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Very interesting fan results – What is fair price for Premier League Pay Per View matches?

11 months ago

The question we were asking Newcastle fans on Thursday was: ‘How much is a fair price for Premier League Pay Per View matches?’

Last Friday (9 October) afternoon we discovered what the Premier League had planned with the October 2020 matches that hadn’t been scheduled for live TV.

A decision reached that it would be Premier League Pay Per View matches at a cost of £14.95 per game.

The official Premier League announcement (see below) detailing the 15 October PL matches where the £14.95 charge would be applied.

With the virus situation, it is quite clear that the Premier League Pay Per View games will go on well beyond this current month.

So what, if any, is a fair price to charge? Thanks to everybody who voted and these are the Newcastle fan results after we offered the various price points as to what was fair, from free right up to more than £14.95.

Results rounded up / down to nearest whole figure:

More than £14.95 – 0%

£14.95 – 0%

£11.99 – 0%

£9.99 – 9%

£7.99 – 14%

£4.99 – 41%

£2.99 – 10%

Free – 26%

The voting / feedback went very much the way I was expecting in many ways, though in other ways was very surprising.

My thinking was that Newcastle fans (and supporters of other PL clubs) weren’t believing that they should automatically get these extra matches on TV for no additional cost, only a quarter (26%) voting that way.

The authorities could and even possibly should have came together and did that – but fans also understand that we live in the real world and there would be some additional costs in making these games available to watch live.

However, the big problem is that by charging that £14.95, it was all too apparent that this was the broadcasters and Premier League clubs going way beyond covering costs and making a few extra quid.

The cameras are already at the match to provide the highlights for Match of The Day, Sky Sports, BT Sports, plus of course to provide the feed for the worldwide broadcast of the match, so what extra costs are incurred?

Plus of course by putting the games on live, Sky and BT will be selling the advertising that goes with the coverage, so extra revenue created there.

The fact is as well, this £14.95 to watch a match isn’t really a one-off charge for the overwhelming number of fans, as they already pay extortionate amounts to have packages from Sky, BT and now Amazon, in order to watch their club’s live matches.

Not only did not a single person in our poll, vote for £14.95 (or more) as a fair price, nobody voted for £11.99 either.

However, 9% did think as much as £9.99 was a fair price and I think that kind of sums it up, a tenner as a maximum pricing point (or less) and the broadcasters and Premier League might have just about got away with it BUT £14.95 is clearly them taking advantage.

My feeling was that around a fiver was fair enough and £4.99 got 41% of the vote and add on the 14% who went for £7.99 and you have over half the Newcastle fans seeing that £4.99-£7.99 as a price that wouldn’t be seriously objectionable.

The £14.95 pricing point tells us just how out of touch the PL clubs and broadcasters are, especially when they then did nothing at all to deal with the fact that clubs such as Villa, Fulham and West Brom had all three of their October games on Premier League Pay Per View, meaning a charge of £45 over the course of just a couple of weeks to watch their team. With that problem (some clubs going to be pay per view far more than others) going to be ongoing in the months to come.

The really laughable thing is that if they had put this Newcastle United v Manchester United match on with a price of a fiver or £7.99 at the most, I think they could have had a massive take-up / audience on a Saturday night at 8pm, fans of both sides and neutrals. However, with the £14.95, which fans of other clubs would pay that, plus of course the fact the two fanbases have massively railed against that charge.

Never mind about when they come to try and get people paying £14.95 for West Brom v Burnley unless you are a real hardcore fan of one of the two clubs involved!

Premier League Official Announcement:

Further to the Premier League’s announcement that all fixtures until the end of October will continue to be made available for fans to watch live in the United Kingdom, the revised schedule for all matches up to and including 2 November has been released.

All times below are BST until Saturday 24 October and GMT from Sunday 25 October.

Matchweek 5

Saturday 17 October

12:30 Everton v Liverpool (BT Sport)

15:00 Chelsea v Southampton (BT Sport Box Office)

17:30 Man City v Arsenal (Sky Sports)

20:00 Newcastle v Man Utd (Sky Sports Box Office)

Sunday 18 October

12:00 Sheffield Utd v Fulham (BT Sport Box Office)

14:00 Crystal Palace v Brighton (Sky Sports)

16:30 Spurs v West Ham (Sky Sports)

19:15 Leicester City v Aston Villa (Sky Sports Box Office)

Monday 19 October

17:30 West Brom v Burnley (Sky Sports Box Office)

20:00 Leeds v Wolves (Sky Sports)

Matchweek 6

Friday 23 October

20:00 Aston Villa v Leeds Utd (BT Sport Box Office)

Saturday 24 October

12:30 West Ham v Man City (BT Sport)

15:00 Fulham v Crystal Palace (BT Sport Box Office)

17:30 Man Utd v Chelsea (Sky Sports)

20:00 Liverpool v Sheff Utd (Sky Sports Box Office)

Sunday 25 October

14:00 Southampton v Everton (Sky Sports)

16:30 Wolves v Newcastle (Sky Sports)

19:15 Arsenal v Leicester City (Sky Sports Box Office)

Monday 26 October

17:30 Brighton v West Brom (Sky Sports Box Office)

20:00 Burnley v Spurs (Sky Sports)

Matchweek 7

Friday 30 October

20:00 Wolves v Crystal Palace (BT Sport Box Office)

Saturday 31 October

12:30 Sheff Utd v Man City (BT Sport)

15:00 Burnley v Chelsea (BT Sport Box Office)

17:30 Liverpool v West Ham (Sky Sports)

Sunday 1 November

12:00 Aston Villa v Southampton (Sky Sports Box Office)

14:00 Newcastle v Everton (Sky Sports)

16:30 Man Utd v Arsenal (Sky Sports)

19:15 Spurs v Brighton (Sky Sports Box Office)

Monday 2 November

17:30 Fulham v West Brom (Sky Sports Box Office)

20:00 Leeds v Leicester (Sky Sports)

Confirmation of the final kick-off times for matches in November and December impacted upon by UEFA Europa League participation will be issued when the broadcast selections for the relevant month are announced.


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