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NUFC Twitter – Hashtag #WhyCan’tWeAllJustGetAlong

11 months ago

Everyone shut up…Is what I find myself saying when scrolling mindlessly through NUFC Twitter most mornings, afternoons and nights. I’m never surprised by what I see.

Sometimes embarrassed, sometimes in awe, but never surprised.

The last week has been a turbulent time, even by the standards of the perpetually turbulent NUFC Twitter hashtag, it has been turbulent.

We have seen a Boxing Promoter come Actor come Podcast host, dragged over the coals.

We’ve witnessed a well-wishing lawyer’s character assassinated by grown men because her opinion didn’t match up with their hunch.

We’ve been treated to a rare moment of hilarity in Extra Tyne, thrown together by a hairy impressionist, a radio host and a cat wrangling NUFC sufferer.

We’ve seen the knives come out on podcasts, accusations of bullying and an orgy of subtweeting.

Why can’t we all just get along?

The one thing that unites this rabid fanbase is our misery, our collective acceptance that we’re s.ite, partnered with the enduring belief that perhaps one day…we won’t be.

Testing times have a way of bonding people, we’ve all experienced it in our lives, you know, the ones that aren’t defined by NUFC Twitter hashtags, notifications and small LED screens.

Perhaps it’s the boredom of lockdown?

Or perhaps it is simply adults acting like children who have lost a bit of perspective on what is really important and what brought us all here?

Newcastle United Football Club.

I am not one to preach, if you follow me on Twitter you will see that I can sometimes be drawn into the mess. I’ve picked my sides before and have my own opinions on the soap opera that is our club and the talking heads that surround it.

Maybe this leaves me well positioned as an observer in the thick of the

It’s no revelation to any of us that over-paid and under-educated pundits will pass comment on Newcastle United and its fans.

Did it really surprise us when Mark Lawrenson came out with a lazy piece of punditry from 2010?

Were any of us truly shocked when Chris Kirkland claimed that Steve Bruce would be better suited than Mauricio Pochettino to lead our club into a bright new future under Saudi ownership?


We’ve known all along that our enemy doesn’t live among us, but in the papers and sports channels that consistently hire analysts, who choose to regularly recycle lazy and misinformed rubbish about our club.

Or pundits that sit behind microphones in radio studios, who can’t wait for a Newcastle fan to call in so they can wheel out their latest cliché in order to get a heated reaction. Even worse still, heads of corrupt organisations that get to choose whether our club has a future or not.

We hold our opinions closely and guard them fiercely. Twitter is a platform for those that want to be heard but are terrible at being disagreed with. There is no doubt that a difference of opinion is important and the most passionate fanbase in England will inevitably hold opinions that are important and personal to us as individuals.

But not as important as being kind…and being united.

We’ve been distracted for the last week or so, but let’s not forget what has preceded, a fortune-changing takeover put on ice indefinitely by a corrupt power, other fans sticking the knife in when it fell through, the media telling us how fortunate we are to simply exist.

The action that injustice inspired should be our focus, the largest supporters trust in British Football, a return by Wor Flags, fans holding Richard Masters and his cartel to accountability.

When we are united we can achieve great things and maybe even have some fun whilst doing it

So, everyone shut up, yeah?

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