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Manchester United claim plan with Liverpool was not a Premier League power grab

10 months ago

Ed Woodward has told Manchester United fans that the shameful plan that they and Liverpool had drawn up, was not a Premier League power grab.

The club’s executive vice-chairman was speaking to their Manchester United fans forum.

Ed Woodward sticking to the line that rather than using and abusing the virus situation in order to benefit themselves, instead Manchester United and Liverpool were actually only concerned about the collective health of all club and in particular, the survival of smaller clubs in the lower divisions.

Well, if you believe that, you will believe anything.

It seems incredible that it was only October when The Telegraph had the scoop of the year, exposing the plans drawn up by Liverpool and Manchester United. Less than eight weeks ago on the 11 October 2020, the newspaper carrying the first of their exclusives unravelling bit by bit the shameful plans.

Plans that if put into practice, would have made the elite (‘big six’) even richer and more powerful through various strands of the ‘big picture plan’, plus most importantly / disgracefully, would have seen this enshrined forever more, by changing the current rules where 14 of the 20 Premier League clubs have to approve any major chances, to instead a model whereby the votes of any six of a group of nine clubs (including the ‘big six’) would be needed to make future important changes in how the Premier League was run.

In particular, how money would be divided up in the future, because once the ‘big six’ could vote through changes without needing the votes of any other clubs, it would be game over for sure for any remaining elements of fairness and / or the benefit of all 20 Premier League clubs, as well as indeed all the clubs in the divisions below.

BBC Sport report that Ed Woodward told the Manchester United Fans Forum regarding the secret project big picture: ‘It’s important to reflect that this was a work in progress, it was not a behind closed doors power grab; only draft proposals and a discussion document. The next step would have been to roll them out to all stakeholders in search of consensus.’

The Manchester United boss of course has no other option but to continue to make these claims, along with the other clubs and individuals who were named and shamed in the Telegraph exclusives.

Liverpool and Manchester United, along with the likes of Rick Parry and others who had been involved in secret meetings, claimed that the project big picture was all about helping everybody, rather than helping themselves. Portraying themselves as the saviours of the lower league clubs during the pandemic.

In actual fact, it was anything but that. Instead an opportunist attempt to take power by stealth, using supposedly ‘helping’ the lower divisions as the cover for the Premier League power grab.

Why would you need in any way to include a proposal to give the ‘big six’ special voting rights? To try and make out that this was one of just lots of loose ideas for future discussion is unbelievable, when it is so transparent that this is what the plan was all about, total power for all time in the hands of the self-appointed six clubs, including the other three clubs as a very very lame excuse to try and claim otherwise.

As The Telegraph exposed layer after layer of project big picture, football finance experts swiftly analysed that the plan was all about making the rich richer by stealth, the idea that the lower divisions would be better off longer-term, shown to be all smoke and mirrors. Talk of future percentages of revenue for example simply misleading, as the big pot of money would shrink to a massive degree, as for example, part of the plan was for all Premier League clubs to be able to each sell TV rights for a sizeable number of matches, so obviously the future overall TV deals would be worth far less because the PL collectively would be offering packages containing far fewer games.

BBC Sport reporting that Ed Woodward also told the Manchester United Fans Forum: ‘A strong Premier League and a financially sustainable and robust pyramid are both crucial to the health of the national game and that’s the principle we will continue to pursue within the strategic review recently launched by the Premier League.’

Yes, as we all know, the Premier League is all about ‘principles’….

In reality, none of the clubs are blameless, but those who are the richest and most powerful in the English top tier, are truly the worst of the worst.


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