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Newcastle United could see major shift in position as these stars are now aligning

5 months ago

I have been watching this club for a few years and in that time I’ve seen it go through more than one regeneration.

I guess it is a bit like Doctor Who.

The trouble is, this regeneration is not Jon Pertwee or David Tennant. It reminds me of Sylvester McCoy.

If you go back that far, you will remember that he was the Doctor who was so bad it caused the cancellation of a programme that had ran for 25 years.

So my question is, whether the Newcastle United 2020 regeneration could do the same to our club?

Now to be honest, that’s a bit over the top on my behalf. The total demise of the club is going too far.

However, I have a real concern that there are a number of stars that are aligning which could see a major shift in our club’s position within the game.

The football

It’s bloody dire, but it has been bloody dire many many times before. Fans walk away when it’s bad and come back when it’s good. So it is nothing new and won’t change things by itself.

The new generation and the disappearance of the old farts

We all know that this generation are a different breed. They see things totally differently to the old farts like me.

They don’t have that automatic regional loyalty to the club. Hence why you see Chelsea, Man City, or Liverpool shirts around town. It simply didn’t happen in the 90s.

They want to attach themselves to success, not to mediocrity


The days of being able to see every game without ever setting foot in the ground are not too far away. In fact they have arrived now.

You can “support” who you want. Having to do 250 miles to Fulham to see a match are no longer required.


The closure of the grounds may have acted like rehab for a drunk.

That addiction of heading to St James Park every fortnight, because that’s what you do, may now have been broken.

The forthcoming recession

For many, the coming year will be very difficult. Money is going to be very tight. People will have to think very carefully about how they spend their money.

So when you put it all together, when faced with a bill for 600 quid, are you going to pay in order to watch a club playing anti-football when it can be “obtained” online for nowt and you have the overdue fuel bill to pay?

I can see a return to the days of a hardcore level of support. Maybe 30,000 for mid-table premiership down to 20,000 for mid-table championship football

And the additional worry is that the hardcore are getting old.

Ask yourself how many people under 30 do you know who are utterly fanatical about the club in the way those in the past were?

They would not now dream of sitting in a pub and talking Newcastle from first orders until the last. Their life revolves around other things, all to do with social media. Looking at their phone every minute of the day is their drug, not a bunch of blokes in short pants kicking a bag of air.

I am under no illusions. A successful Newcastle United would change all that.

All of us who are currently jarred off with the situation would be clambering for Wembley tickets , but sadly that is very unlikely, even with Brentford coming up. You just know the script is written for Ivan Toney.

Therefore, my concern is that the only thing we have going for us, which is our 50,000 crowds, is going to disappear and we will then be as relevant in the game as Forest or Derby or Sheff Wed.

How close are we to joining them?


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