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Simon Jordan now changes position on whether Newcastle United takeover still happening

11 months ago

Simon Jordan said three months ago that he wasn’t convinced that the Newcastle United takeover was definitely at an end, with regards to the Saudi PIF financed bid, after the consortium declared they were withdrawing their bid.

With a total lack of transparency from the Premier League as to why they failed to come to any decision in 17 weeks of their supposed process, Simon Jordan declared back in August (see below): ‘I have to say, I don’t understand how a deal breaks down, when the buyer and seller are in accord…’

He even had sympathy, to an extent, for ourselves: ‘Newcastle fans are up in arms and rightly so, to some extent…but the challenge I have, is if the English Premier League are reaching or exceeding their reach and remit.’

Moving forward to the present day and despite Mike Ashley confirming that there is arbitration action in progress against the Premier League, Simon Jordan has now dismissed it as little more than ‘window dressing’ and stated that it is giving false hope to Newcastle supporters.

Simon Jordan believing there is minimal / zero chance of a Newcastle United takeover happening and claims that Mike Ashley just wants to prove with his legal action, that he was serious about trying to sell the football club.

Simon Jordan speaking to Talksport:

“I think it [legal action by Mike Ashley against the Premier League] is window dressing.

“There is only one thing worse for Newcastle fans than Mike Ashley and that is hope.

“Whether they like it or they don’t like it, at the centre of some of these issues the Premier League has en masse [made decisions], the Premier League is not Richard Masters, it is 20 clubs who Richard Masters works for.

“I don’t believe Richard Masters has the hutzpah to step out of this [Premier League] remit and flow forward with a personal agenda.

“The notion that really drives this is piracy and I know people will turn around and say that there is no issue behind this, they [Saudis] have given assertions, but at the centre of this is an issue around broadcaster piracy and that is what has driven this all along.

“This is basically Newcastle United kicking the tyres of the process and Mike Ashley making sure the integrity of his intent to sell is beyond question.

“This wasn’t a fictitious transaction – I beg the question again, if the buyer and seller are absolutely aligned, why aren’t they being more rambunctious (uncontrollably exuberant0 and on the front foot about dragging the Premier League into court?

“I don’t think this is an exercise that is going to end in any great fruit for them [Newcastle fans] and I think it is window dressing, and the same thing will come out that the Premier League hasn’t acted inappropriately.

“I know Newcastle fans will be up in arms and get most offended by this, but the motivations for this bid not going through aren’t steeped in some agenda Richard Masters has, [instead] it will be steeped in the protocols the Premier League has to bear, to have questions asked and answered.”

Simon Jordan asked on Talksport whether he thinks the Newcastle United takeover is now over for sure – 6 August 2020:

“I don’t think so.

“It’s interesting that Mike [Ashley] immediately put a statement out because what is being briefed to the press now and is coming out, is that Mike tried to change the deal, he tried to ramp it up a little bit more, get more money out of them [Saudi PIF financed bid].

“This has not been said before now.

“I look at this now and there is a whole raft of information coming out.

“Newcastle fans are up in arms and rightly so, to some extent…but the challenge I have, is if the English Premier League are reaching or exceeding their reach and remit.

“We have three things on the table:

“Which is the [Saudi] regime and their outlook and their humanity and the way that they behave towards human rights.

“We have got the piracy issue.

“Then we have got nation state control.

“Now the piracy issue is a real live issue.

“The human rights issue, well, this country deals with Saudi Arabia, so I’m not suggesting it is right or wrong, but we can’t then hold the higher ground by saying football clubs can’t be bought by them.

“So we now get into the territory of how and why this deal has been stopped.

“I have to say, I don’t understand how a deal breaks down, when the buyer and seller are in accord and the Premier League seem, seem, in the opinion of the Newcastle fans, are acting out of a sense of blocking this deal because they don’t want it, acting out of a sense of maintaining the status quo, because they don’t want Newcastle to have the opportunity other clubs have had.

“We must also remember that I do believe, if Sheikh Mansour tried to buy Man City now, or the Glazers tried to buy Manchester United the way they bought Manchester United in 2006, now there would be more resistance from the Premier League because lessons have been learnt. I don’t know if they could block them but there would be more scrutiny.”


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