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New F1 move with Saudi Arabia proves hypocrisy of Newcastle United takeover issues

11 months ago

So, it’s apparently acceptable for Saudi Arabia and the Saudi Royal family to be involved in and host one of the biggest sporting events on the planet…but they can’t be allowed any involvement in a Newcastle United takeover?

I almost laughed when I read the news today that a Formula One racing event will take place in Saudi Arabia next season but it simply isn’t funny, it’s utterly ludicrous and hypocrisy of the highest order.

If it wasn’t such a serious and emotive issue, I probably wouldn’t be taking the time to submit my debut piece to The Mag.

Although I enjoy reading the reports, comments and opinions of fellow Toon fans, I am normally happy just to watch from the sidelines, until I read this report today !

This particular quote in The Sun caught my attention :

Speaking of the news, Chairman and CEO of Formula 1 Chase Carey said:

“We are excited to welcome Saudi Arabia to Formula 1 for the 2021 season and welcome their announcement following speculation in recent days.

“Saudi Arabia is a country that is rapidly becoming a hub for sports and entertainment with many major events taking place there in recent years and we are very pleased that Formula 1 will be racing there from next season.

“The region is hugely important to us and with 70 per cent of the population of Saudi being under 30 we are excited about the potential to reach new fans and bring our existing fans around the world exciting racing from an incredible and historic location.

“We will be publishing our full provisional 2021 calendar in the coming weeks and this will be submitted to the World Motor Sport Council for approval.”

Saudi Sports Minister Prince Abdulaziz Bin Turki AlFaisal Al Saud added: “Saudi Arabia is accelerating forward and the speed, energy, excitement of Formula 1 perfectly reflects the transformational journey the country is on.”

The first thing I would draw your attention to is the person making the quote, F1 CEO Chase Carey.

Excited by the partnership, welcoming them to the fold and actually pointing out the potential and importance of the region !

I don’t think I can recall such levels of enthusiasm, forward thinking or general willingness to embrace new opportunities from Mr Masters, his PL cronies, or the other members of our so called opinionated elite, when the Saudi led consortium attempted to invest in and also rescue Newcastle United from many long dark years under a regime that has bullied, embarrassed and generally blighted our great club for the past thirteen years !

Then of course, there’s the reported comments from the Saudi Sports Minister, Abdulaziz Bin Turki Al Faisal Al Saud. His clear ambitions for Saudi Arabia to move forward with enthusiasm and ambition to transform his country’s position on the world stage. Is it any wonder that Masters, Bein sports and all of the so called “Big EPL” clubs did everything in their considerable combined powers to stall, stonewall and eventually derail the proposed takeover of NUFC?

I can’t wait for all those MPs, human rights activists and other moral crusaders to protest against this announcement…

I very much doubt I am the only person (connected to Newcastle United or not ) that finds this situation hypocritical but so predictable ?
Let’s face it, much easier to make a moral stand when you’re only going to off Geordies in the far corner of England, than to risk going to war with a worldwide sporting body like the FIA and the millions of people who follow the sport worldwide!

I really hope Ashley and his lawyers are going to reference this proposal in their litigation against the PL.

Ideally, I hope they even combine forces with the NUST in doing so as this farce can not be allowed to go unchallenged.

It will be interesting to see where our friends at Sky / BEIN sports are on this issue ?

Where all those so-called experts stand on the subject, who really should be highlighting the issue and maybe asking what’s the difference between the two scenarios?

In the absence of any such comment from those sources, I will tell you the answer, Money and Power.

The PL and Mr Masters realised very quickly that allowing the Saudi consortium takeover of NUFC would diminish their power and control, which, in turn would have a serious impact on their wealth.

Saudi Arabia as a country, regime and Royal family will receive worldwide coverage from F1 promoting them as a modern, safe, progressive country in the eyes of the world.

I thought they were murdering, human rights abusing monsters if you believe all the biased garbage that was printed about our Saudi deal.

Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not for one moment condoning the Saudis’ track record in any way, or suggesting they should suddenly be forgiven for past transgressions, but I will be watching with interest to see if this announcement receives the same levels of comment and condemnation as the Newcastle United soap opera did over this summer.

And then there’s the billions in potential sponsorship revenues and business associations they could generate from the worldwide exposure they’ll receive.

I bet Lewis Hamilton has something to say or a t shirt to wear for this particular event but oh…hang on, he won’t be allowed will he ?

As a lifelong supporter of Newcastle United, with a clear vested interest in the welfare of my club, I have no doubt others may suggest my opinions are just sour grapes and that is their right.

All I would say is look properly at the evidence, events and individuals who have chosen to involve themselves in the proposed Newcastle United takeover, together with their motives and reasons for doing so.

It will be very interesting to observe how many of those vociferous opponents crawl out of the woodwork once again, to oppose the latest attempts by Saudi Arabia to “Sports-wash” its history to room 101.

In the meantime, I can console myself with the thought that I get to watch Brucie and his attacking philosophies played out once again at Southampton on Friday night and not once will I think of what might have been!!


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