy manager’


‘Alex, what’s the favourite letter of support you made up to your dad last month to express what a ‘brilliant’ job he’s doing at Newcastle? Regards, not your biggest fan in any regard.’


‘What is the circumference of his father’s head?’

In The Shadows:

‘When is daddy resigning?’

Dave Powton:

‘Do you like cabbage?’

Joe Halliday:

‘No questions, just tell him his fatha is a knacker.’

Crouch Potato:

‘1) Why did you belittle Newcastle fans for reactions 2) why come on the radio talking about abuse suffered on social media when you have offered to smash a fan in previously?’

Paul Daglish:

‘Why did he decide to troll Newcastle fans then complain when they took the bait?’

Tim C:

‘What percentage of the fan mail that his dear dad allegedly receives, does Alex write?’


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