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Irrational hatred of Newcastle fans as football supporters asked which team they hate

10 months ago

As Newcastle fans, we are used to living a strange existence.

Life never boring at the club, except on the pitch of course.

Always something going on, Newcastle United always a complete soap opera of a club.

Once the calendar ticks over int0 2021, it will be 52 years since NUFC won any trophy and 66 years since winning a domestic one (FA Cup). As for winning the league, we are rapidly closing on a full century, as the new year will mean it is 94 years since Newcastle fans saw their club champions of England.

Despite all of this above, we (Newcastle fans), get some pretty strange accusations thrown at us.

Looking at social media on Monday, I came across this Tweet that Talksport had put out to their followers…’Which team, that isn’t a rival, do you love to hate?’

Now I scrolled down to see who would be getting mentioned and I wasn’t ‘disappointed’, with sure enough, Newcastle fans getting more than their fair share of mentions…

These are the relevant comments and I looked at the profile of the person commenting, trying to work out who they supported themselves, which wasn’t always possible:

‘Newcastle. They think they’re bigger than what they are. No one thinks they’re a big club outside Newcastle.’

‘Newcastle and West Ham.’ (Man Utd fan)

‘Small club Newcastle.’

‘Newcastle United. Tiny club, who for some reason think they are big.’ (Man Utd fan)

‘Newcastle.’ (Spurs fan)

‘As a palace fan I hate Liverpool and Newcastle.

Most of my family are Liverpool fans and they are the biggest bad winners and bad losers you will ever come across.

Newcastle I think that they think they are owed something and I don’t like that mentality.’

‘Newcastle – they think they’re a big club.’ (Liverpool fan from Bristol))

‘Newcastle!! They think they are entitled to silverware because they have a large following, nothing more.

Somehow to them it seems to render them ‘automatic should be’s’ for the champions league every year if you listen to their fans harp on.’

‘Newcastle. Not a big club. Just have a large fan base and haven’t won anything in 2 generations.’

‘The myth that Newcastle are a big club. (Chelsea fan)’

‘Newcastle. I’ve never really understood why, but I love to see them lose.’ (Liverpool fan from London)

‘Newcastle..supporters are unrealistic but I do feel sorry in one way. I went there when they had 13k in under ardiles time so not as loyal as they portray.’

‘I work with quite a few Newcastle fans (all based there too) and have a fair few on here.

Now they all think they deserve better ownership (I can’t disagree) but none of them complain about lack of silverware or ever let on they feel its owed.’

‘Bloody newcastle.’ (Villa fan)

‘Newcastle. Especially when Shearer was up there winning all.’ (Man Utd fan from London)

‘Anyone that plays defensive football i.e. spurs, palace and Newcastle.’ (Southampton fan)

As you can see, the odd rational person sticking up for us and the odd one with a credible reason (Bruce’s defensive football), but a very common theme coming through from the vast majority.

Newcastle fans thinking they are something special, think they are entitled to success, winning trophies, Champions League football etc etc.

It is a bit of a compliment that so many people take the time and energy to hate us…but at least do it for the right reasons!

In actual fact, Talksport weren’t even asking which fans you hate, it was team!

The media, the likes of Talksport (and Sky Sports) in particular, are massively responsible for driving this misleading stereotype of Newcastle fans.

Every fanbase will have some odd characters and if you search the likes of Twitter you will find absolute idiots saying whatever.

However, Newcastle fans thinking they have a divine right to success is not something many / any of us will recognise.

What Newcastle fans are ‘guilty’ of is hoping for better, for seizing on any positives such as say Rafa agreeing to stay after we were relegated in 2016, in the hope that it could eventually build into something resembling success.


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