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Everton fans call out this Newcastle United article as ‘Gutter journalism’ – Not happy

6 months ago

Everton fans have been in touch.

This follows an opinion article written on The Mag by Newcastle fan Barry Paul Henry published on Saturday (31 October 2020).

The article the Everton fans are responding to, is entitled ‘Next up for Newcastle are Everton – A team that people respect but a club nobody likes’ (read it HERE).

One part of the article in question saying:

‘Only thing that really spoils it about Everton for me though are their fans. Yes there are decent ones and there are some right idiots, no different with any other club, but I have noticed there seems to be a real hatred from their fans towards our club.’

Always interesting to get feedback from outside the Newcastle United fanbase, so what have the Everton fans been saying?

Well, two slightly differing responses, but interesting and / or amusing all the same.

(As usual, a reminder that all articles which appear on The Mag as ‘opinion’ pieces, are the ‘opinion’ of that particular Newcastle United fan, not some kind of comment piece that necessarily reflects what The Mag collectively thinks, the only comment pieces from The Mag appear under the ‘Tyne Talk’ heading – All articles welcome from all Newcastle fans (and Everton…), send to [email protected])

First off of the responses from Everton fans, this is Neil Tully’s response:

‘Gutter journalism

This is the most disgraceful Football Article I have ever read.

Why on Earth you would sit down and write such garbage is a sad reflection on Journalism in our Country.

I have followed Everton FC since 1947/48 and have never encountered any animosity between Everton and Newcastle United, rivalry yes, healthy Football rivalry yes.

You have deliberately tried to stir up hatred that has never existed, for what purpose, Journalistic ambition? Mr. Murdoch might notice you.

The standard of Journalism in the U.K. is appalling, you have brought it to an even lower level.

There’s not many, but one the Blessing of COVID -19 is that the Press is struggling, people are not buying Newspapers like they did.

All the Nationals and Provincial Newspapers are losing money.

One of the reasons for the decline in sales is the standard of journalism has sunk to an all time low.

Your article is yet another prime example of Gutter Journalism.

Shame on you.


Neil Tully

Secondly, we have Ray:

‘I would like to reply to the article , yes from history Everton are one of the most successful teams in the UK and if that is how you measure success then its there for everyone to see, we are a team in the shadow of Liverpool a team in a 2 club city and still fill the stadium every week. Have players representing England and a great manager. We do like Newcastle and there fans , we are from the same background , a working class culture and love our football.

As for being classed as a big club , then possibly , we have the potential and the history. Over the years due to the decline in trophies Newcastle fans continually try to bring is down , the only thing you have that we do not is a greater capacity stadium, and you are a one club city.

Yes we do class ourselves bigger than Villa Leeds and Newcastle and results over the last 10 years prove this without doubt , even though we have been without a trophy. We respect all fans who support their local clubs , we love our football and to be honest we do not talk about being a bigger club than Newcastle or Leeds or Spurs, we talk about Everton and when and how can we be successful again and hope and prey for that success.

Its other clubs who worry about how big they are as they are not doing it on the pitch, or cannot see their clubs progressing. We talk football and Everton, yes we will respond to other supporter questions about our history and status, it is very rare we will bring it to the table.



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