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‘This is who you should vote for in NUST elections – Transparency and getting Mike Ashley out’

1 year ago

The up and coming NUST elections.

Can I just start by saying, I have never met or spoke with Johnathan Drape-Comyn in my life.

I have just read through the list of candidates for the NUST elections and I think we should all be getting behind our very own JDC, who is a regular contributor to The Mag.

His views (read his statement below explaining why he things NUFC fans / NUST members should consider voting for him) are very much in line with a lot of ours on here and he has a good way of putting things across with his articulate manner.

I’m sick of the NUST messing around with issues that would only matter to a football club that was ran as a football club.

The one and only thing that matters to this club is a change of owner. Nothing else.

He appears to think this way and will get his and our point across in a very polite and professional way, especially about issues that matter, not the usual rubbish that they debate much of the time at the minute.

We need somebody that’s first and biggest commitment is to work at getting the regime out.

NUST have my money in the hope that someone like him is standing up for us. So far I feel let down by NUST but feel that JDC will push the issue we all want pushed.

Let’s all get behind him and get a voice on the board.

Jonathan has said he will communicate on here and other forums, not just NUST.

His application is well worth a read and I would recommend you all see what he has to say.

If you are an NUST member then you will have received details of how to vote and you can do so now, each member able to vote for up to five of the eleven candidates. Make sure Jonathan Drape-Comyn is one of those five votes.


(This was the supporting document that Jonathan Drape-Comyn put forward in the election process, explaining who he is to NUST members and why they should consider voting for him)

I would like to put myself forward for the NUST board in the coming election. I’ll be frank and admit that over the past 10 years, with the exception of Rafa Benitez’s spell as manager, NUFC foodbank and the fantastic job that the NUFC foundation continue to do, I haven’t had anything positive to say about Newcastle United.

I have been what some call one of the ‘doom and gloom merchants’. However, over the past year there has been one positive about Newcastle United and that has been the work of NUST in increasing their size and the arena in which the voices of NUFC fans are heard.

First and foremost, the main reason I am putting myself forward for this election is that I believe that the issue of ownership change at Newcastle United is the single most important matter to the future of this football club. Rather than using social media to air my frustrations toward those I disagree with, it’s about time I put myself forward and tried to
do something about it.

The Club may technically have an obligation to meet with fans however this is something that I think we should be pushing to make into a monthly reality. I don’t know about you, but I have become sick and tired of the club ‘pledging this’ and ‘pledging that’ – talk is cheap, Newcastle United has become cheap and it is about time the men that run this
football club begin to walk the walk.

Likewise NUST should answer to its members in the same way we expect the club to answer to its supporters – in the aim of transparency, I’d be proposing that we hold monthly board meetings via a video platform that all members can watch.

I believe fans should continue their right to protest. I’ll be making sure that NUST continue to do all we can to create considerable bad publicity for Mike Ashley. If we can continue to correlate bad publicity regarding Newcastle United with Mike Ashley’s retail empire then that would be a job well done. Likewise, NUST should be using all media requests to highlight the plight of the football club under Ashley and push for a change of ownership.

I think most members would admit that over the past year, Alex and the current board have made great strides. What this election calls for, is a new board to provide fresh impetus, bright ideas and continue to push forward the brilliant work done by the current board.

One part of this is continuing to work with local council and especially, Chi Onwurah to not only make sure that NUST is at the forefront of pushing for positive changes for NUFC fans but also at the front of pushing positive change for football fans on a national scale.

Working on issues within the wider football community…kick-off times with no regards for away fans, shirt prices, ticket prices, safe standing etc.

However, one area in which I do want to instil some change is working closer with journalists. I’ve been very critical of the press both locally and nationally – and I think that they can do an awful lot more for Newcastle United fans than what they are currently doing.

Two things I will be suggesting and working towards if I am elected: The first is that we do not waste valuable time with certain press or journalists that do not have the interests of fans or the club at heart – such as Luke Edwards, or other national press. They don’t care about us – and the takeover has proved that our loyal fan base is used for nothing but clicks.

On the other hand, my second suggestion will be to work closely with The Chronicle, The Athletic and fanzines such as True Faith and The Mag in order to push the fans agenda locally and nationally and working with people who clearly have the best interests of Newcastle United at heart.

The current board have done a fantastic job in increasing NUST members. However, I must stress quality over quantity. It is all well and good growing our numbers to let’s say 20,000 – but we must use these numbers to our effect. There is no point in ‘x, y, z,’ if we as a board, cannot persuade our members to stand with us on petitions etc. I’ll be doing my utmost to make sure that members get full value (and more) for their $1.

I believe it is very important that our board is wide and representative. It has become more apparent than ever that NUFC support stretches nationally and globally. Look at fans that made the trip to Shanghai & Nanjing not so long ago. No longer does being a Newcastle fan suggest an immediate link with the region, and I believe NUST should continue to be representing fans, and members far and wide.

Fans must demand a seat at the table. What I will demand on all fronts is three things: Communication, honesty and respect. Three things which NUFC fans have gone far too long without. NUST is now in the best possible position to apply pressure to the powers at be on all of the issues above and I hope to be able to contribute to that if successful in this election.

A final point, and I guess this is somewhat of a pledge. NUFC’s Supporters Liaison Officer – who is he? Where is he?

What does he do? If the club cannot find the time or resources to do this then I will be suggesting that NUST put forward their own SLO in order to liaise with fans – in turn NUST can then liaise with the club.

Football without fans is nothing.

I hope I can count on your vote in this coming election.



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