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Newcastle United were one of the clubs that voted for this – It says it all

2 years ago

Just when you thought that the Premier League could not be any more out of touch, they now want football fans to pay £14.95 for one-off PPV matches.

At a time when people are skint, many have been on furlough or lost their jobs, NUFC season ticket holders have not been reimbursed (and many are still paying monthly) for their season tickets, many people are already paying around £70 per month for Sky and BT…what the Premier League are doing should be illegal.

Maybe, just maybe, if Premier League clubs were struggling it could be justified as a way to boost the game…but they’re not.

Over £1billion spent in this latest summer transfer window. Just let that sink in.

Newcastle United were one of the clubs that voted for this. In fact, Leicester were the only club to reject the proposal…it says a lot doesn’t it? Your football club doesn’t really give a about you.

Writing this, started off as a little write-up on why I am running for the NUST board elections, but the news coming out from the Premier League this morning (here in Singapore) almost defies belief.

It justifies the main reason why running for the trust is so important over the next few years. I cannot say anything ‘new’ that was not written in my statement, this recent news is another fine example as to why groups like NUST, and other similar groups across the country must now go to the next step in their fight for football fans.

Football without fans is nothing.

Yet it appears there are two very different ideas of what football is now.

Is it a sport for the masses, for the spectators, for the players, for the people that love the game?

Or is it a business, a big business for rich people (and the greediest of people like Richard Masters) to stockpile as much as cash as possible for themselves, before it all eventually hits major self-inflicted problems?

It would appear the past few months have shown us that you don’t actually need football fans in order to make a success out of the second definition of football. What is even more disgusting about the news filtering out is that it is English/domestic based football fans that suffer most.

Here in Singapore, I pay around seventy Singapore dollars per month, the equivalent of thirty five quid a month for every game live on my television. To be clear, that is every game, not just the game that the cable operator picks for me. This is the same in the rest of Asia, the Middle East and I think the rest of the world?

So why are football fans in England being treated worse and essentially milked for every last penny by the powers that be? After all, they are the lifeblood of the game.

Fans have long been campaigning for ‘twenty (pounds) is plenty’ to go to away matches, should be the same for home fans as well.. The PL and big business have shown you today what they think of that by charging you £15 for a behind closed doors game that you can watch on the tele.

It is about time football fans made these cowboys walk the walk. In fact, cowboys is perhaps a bit harsh…let’s go with ‘pirates against piracy’. Quite fitting. This should go to the very top of government. Fans must demand a seat at the table. It is not just the prices of PPV games either, kick-off times with no regards for away fans, shirt prices, ticket prices, safe standing etc.

Great to see the local press disgusted as the rest of us with the recent news coming out of the PL. Mind you though, I wish they were as disgusted with Mike Ashley as they are with the Premier League.

What is missing most at Newcastle United, to help fans with instances like this, is a Supporters Liaison Officer. We don’t have one. Who is he? Where is he? What does he do?

The club may have one in name but in truth he doesn’t exist. That is a tell-tale sign of the contempt that Mike Ashley and Lee Charnley hold for Newcastle fans. The fact that this is not acted upon by the Premier League, goes to show the contempt they also have for the supporters who are the lifeblood of their member clubs. Double contempt and fans shouldn’t stand for it anymore.

As mentioned, I’ll be running for NUST board election (if you are a member you should have received an email with details of how to vote, voting is open now, don’t waste your votes – you can vote for up to five of the eleven candidates) and you can access my statement HERE.

I have also done a short video (view below) where I mention the pledges I am running on.

If you don’t have the time to read / watch the above, in short, let’s continue to do all we can to force Mike Ashley out of our football club. Only once that happens will we have our football club back.

I’d love to chat with any fans (even if you disagree with me) about what is going on at the moment.

Football without fans is nothing.

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