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Manchester United fans comment on Newcastle United, £14.95 PPV and threat of ASM

2 years ago

Manchester United fans with plenty to say ahead of Saturday night’s match.

Comment on both Newcastle United and their own team.

The Manchester United fans generally not very impressed by NUFC but that’s nothing compared to what they think about their own team and manager at the moment…

A lot of talk about the £14.95 Pay Per View charge, no guesses needed on what the overwhelming majority think about that.

Maybe most interesting, the comments from Manchester United fans on Allan Saint-Maximin.

They think he is good…but just how good?

Manchester United fans comment via their Red Cafe message board:

‘We’ll get our obligatory penalty and hopefully can hang on for dear life.’

‘Pretty sure this would be on TV over Wolves vs Leeds if the PPV model was not being adopted. Several years at least since Newcastle vs United was not on TV.’

‘Hmm. Will be hard to defend Ole if all of Maguire, Pogba and Shaw start and VDB is on the bench then we have another stinker.’

‘I’m expecting a loss regardless and Ole will be on borrowed time.’

‘Can see us losing this by 3 or 4 goals.’

‘We need more protection in front of the back four. I’ve not been afraid of getting a hiding at Newcastle since the 90s…’

‘I think there’s a decent chance we lose this if we go with Pogba and Matic in midfield and Ighalo up front.’

‘Football’s Most Unpopular Man Meets Football’s Second Most Unpopular Man’ still holds true.

Ed Woodward and Mike Ashley, best friends due to adversity.’

‘0-3 loss, Ole sacked.’

‘I expect Newcastle to stamp their authority on us. We’ll play like the plucky underdog and aim to hit them on the counter.’

‘Feels like a Late goal for the Barcodes to win the game.’

‘I think they will win comfortably. Genuinely I am expecting to see Newcastle play United off the pitch.

We are awful.’


‘Having just paid 10 quid (NOW TV day pass) to watch us get thumped by Jose’s Spurs 6-1 and the same for the Palace game I’m not sure if I can bring myself to do it, especially in the context of the money going to the scumbags running our club and the money grabbers of the EPL.

I also want to be part of letting the EPL know what a scummy idea this Box Office is during a pandemic, and I hope the number of people paying is tiny.

(I’ll no doubt have cracked by 8pm and be deeply regretting paying about 15 minutes in…)’

‘No chance. If it was £5 I would but I’m not paying £15 a game.’

‘I’ll watch it at a mates house. We’ll all throw in about £2.50 each. I’m sure the PL thought long & hard about how the extortionate price will effect the governments COVID rules… oh wait..

These idiots are just encouraging mass gatherings with this price. If it was a fiver id probably just watch it at home.’

‘I’m not paying, will be watching via illegal stream.’

‘Didn’t realise this was on at 8. That’s wonderful.’

‘A mix of the price and this being a terrible idea means there’s no chance I’ll be buying it.

If loads of people do then the business model is justified and we can expect to see it for the bigger clashes in a post-covid world.’

‘Prem teams spend a billion on players and then decide the obscene amounts of money they already get aren’t enough.

Instead of tightening belts like every other industry in the country, making players on tens of thousands of pounds a week take a pay cut, they decide to try and bend over football fans, many of who probably are struggling right now, by charging 15 a game.

They can get f.cked.’

‘Firstly, it has always been amazing to me that you folks in England do not have every game televised. And now this, having to pay for a single weekend! How is this even allowed?

Here in India, every PL game can be watched either on TV or streamed online at an yearly rate that is less than what they are demanding for a weekend over there. Feel genuinely sorry.’

‘As much as we protest, and I definitely wouldn’t pay it, there will be millions that do. There will be only two winners on Saturday – the PL revenue and Newcastle.’

‘I really encourage everyone not to bother. This will become a long term model for football if they can fill a stadium and charge punters outside £15, don’t be kidded into thinking it’s just because of empty stadiums. The money is a drug to these clubs.’

‘It’s still only like £3-4 a head if I watch with mates, which is obviously a big no-no in the eyes of the government but does mean watching the game in 4K & being able to relax and have some beers knowing it won’t cut out. I hate myself for it but that’s probably what we’ll end up doing.’

‘I will not be paying to see us batter the barcodes.’

‘Get yourself a IPTV box guys and watch everything for free.’

Nobody wants to plunk down 15 pounds to watch a sh.tshow with Newcastle? Shocking.’


‘That Allan Saint-Maximin beats players with ease and is very quick. Has the makings of a very good player I feel, just needs to sort out his end product and score goals.’

‘People said the same about Obertan.’

‘Reminds me a lot of Wilf Zaha. Skins players for fun but has very little end product.’

‘I’d compare him more to Adama Traore… Looks like a world beater until he gets into the box.’

‘His arm movement is the most bizarre I’ve ever seen from any footballer. They go absolutely everywhere, makes it so hard to work out what he is going to do.’

‘Hatem Ben Arfa clone.’

‘Very erratic player, however his dribbling and quick close control are outstanding.

With some top coaching from the likes of Klopp / Pep and I think he could be a brilliant player. A bit like what Pep did with Sterling, that’s what he needs.’

‘Wouldn’t fit our style, he can actually dribble. We would train that out of him straight away.’

‘He would get murdered if he is in top 6 side, he is pretty injury prone.’

‘He has been carrying an ankle problem for some time now. Not sure why he does not getting it dealt with fully.’

‘Probably because Newcastle look like half the team without him, so they keep rushing him back.’

‘Yeah, he’s mint. Imagine having him on one wing and Traore on the other, pure entertainment. Proper old school United wingers.’

‘Surprised Newcastle kept hold of him so easily in the summer. Given it’s Ashley they’d probably sell for 40m and given he’s still young and has been very productive in last six months he’s on an upward trajectory as a player now.’

‘Obviously the injuries might be something to keep an eye on, but if he could stay fit and you could get him for under 50m you’d be laughing.’

‘I’ve wanted us to sign him for ages. After Sancho I think he’d be my next choice.

There’s something about the way he runs at people with the ball that reminds me of Ronaldo when he first joined us.’

‘I would genuinely be very happy if he came to United. He has special ability, and if he develops could become very good indeed.’

‘He’s so damn likeable.

And there’s a lot of potential there, too. Think he could be big for a top side, his dribbling is fantastic and his passing is good. The kind of player who could really flourish next to great players.’

‘He is a nice guy but he would never make it at a top side, simply not enough positive outcomes for him. Hes like a lite Ginola (who I worshipped at his time with Spurs).’

‘What do you mean by not enough positive outcomes? He can beat players for fun, can shoot, can pass.. He’s already playing at a high level for Newcastle. I 100% think he’d improve in a top team as he’d get a lot more chances and a lot more assists with better strikers.

I for some morbid reason watch a lot of Newcastle games, and he gets fouled like 10 times every game. I’d love a player like that at United, we haven’t had a proper dribbling wide player since Nani back on 2012.’

‘The guy is built like a running back and beats his man as easy as snapping his fingers. Pace, dribbling ability, strength; he’s everything you would want in a PL winger.’

‘He’s great. I would prefer him to Grealish actually. Reminds me of Asprilla really. Flamboyant, unpredictable and incredibly skilful.’

‘Very talented player, seems to have no fear at all. Newcastle aren’t the most exciting team to watch, but he makes it worth it to tune in if the rest of the slate isn’t great.’


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