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Murphy’s Law now introduced for Newcastle United fans

11 months ago

Against some admittedly stiff competition, Danny Murphy is one of the leading lights in the pundit world, when it comes to trolling Newcastle United fans.

Absolutely no connection with our football club, apart from a deep dislike of our last manager, Rafa Benitez, who binned Danny Murphy when managing him at Liverpool.

When it comes to commenting on the ongoing situation at St James Park, Murphy looks even more bitter and twisted than he does usually, when sticking the knife into Newcastle fans.

Murphy’s Law is a popular adage that states: ‘Things will go wrong in any given situation, if you give them a chance’, which kind of works pretty well anyway when looking at the never ending mess at Newcastle United, if you relate it to Mike Ashley employing somebody so out of his depth as Steve Bruce, to replace Rafa Benitez. Bruce the latest patsy in a long line.

As for Danny Murphy though, his own particular Murphy’s Law states: ‘I don’t know what Newcastle fans want from Steve Bruce.’

Now, with pundits who are paid to comment on the goings on at Newcastle United, they fall into two groups. Those who are too thick and / or lazy to understand what is the situation at St James Park. Then those who pretend they are too thick and / or lazy to understand what is the situation at St James Park.

Yes, until Mike Ashley has gone, Newcastle United will never stand a chance of building the club back up from the state he (Ashley) has reduced it too and getting back to competing towards the very top end.

However, beneath that, you can still have a manager (or Head Coach) capable of achieving relative success, up to a point.

For Danny Murphy, that point of relative success under Steve Bruce is not getting relegated whilst playing the most abysmal style of football and being at the very worst end of pretty much every single set of relevant underlying stats in the Premier League, whether that is total shots, efforts on target, possession, touches of the ball in the opposition penalty area, amount of time spent in the attacking third, chances created, number of shots your goalkeeper faces, number of through balls, number of forward passes and so on and so on.

I really like Gary Lineker but he knows the score, he knows why Newcastle United fans are unhappy. Lineker knows that pundits such as Danny Murphy when they are on the show are going to attack Newcastle fans and make accusations that they SHOULD have to back up.

Newcastle United are 13th in the table and Gary Lineker points to that as NUFC ‘doing quite well’, this just simply feeds into this idea that Newcastle are now a nothing club, only capable of trying to hang on to Premier League status. Why does this not apply to Southampton, Leicester, Wolves, Aston Villa, Leeds and others, none of who are spoken about like Newcastle United and who are all playing progressive football with a certain style of their own.

Danny Murphy and others should be challenged when they make lazy comments such as not knowing what Newcastle fans want from Steve Bruce, they should be confronted with the relevant stats showing how NUFC play AND how lucky they have been to accumulate enough points for even 13th in the table, when you compare it to those miserable statistics, such as having the least shots on target in the PL, whilst Karl Darlow faces more shots than any other PL goalkeeper.

Danny Murphy says Steve Bruce has to be ‘pragmatic’ due to the squad he has. In other words, Newcastle United are incapable of trying to play like say Southampton or even Aston Villa now. Why is that?

Murphy is all over the place though, as he then talks about Steve Bruce making ‘superb signings’ even though he ‘hasn’t got a lot of money to spend’…you can’t have it all ways!

Why doesn’t Gary Lineker challenge Danny Murphy when he gets something so factually wrong as not having money to spend?

In his 16 months Steve Bruce has been allowed a £100m+ net spend, in that same period Roy Hodgson has had £144m less, Palace having made a £44m net profit. Rafa Benitez has pretty much a zero net spend in his time at Newcastle and that is why Newcastle fans understood up to a point why in certain games the Spaniard went ultra negative. However, it was never as regular as we have seen under Bruce, week in week out.

It is hilarious really when in one breath Danny Murphy says Steve Bruce has been starved of funds and then the next talks about £40m signing Joelinton.

Rafa Benitez built the seventh best defence as Newcastle conceded the seventh lowest number of goals in each of his two PL seasons, Steve Bruce turned that into the seventh worst in terms of goals conceded last season.

In Rafa’s final 28 games, Newcastle had the eighth best form in the PL, then when allowed his first relatively ambitious signing of Almiron on 31 January 2019, with the Paraguayan’s help Newcastle ended the season with the fifth best form in the last 16 PL games and the fifth highest number of goals in those 16 matches.

Many of you will be shouting why are you repeating all of this, we have heard it all before, but whilst the likes of Danny Murphy talks nonsense and the likes of Gary Lineker lets it go unchallenged, then you have no choice but to stand up and speak out.

One thing for sure, 100%.

If Rafa Benitez had stayed and been allowed a £100m+ net spend these past 16 months, Danny Murphy and the other trolls would not be saying the Spaniard was doing a brilliant job and this horrific negative football is all Newcastle are capable of.

Gary Lineker and Danny Murphy speaking on Match of The Day:

Gary Lineker:

“I think overall…Newcastle…I mean it is one of those, the fans feel dissatisfied but they are actually doing quite well in the table.”

Danny Murphy:

“I don’t know what they [Newcastle fans] want from Steve Bruce.

“You know, he has to be pragmatic with the squad he has got.

“He hasn’t got a lot of money to spend.

“He has made some superb signings.

“Look at where they are in the table.

“Look at what he did last season.

“I think he deserves great credit.”

Danny Murphy talking about Joelinton’s performance on Friday night:

“It’s always nice to see someone who has had such a tough time do well and hopefully this will be a platform for him.

“I think it helps him playing up front with [Callum] Wilson, who has now got seven goals.

“He [Joelinton] gets a little bit of fortune [when scoring the second goal], which is sometimes what you need as a striker when going through such a barren spell.

“I think Newcastle needed this, never mind Joelinton.

“If he can stay up front and get that partnership going with Wilson, he might have a better few months than he has had recently.”


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