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Everton fans comments on losing to Newcastle United – Fair to say they’re not impressed…

12 months ago

Two big messages coming out of these comments from Everton fans (see below) after losing 2-1 on Sunday at St James Park.

Firstly, they don’t think much of Newcastle United.

Secondly, they don’t think much of Everton, when missing their better players.

The match was pretty much a total non-event for 55 minutes with neither side able to create chances. Newcastle very defensive and deep, as usual under Steve Bruce, whilst Everton were clueless without the likes of James Rodriguez and Richarlison, simply passing the ball from side to side of the pitch and / or backwards.

Some Everton fans naturally refuse to accept it was a penalty when Gomes fouled Wilson, though other more honest Everton fans accept that it obviously was the correct decision.

Everton fans overwhelmingly thinking they have just been beaten by a very poor team and that their side managed to drag themselves down to Newcastle’s level.

On the honesty front though, at least not many Everton fans claiming that it was an unfair final scoreline…

Everton fans comment via their Grand Old Team message board:

‘Frustrating thing is that we donated 3 points to the Newcastle avoiding relegation fund.

They are dreadful. Definitely capable of going down but somehow grind results out throughout the season.’

‘Newcastle are terrible as well, what an easy game it was for them.’

‘Newcastle won today due to a horrendous penalty decision against a side with 4 of its best players missing.’

‘I’m even ever so slightly starting to worry we will be looking downwards instead of upwards now. It’s obvious we will struggle against mobile a fast paced teams. What is it about our club that feels pace is not a priority?’

‘Not many worse things to sour the end of a weekend than Everton disappointing you!

Take me back to Derby week when we were number 1 in the charts, number one in the league, our perfectly balanced front three were fit and available and the only Everton worries I had was an erratic goalkeeper from Sunderland!’

‘You should pick a team to go for it against a team like Newcastle even if you have to call upon kids.’

‘I don’t know how we will ever succeed as a team when they always bottle it and forget to turn up as soon as the pressure mounts.’

‘With the starting 11, Everton is a top 6 team. Maybe a top 4 if James had a better partner in midfield. As soon as you make one or two substitutions, the quality of the team drops tremendously. It is a very, very thin team and today they looked like a mid to low table type of team.’

‘Who’d have thought that the mancs at home seems to be an easier game than Southampton or Newcastle away?’

‘Carlo attempted to nullify the Newcastle threat with possession

Unfortunately having possession is pointless with this side because they don’t know how to be efficient with the ball and they cannot penetrate the opposition with any clever balls.

It was so easy for Newcastle to defend against us because we literally did not attack them and when we did they had 11 men behind the ball because Keane and Mina were playing passes to each other all game.’

‘Yep they were waiting on Newcastle to come out.

After 20 mins of them not, we should have drastically changed the game plan but we didn’t.’

‘Our line up for Sunday was ridiculous.

No pace or width, yet we’re playing with a guy up front knocking in goals from crosses left right and centre.

Ancelotti lost his way since the break.’

‘It’s all hindsight like but we had absolutely no runners past DCL so everything was played in front of the Newcastle back four making it much easier.’

‘The first half was truly abysmal football but wasn’t too bad in the second especially towards the end, and hopefully Carlo will start with the same team that finished the second half next time.

Wasn’t great but at least they were creating chances, unlike the first-half, where our build-up play and endless back passing, reminded me of Craggy island’s over 90s. Not a good time to face united though!

Yes, the penalty was another stitch-up but Newcastle probably deserved the win over the whole game as we really were poor.

Olsen was great. As much as I feel for Pickford, it wasn’t just his saves for me, but his calmness under pressure.’

‘It was a soft penalty but Gomes was slow and clumsy.

The second goal came from a counter-attack whilst we were pushing for an equaliser.

Mina got absolutely smashed to bits by Fraser for pace and he put it in a last ditch block which caused a slight deflection Over the keeper and into the path of Wilson who slotted it in from 2 yards out. Poor defending by Mina.

Truth is it could have been 4-1 if Olson had not made 2 great saves

Performance wise we were terrible and didn’t deserve anything. We only showed up and played in the last minutes once we were already losing as per.

Most of our goal attempts came from sigurdsson from about 40 yards out. Delph had a 50 yard shot which has still not yet landed.’

‘It was so easy for Newcastle to defend our 451 because there is no pace in that midfield.’

‘Don’t really think it’s been a decent start now, tbh. A team that’s currently 13th can leapfrog us tomorrow. We turned a tremendous first 4 games into a run-of-the-mill start that everyone has got off to.’

‘I know they’re never given as just classed as a “clash of heads” but Newcastle defender head butted dcl and didn’t touch the ball! In the penalty box! Only difference I see from Gomes pen is that it was feet/legs? Why is one a pen and not the other?’

‘Newcastle stuck to the basics and targeted the players who should’ve been targeted. We tried to play really complex with some really poor fringe players.

No surprise we lost really.’

‘Did people genuinely think players that were average last season had suddenly become good?

Outside of our first 11 we aren’t very good. We knew that.’

‘No one likes to hear it, but if want to qualify for European, you have to deal with injuries and pick up points at teams like Southampton and Newcastle.

‘The fact we weren’t able to suggests a long boring season of mid table irrelevance.

Only an extremely lucky team can expect to cope with only 10 or 11 decent outfield players.’

‘The rot has proper sunk in now. Been saying it since before the Liverpool game. Performances regressing by the week. Weak mentality.’

‘It is all doom and gloom. We had a chance to do something really good this year and are blowing it as soon as we can. Absolute bottle jobs.

We will come somewhere from 7 to 10th place like most years. We are the most boring predictable club in English football. We are never that bad but never any good either. This was the chance but we got the recruitment wrong, predictably got injuries, and then the repeat offenders turned up to ruin our momentum. Its same old same old rubbish.

We’ve got nothing good going on in life right now and they serve up that rubbish. What is the point? I’d be so much happier if we didn’t exist but there’s just no way of turning everton off.’

‘The tactics against Newcastle were an absolute disgrace and we have just dropped 3 points against a very poor team.’

‘The last two matches have to set off alarm bells

The sides he’s picked, the tactics and the fact he can’t motivate this lot are all a worry

Or we can bury our heads in the sand and pretend we are going to win the league.’

‘That match genuinely really upset / annoyed me.

Would much rather just play a fun game on PlayStation with my mates than subject myself to that.’

‘I think I’m going to avoid our matches for a few weeks, there’s already enough negativity going on, and I don’t need this on top of it all

‘I’m with you on this mate. I don’t want to spend 90 minutes of my life just to be really upset.’

Not having that was a penalty. Wilson runs into him from behind as he is kicking to clear. Expected VAR to over rule the ref shocked they gave it. No heart in this team, no fight, no energy.’

‘Wilson ran in front of him.’


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