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Southampton fans comments before AND after losing at Newcastle United

10 months ago

Southampton fans had seen their team win only once on the last 16 visits to St James Park.

Their team had just lost the last four Premier League matches.

The most recent loss a 9-0 (NINE nil) defeat at Old Trafford.

Interesting then to see what the Southampton fans had to say (see below) ahead of facing Newcastle United.

Apart from the odd exception, there was surprisingly, supreme confidence amongst Southampton fans that Saturday afternoon would see their team bounce back to form.

However, jumping forward to the state of play after Saints had made it one win in their last seventeen visits to St James Park, the mood amongst most Southampton fans appears to be very different.

It is like losing to Steve Bruce and Newcastle United has been a deal breaker for many Southampton fans, especially having played against ten and then nine players in the second half.

The odd exception but a whole load of negativity about their team and even some of it aimed at Ralph Hasenhuttl as well…

Southampton fans commenting via their Saints Web message board:


‘I think we’ll get a reaction and I think we’ll win pretty easily, Newcastle are not a good team at all.’

‘Bruce claiming we are nearly back to full strength, he’s having a laugh.’

‘I think he’s getting his excuses in early, just in case.’

‘Steve Bruce is really pushing hard to get away from the story being losing to a 9-0 beaten injury ravaged team, painting the picture now that we have players back and it is in fact his side who have the injury crisis.

I don’t know enough about the players he’s listed as out to know if they play regularly anyway, or what the replacements are like. Doubt they are scraping the barrel like we did at Old Trafford.

What I do know is I’ve seen us suffer at the pace of Saint-Maximin, the long distance shots and sh.thousery or Shelvey and the brute force aerial presence of Carroll, Callum Wilson likes a goal against us as well, all of those players are available.

We’ve got to be due a win up there, miss the days when we could always bank on a Le Tissier screamer every time we played the Geordies.’

‘I have a good feeling about this one. Saints to win by a large margin.’

‘Just watched Ralph’s pre match press conference. The man is just class. Every answer thoughtful and bang on the money. Sounds like he is genuinely attached to this club. Legend.’

‘Saint-Maximin had Covid pretty bad. Is he back to full speed?’

‘I’m not sure he did, that’s what I believed, I’ve since been told it was more about a falling out with the club. Him breaking protocols, going home to France at Christmas and allegedly not behaving himself generally.

Not saying he didn’t have it, but it apparently wasn’t the reason for the long absence.

He’s looked pretty impressive the two times I have seen him recently.’

‘Really looking forward to this game. Time to put to bed two of the worst games from the last ten years.

I think we are going to witness beast mode tomorrow. No fatigue, no dwelling, just fast and furious to put things right.’

‘I’ve never been more certain of a win.’

‘It’s not a question of if we win , but how many we will win by.’

Newcastle are a horrible team under Bruce, set up to defend most of the game and grab a goal late on.

We are better than them.

Simple mission really – stop the rot.’

‘A few players back and wanting to make amends for the 9-0, we should be up for this one.

Newcastle aren’t in great form either.’

‘We’ll do Newcastle, the players must be absolutely dribbling to get back on the pitch and show us what a freak show the last game was…’


‘I swear we get no luck when we go to Newcastle, they seem to score from every shot, do very little in the game and their goal lives a charmed life.

How does that shot from Ings bounce back out at that angle like that…and straight into their keeper as well.

I swear they are basically surviving relegation on pure luck.’

‘We are very boring to watch (from a style of play PoV).

Constant slow, recycling of possession within the width of the 18 yard box – anywhere around the pitch.

Not getting a point, against a injury-ravaged Newcastle side, down to 10 mins for the last 40 mins and then 9 men for the last 25 mins, was ridiculous.

What makes it worse, we – as with all games – barely made their keeper work.’

‘A sobering thought is that this squad is going to be the nucleus next season and i doubt it will get many more bodies to strengthen! The kids coming through hardly inspire and so a rocky road ahead.’

‘Most defenders can sort their feet out. He had an absolute nightmare there, personal disaster of a match/week.

When Bednarek is bad….christ he is beyond bad! When he’s good he’s decent though.’

‘Not trying to make excuses at all here, but its plain to see we dont have a player who wants to run at the opposition and try to beat them when Armstrong is not on the pitch, the other is Moussa but Ralf didnt bring him on and that is puzzling.’

‘Should have put Vestergaard up near Adams and dropped ings back a bit to play off their knockdowns and just bombarded them with crosses and long balls , Tippy tappy football in front of 2 banks of 4 that are sitting back won’t work.’

‘We lost at Newcastle- quite normal as far as I can see.’

‘Not really though, a Newcastle out of form, key players injured , playing against ten for most of a half then 9 for 25 minutes.’

‘Look, we’re Southampton. Ive been supporting us for 35 years and seen us go through loads of abysmal runs so Im really not concerned at the moment.

Frustrated, yes, but not concerned.

The only only thing that gets me worried is the effect this is having on Ralph.

The lack of backing etc. Without him we’re knackered.

Imagine if Spurs dump Jose and are looking for a new manager!!!!’

‘I’m really not sure the rest of the football world views a man who has been at Southampton for two years, and has them firmly in the bottom half after two 9-0 defeats, as an upgrade on Mourinho.’

‘They had an injury crisis, we played against nine men for half the second half, and against ten for the other half of it. The goals we conceded, especially their third, were entirely due to our own mistakes.

Absolutely insane that anyone can take away from that match that we were the hard-done-by victims yesterday.’

‘Poor defending, obviously McCarthy’s poor pass basically created his chance but then I think he got beaten too easily by the shot seeing as it was on his side, and then Bednerak got done too easily by Saint-Maximin.

All teams miss chances, even the best strikers but Newcastle seem to get very lucky with this, they barely create anything in games but manage to score from pretty much every half chance. They had 6 shots that whole game and 4 on target, they get 3 goals from it. I am sure last time we went up there they basically scored from 2 from like 3-4 shots.’

‘Ralph the best manager in the world right now? No other manager has two 9-0s on his CV that’s for sure.’

‘Yeah but that is on the players and nothing to do with the brilliant passionate inspiring manager.

Imagine if we had a dinosaur like Bruce would have been 24-0.’

‘Pitch was atrocious today, made it very easy for Newcastle to sit deep…

Worrying from the team that we lack this much creativity.’

‘Seen mention of us being in a relegation fight? The drama queens are out in force when we lose as usual.’

‘Your claim was Bruce tactically out classed Ralph. Your claim is wrong.’

‘Have we got immune to losing 9 nil, that people now think a 3-2 defeat away to Newcastle is worse. It’s not.’

‘I think it is…Utd are a good team and we had a lot going against us.

We had a virtually full strength team out today and Newcastle are most definitely not a good team.’

‘Worryingly we had 74% possession. To play how we did and to have that much possession is truly worrying.’

‘Very little power in the team. Saint-Maximin brushed off Bednarek and then just accelerated away from him for their first. Our quick players aren’t strong and our strong players aren’t quick.’

‘Calling for Ralph is ridiculous, he’s not blameless but with the limited resources we currently have available, I don’t think anyone could do better.’

‘I have a lot of time for RH but I don’t think he escapes some blame in all of this and has been found out a bit tactically.’

‘Not good enough. Tactically shown up by Steve Bruce. Awful.’

‘He wasn’t tactically out thought by Bruce.

We gave away three sh.t goals, then they went down to 10 and then 9 they sat deep and defended like a team should defend.

It was basic stuff hardly a tactical master class.’

‘Not trying to make excuses for the sh.te performance BUT the conditions certainly helped Newcastle in last 20 mins. That pitch could not take a 20 meter pass along the ground so our usual fizzing the ball around went out the window!’

‘My birthday today. Thanks for nothing Saints. That was worse than the 9-0 for me. Slow, ponderous build-up and after hitting the post we never looked like scoring against 9 men. Not enough subs not quick enough and wrong ones. So many bad performances. All I was asking for was to get off this bloody 29 point mark.. Ralph, that was a terrible result.’


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