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New revelations on Liverpool power grab plan makes clear how clubs are being bought off

6 months ago

This brave new world that the Liverpool plan has for the Premier League, you certainly can’t accuse them of not going in deep with their layer upon layer of planning.

Neither can you fail to admire in some small way the sheer audacity of it.

However, it doesn’t make it any less shameful.

Liverpool backed by Manchester United putting a plan together to put the power and money even more in the hands of the already rich and powerful, yet portraying themselves as simply wanting to help those less well off.

Now on Monday afternoon we have some new revelations on this Liverpool power grab plan, which makes clear how clubs are being bought off and how it will completely erode any kind of fair distribution of wealth in the Premier League.

Once again the new revelations come courtesy of Sam Wallace at The Telegraph, surely this whole story is going to prove to be scoop of the year.

Sam Wallace now saying that after the Premier League have studied the plans in greater detail, if they were successfully introduced, it would promote a much greater disparity of wealth between the top clubs and those who finish at the bottom of the league.

At the moment it is a 1:1.7 ratio split of television revenue between the top club and the one that finishes last, so last season Liverpool received 1.7 times what Norwich did.

However, once fully implemented, the new Liverpool plan would see the champions getting four times as much as the club that ends up bottom, a 1:4 ratio split. Bottom club getting around £40m and the top club £160m.

Newly promoted clubs would find their spending power and chances of survival greatly reduced, as the rules would force them to hold back £25 million per season for their first two years in the league, presumably so they would then have that cash to use if relegated, to help partly make up for the parachute payments disappearing under the new rules.

In terms of how clubs are being bought off in various ways and illustrating what a sly carve up this really is, aiming all the time for an us and them, dangling financial carrots in front of certain clubs to buy their votes, The Telegraph has another strand to today’s revelations.

They report that they have seen documents showing how there would be pay outs to certain clubs who upgrade their stadiums or build new ones, including some retrospective payments!

You really couldn’t make it up.

Under these plans put together by Liverpool and supported by the likes of Manchester United, it would mean Tottenham could claim £125m of the money previously spent on their new stadium.

The report saying that Liverpool would be able to claim around £30 million on their newly built main stand, this would come from the central pot and specifically from £150m set aside per year for subsidising stadium improvements with what the plan is calling ‘assistance payments’, or maybe they could instead call it ‘help yourself out’…

The Telegraph state that the plan will allow ‘assistance payments’ of up to £250 million of subsidies towards new stadium buildings…but only if they have been in the Premier League for 12 of the last 15 years.

Then a maximum of £150 million will be available for those who have been in the league for eight of the last ten years and a maximum of £100 million for those who have been in the league for the four previous years.

The Telegraph quote the proposal saying: “Any club which has an eligible project that was completed in the last ten years … and with a minimum spend of £50 million per project receives 50 per cent of the assistant payments they would be eligible to receive under this program for 15 years (eg Tottenham, Liverpool, Man City and Brighton) resulting in a total of 25 per cent of the capital improvement.”

Liverpool are also planning further improvements to Anfield with the expansion of their Anfield Road stand at an estimated cost of £60 million so that would be another chance for them to benefit by claiming half that back.

Whilst it is not difficult to see how they might be tempting Everton to back their power grab, as the blue scousers would potentially be able to claim back £250million of their proposed new £500million stadium.


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