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The alternative plan to the Liverpool and Manchester United ‘reform’ of football

1 year ago

Liverpool and Manchester United have seen their ‘reform’ of football, Premier League and below, plan exposed for exactly what it is.

A blatant power grab dressed up as concern for and helping EFL clubs.

Their outrageous and shameful plan as transparent as any episode of Scooby Doo when the villains are unmasked.

Here is an alternative plan to what the chancers of Liverpool and Manchester were trying to do with the Premier League and those below.

Helping EFL

Premier League to still take out £250m loan now and forward that money to EFL clubs ASAP to ensure they can complete this current 2020/21 season.

However, instead of that £250m to be subtracted from future money due to EFL clubs, the money not to be paid back.

Instead, the £250m will be financed by this season’s 20 Premier League clubs from their end of season TV / PL payout. The £250m averages out at £12.5m per club (the wages of a single player for top clubs, the price of buying one player (or part of one…) for the rest) with each club paying the same percentage of their overall Premier League cash for the 2020/21 season, so those in the very middle paying around £12.5m whilst those who bank more then paying more, those who bank less then paying less.

The interest costs payable on taking out this £250m loan to be shared equally between Liverpool and Manchester United.

To help ensure further fair funding for the EFL clubs, a 10% tax on all signings made by Premier League clubs, so if a club spends £100m in a transfer window, they have to out another £10m into the pot for the EFL clubs.

Parachute payments to be cut in half, which means £125m of the roughly / average £250m currently paid out in the parachute aid, will instead go to the other 60+ EFL clubs. (The Liverpool plan was going to take all the £250m away from relegated clubs and use that each season as the payment to EFL clubs, it was never additional money!)

Clubs involved in ‘Project Big Picture’

Liverpool and Manchester United to be banned from European competition for five years each.

Liverpool and Manchester United banned from having a vote in Premier League meetings and on all matters for the next five years.

Having shown themselves to be not ‘fit and proper’ owners, the Glazers and Fenway to be given the rest of this season as their deadline to sell Man Utd and Liverpool, Failure to do so by May 2021 will see their club relegated to the Championship.

Any other ‘big six’ club found to have also been involved, a three year ban from European competition and a three year ban from having a vote at Premier League meetings.

Premier League

Premier League increases from 20 to 22 clubs.

No more games moved to Monday / midweek for live TV coverage, only games already scheduled for midweek to be televised.

All match tickets to be capped at a maximum of £20 for all Premier League games.

The money generated by overseas TV contracts to revert back to an equal share for each of the 20 clubs.

Money from UK TV contracts to stay the same with a 1:1.7 weighting from top to bottom.

All clubs having an equal one vote each (apart from Liverpool and Man Utd for the next five years, as well as any other of the other big six losing their vote for three years).

Loan Players

All loans from one Premier League club to another to be stopped (it is an advantage for the club loaning players out, as it means the ones who loan players out, play against weaker opposition than their rivals).

Premier League clubs only allowed to loan out a maximum of five players in a season, ending the ridiculous situation of clubs such as Chelsea having 30 or 40 out on loan at any one time.

Players over the age of 21 only allowed to be loaned out for a maximum total of one year, to stop the ridiculous sight of the same players going out on loan year after year rather than finding a new permanent club.

Domestic Cups

Retain FA and League Cups.

All FA Cup rounds to be played on weekends, apart from replays in midweek.

European football

No more leagues, just straight two-legged knockouts as used to be the case.

No more use of seeding to try and fix who goes through, no co-efficients etc etc.

Get rid of the current competitions and go back to:

Champions (European) Cup – Only the champions of each country to play in it.

Europa (UEFA) Cup – For clubs who finish in X number of league places below the title winners

Cup Winners Cup – The winners of the FA Cup and League Cup, as well as all other domestic cup winners around Europe.

England / International football

No more international fortnight breaks.

No more friendlies.

Only qualifying matches for World Cup and Euros to continue and those kept to a minimum, smaller groups with only one country qualifying rather than bigger groups (more games) and more than one country qualifying.

As used to happen, players to play on a weekend for their clubs and then fly off to spend a few days with their national squads and play a single match before returning to play for their clubs the following weekends.


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