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15 Newcastle United matches and 15 Steve Bruce quotes – ‘Hysteria’ at all of his clubs

10 months ago

They say that talk is cheap and that actions speak louder than words.

So whilst it often feels like we’ve been living our very own Groundhog Day since last March, the same is also much the same with Steve Bruce at Newcastle United.

Much more effective action and less bluster is required from Newcastle United. Happy New Year to all by the way.

With Mike Ashley’s constant aim for mediocrity being fulfilled by Steve Bruce, with the Head Coach finally letting slip these last few days that the not so secret “remit” is to simply stay in the division. oh aren’t we lucky to have this owner and Manager.

On Saturday morning, an article appeared on The Mag which highlighted a year ago this week, when we played Leicester City on 1 January 2020. It is safe to say the shambles that followed during the 90 minutes wasn’t a surprise. It certainly shouldn’t have been to Steve Bruce. That day we lost four players to injury and Bruce commented “You get injuries by forcing players to play tired. That’s not an excuse, it’s a fact. I was concerned before the match, I made that clear.”

Well I’ve had my say on Bruce’s record with injuries so I won’t go over old ground other than to bring up old quotes from Bruce….

“I messed up. I played players that weren’t match fit or where only half fit”

“The one thing you can’t do in the Premier League is play lads who are below their best”

– Steve Bruce (2009, Wigan)

There are more, as I’ve highlighted in the past, but like I’ve said, that’s old, well worn ground. We know he can’t handle injury and fitness issues, squad rotation and man management problems. I have come across a more pertinent issue with what we’re seeing going wrong with this team.

We all know this team can’t pass to save it’s life and the possession stats are truly shocking. This should be a cause for concern and an area the manager should be focusing on as a matter of supreme urgency. Or at least you would think so. But I’ve got some more alarming quotes that prove this Head Coach and his backroom staff are not focusing on such issues and they haven’t been since the very first moment they walked through the door in August 2019.

Take a look at the following:

11/08/2019- Arsenal 0-1 “What disappointed me was that we gave it away too cheaply.”

17/08/2019- Norwich 1-3“Difficult and hugely disappointing – the manner of it. With and without the ball. We certainly didn’t do enough and we have to improve. We didn’t do enough with and without the ball. We weren’t good enough. “I’ve got to be ready for the flak which will come my way.”

29/09/19 – Leicester City 0-5“We simply didn’t do enough (Comment said three times) “We have to go back to the training ground and do the basics better. It wasn’t anywhere near good enough.”

27/10/2019- Wolves 1-1“We didn’t do enough when we had the ball. That was the most disappointing thing – the number of times we gave it away cheaply.”

25/11/2019- Aston Villa 0-2“We tried hard but we weren’t good enough. We didn’t do enough with or without the ball.”

28/12/19 – Everton 1-2“We will dust ourselves down and go again…”

1/1/20 – Leicester 0-3“In the first half, I thought we gave the ball away too cheaply.”

16/02/20- Arsenal 0-4“You make a mistake at this level and you get punished, and we’ve been punished a couple of times.”

1/2/20 – Norwich – 0-0“We gave the ball away so cheaply today, which is disappointing. Their chances were mainly through mistakes (by us) which is not like us.”

22/02/20 Crystal Palace 0-1 “The better team won. We have had decent possession, but we gave the ball away too cheaply.”

28/06/20 – Manchester City 0-2“You cannot make the type of mistake we did for the penalty. We surrendered the ball a bit too cheaply.”

6/11/20 – Southampton 0-2 – “We gave it away far too cheaply and far too often. We didn’t do enough”

16/12/20 Leeds United 2-5“We can’t make those mistakes we’ve made here. The third goal in particular where we gave the ball away cheaply in our own box.”

19/12/20 Fulham 1-1“We haven’t done enough today with and without the ball. Unfortunately we gave the ball away too cheaply. We’ve had a difficult week and we’ll dust ourselves down and get ready for Tuesday.”

22/12/20 Brentford 0-1“We have to accept what’s coming our way and dust ourselves down. Unfortunately we haven’t played well enough.”

26/12/20 Manchester City 0-2 “Yes we gave it away too cheaply at times.” 

And those were the ones I could find with the minimum of effort.

If we’re keep giving it away “cheaply” from as far back as August 2019 when he arrived and we’re still doing it some 17 months later, there is only one part of the club that must take the blame for that. Isn’t it about time he did something about it?

Steve Bruce also keeps saying we “weren’t good enough” and “beaten by the better team”. I think it’s about time a journalist brought this up and took him to task as to not do so is gross negligence on their part. I’ll admit, it’s getting to the point where the criticism of this Head Coach is such an easy task but heck, in the name of self-improvement, the man needs to listen.

Bruce bangs on about “progress” and “inching the club forward”… Rubbish, there has been no change since he walked through the door. He mentions the mass Hysteria that goes with any crisis at Newcastle United but this isn’t the first time he’s mentioned such “Hysteria” of course.

“It shows you how difficult it is up here. The mass hysteria, I find some of it pathetic, to be honest”Sunderland manager Steve Bruce, August 26 2011.

“Of course here, at a club like ours, it turns into mass hysteria. A couple of bad results and all of a sudden it’s the end of the world again”Aston Villa manager Steve Bruce, September 25 2017.

“We had a bad week, and some of the mass hysteria in my opinion was unjust, unfair and a lot of it was not right in my opinion”Newcastle United manager Steve Bruce, December 26, 2020.

Well I’ll give him one thing, the man likes to repeat himself and like I said at the start, talk is cheap. They also say it’s good to talk.

In Bruce’s case, it’s best he finally puts up, or shuts up and clears off…


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