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‘£295m in Bank of England PL loans shows staying away from Newcastle United will work’

9 months ago

For years there has been a dispute rumbling on about the Newcastle United fan base and it’s monetary value to the club owner.

For years a certain part of our fan base has said stay out of St James Park and it will starve the owner and push him out of the door, as staying away would take away exactly what Mike Ashley is here for.

Another part has said it’s pointless, as it makes up next to nothing in monetary terms of the club’s income, basically meaning that  if the fans stayed away it would have no impact on the owner and his stay at the club, as the income from fans these days is minimal.

Another part have basically said, nothing we do will make a difference, so they go because their friends, sons, daughters, uncles, aunties and their dogs etc etc go and it’s the only time they see them.

An announcement in recent days has revealed that Arsenal (£120m) have followed Tottenham (£175m) in having to borrow hundreds of millions between them to stay afloat, the loans from the Bank of England via the Government’s virus loan scheme.

Does this proves a point? Would Tottenham be able to stay afloat otherwise? Would Arsenal still be going?

One thing I know is, both of those clubs have much bigger income streams than ours away from stadium revenue. They certainly both have bigger income streams with stadium income as well.

I think it goes to show that a sustained boycott would 100% work. Mike Ashley would have to sell at a price that the club is worth.

We are always going to get the people that are blinded by false loyalty. The ones that say I’ve never missed a match in x amount of time, the ones that try and make out that going to football is the be all and end all, the ones that are worried about not getting a ticket if it did get better.

However, I would like to think that the majority of our fan base are reasonably intelligent and can work things out logically.

I know it’s been difficult for all during this lockdown, but let’s be honest, it’s not the end of the world not getting along to watch Newcastle United. The football is shocking, the craic on match days is shocking, what’s there to actually go for anyway?

If everyone made a sacrifice for the first few months of it all reopening up, it would 100% push the current regime out.

Mike Ashley hates losing money even more than he hates Newcastle United fans.



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