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Richard Keys manages negative Newcastle United angle when looking at PL ‘reform’ plan

10 months ago

You have to give credit to Richard Keys, no, honestly.

Whatever the subject he invariably manages to include a negative Newcastle United angle into the discussion.

So when it comes to discussing the Man Utd approved Liverpool plans for ‘reforming’ football, to nobody’s surprise he manages to drag NUFC into it in a negative way.

No surprise either that like me, I’m sure you will find yourself very much disagreeing with the vast majority of what Richard Keys has to say about all aspects of the power grab, sorry, reform.

With Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden being the main Government spokesperson in arguing against the Liverpool plan, Richard Keys is quick to claim that the Government and especially Oliver Dowden, are totally discredited, due to the fact they were happy for the Newcastle United to go through in the summer. Keys’ employers beINSports and the country of Qatar obviously being amongst the biggest objectors to that takeover happening…

No worries about anything like that in the future of course if Liverpool and friends get their way, their plan allowing the elite to block any takeover of another PL club, quite outrageous.

Richard Keys manages to come to the wrong conclusion, in my opinion, on just about everything else to do with the suggested changes. Even the things where he correctly isn’t in favour of them, his argument is that they are bound to happen anyway, or that it means something even worse doesn’t happen.

Keys supports dropping from 20 to 18 clubs and challenges ‘Why not?’…Well who exactly is in favour of this and who does it benefit? Certainly not the extra two relegated clubs, nor those outside the ‘big six’ with then an increased chance of relegation. For fans, who wants there to be four less league matches each season? Only potentially some of those that support the six who are almost every season playing in Europe.

The elite want less clubs in the Premier League and a later start to the season, so in the future they can play more Champions League games and get extra cash for themselves from more lucrative friendlies. More Champions League matches simply means even more meaningless and walkover games against weaker opposition, whilst more friendlies at the expense of Premier League games is a joke.

Richard Keys thinks it is a great idea to get rid of the League Cup. Once again only potentially benefiting the elite who see it as a hindrance, unlike the vast majority who see it as by far the best chance of winning a trophy and with it a pass into European competition.

He declares: ‘I’d be sorry to see ALL the power shift – but I suspect it’s coming anyway.’, why is it inevitable? For the power to shift it will only happen if those that can stop it, fail in their duty. Which of course brings us back to the outrageous Liverpool plan, why should anybody be bullied into handing over all the power to the self-appointed elite? Only if others are weak and / or effectively bought-off, can it have any chance of happening.

Richard Keys also says it is inevitable that Premier League matches will eventually be played overseas.

Yet again, why is this inevitable?

It is over 12 years ago (February 2008) since the then Premier League boss Richard Scudamore tried to introduce the ’39th game’, the fans quite rightly came out massively against it and it never happened, even though Scudamore tried again later.

Same again, there is nothing inevitable about actual normal Premier League matches being played overseas in the future, unless you allow this morally bankrupt Liverpool plan to succeed. If a handful of clubs are allowed to grab total power, it is exactly these type of things (overseas PL games) that will then almost certainly follow.

That would be the biggest irony of all, fans of the ‘big six’ who think this Liverpool plan is great because they believe it will make their clubs even richer and more powerful, only to then find that loads of the matches are moved from Anfield, Old Trafford and the rest, played anywhere in the world where somebody is prepared to pay the most money.

Which kind of brings us back to Richard Keys and Newcastle United.

Another big irony would be if this Keys backed Premier League plan was to happen, potentially allowing Saudi Arabia to buy up and host the most high profile Premier League matches

Richard Keys on his personal blog:

‘Get back in your box Oliver Dowden. How dare you? Whatever the debate right now it has absolutely nothing to do with you.

Dowden is a chancer. As Culture Secretary he represents a Govt that believes in free trade – a free market – and all that is good in liberal conservatism – whatever that is. To be honest, I’ve no idea, but I hear a lot about it when it suits people like the Culture Secretary to lecture us on it.

Is this the same Oliver Dowden that was doing all he could over the summer to desperately wave through a certain football takeover, despite the prospective purchasers stealing billions of pounds of commercial rights of the UK creatives industries for over 3 years. Funny that….’

‘An 18 team PL? That was the original idea. We got down from the initial 22 – but there’s room for another reduction isn’t there? Why not?’

‘The abolition of the League Cup and Community Shield? I’m ok with that.’

‘A later PL start? Yep. Ok. This allows for more lucrative friendlies. Well, it’s either that or even more discussions about a Euro Super League.’

‘I do have a problem with the big six needing only six votes to make changes. I’m not a fan of Ken Bates, but in fairness, he more than anyone, fought for the one club one vote system back in ‘91. I’d be sorry to see ALL the power shift – but I suspect it’s coming anyway.’

‘How long, I wonder, before games are being played all over the world on a Friday night – Real Madrid v Liverpool in China? Barcelona v Utd in Qatar? Juventus v City in New York? Paris v Bayern in India? This is where it’s going you know. Just ask the NFL fans at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium and Wembley last year, or the NBA fans in Paris this January. There’ll be a Super League playing live games for the highest bidders.

I know it sounds fanciful and I’ve heard the argument – ‘what about the fans?’. Well – what about them? These clubs now have more ‘fans’ all over the world than pack into their grounds on a weekly basis. Owners will argue that they’re taking their teams to ‘see their fans’.

I’m not suggesting this will happen anytime soon – but we will ‘evolve’ there. It’s inevitable.’


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