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Rick Parry quotes absolutely embarrassing as he backs Liverpool Premier League power grab plan

2 years ago

Rick Parry is a lifelong Liverpool fan and former Chief Executive of the club.

These days, he is now the English Football League chairman.

On Sunday, Rick Parry found himself at the centre of the latest scandal to hit the Premier League.

A newspaper exclusive exposing a shocking plan drawn up by the current Liverpool owners, backed by Manchester United, to grab effectively total power in the Premier League.

Whilst there was silence from both Liverpool and Manchester United when their plan was made public, Rick Parry was the one who was more than happy to go public in backing this deal.

It looks transparently obvious that Rick Parry has been heavily involved in this proposed deal for some time.

Many football fans and journalists seeing his position now as untenable at the Football League.

There is no argument amongst pretty much all football fans that as much help as possible needs to be given to all clubs in lower divisions to help them survive, especially in these virus affected times.

However, it is a complete embarrassment when Rick Parry declares: ‘The message from Liverpool and Manchester United is that they do genuinely care about the pyramid.’

Is he for real?

If that was the case, why does the plan have to include the rest of the Premier League giving total power to Liverpool, Man Utd and the rest of the ‘big six’, before they are willing to help the lower division clubs?

The plan gives total power on major decisions to only nine Premier League clubs, in effect just the six really. In order to include Man City, the Liverpool and Man Utd plan gives special status to the nine clubs that have currently been in the top tier for the longest unbroken period. So they have had to include Southampton, West Ham and Everton, in order to get Man City on the inside. It is so laughable and transparent, especially when Southampton were a League One club as recently as 2010/11 and West Ham a Championship club as recently as 2011/12, plus neither of this pair have EVER won the top tier, neither pre 1992/93 or since football was invented with the creation of the greed is everything Premier League.

Rick Parry declares: ‘If there’s a degree of pain elsewhere, that is unfortunate. The only thing that matters is, is this the right thing to do?’

Well Rick, the answer to that is NO!

Yes, all Premier League clubs should agree to help the lower division clubs BUT not at the expense of ruining the game forever.

If the Liverpool plan was allowed to go through, as well as more cash to be spread more evenly around the EFL (which effectively is just them taking the parachute payments off relegated clubs and redistributing it each season, not new money), it would mean only those nine clubs but effectively just the ‘big six’ given the power to dictate everything of importance going forward, they would even have it in the rules that they could block any takeover of another Premier League club.

Honestly, it is like a country being threatened with invasion and being bullied to sign over power rather than putting up a fight, with them supposed to believe that they can trust the new unelected rulers to do the right thing in the future.

English Football League chairman Rick Parry speaking at a media conference on Sunday about the Liverpool and Manchester United power grab plan, as quoted by BBC Sport:

“This is two of our great clubs showing leadership and exercising responsibility.

“The message from Liverpool and Manchester United is that they do genuinely care about the pyramid.

“The Premier League could have come up with a plan like this at any time. How long has it taken to get a rescue package? Months.

“It was May when the government was saying we need the Premier League to step up to the plate.

“What’s wrong with us talking about a plan that is demonstrably in the best interest of the pyramid and our clubs?

“We genuinely think that this is in the best interests of the game as a whole.

“What they [The Government] are saying doesn’t make it a non-starter.

“The merit in this plan still shines through. It is about saving the pyramid.

“It is difficult to reconcile our thoughts with the government’s but this won’t deter us.

“I have been talking about need for a reset for considerable time.

“I have highlighted various iniquities, including the problem of parachute payments, the massive disparity between what Premier League and EFL clubs receive in TV revenue and, right across leagues, the requirement for owner funding excess of £400m a year even without Covid.

“This plan is about removing the cliff edge and narrowing the gap in funding that has caused irrational behaviour.

“Aside from the six clubs who have been there all the time, 43 teams have played in the Premier League. By definition, 29 of them are with us in the EFL. This is not about us and them – or the 14 who are there at the moment.

“There may be some in the Championship who don’t fancy the idea of an 18-team Premier League. But they are saying it is time to look at the greater good.

“We have not been used or coerced. Our clubs are hard-bitten. They are looking for hope and a brighter future for the game. This is about a structure that works for 25 years.

“If there’s a degree of pain elsewhere, that is unfortunate.

“The only thing that matters is, is this the right thing to do?

“Is it a viable plan? Is it the right plan? I think it is and we are going to back it.”


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