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Liverpool fans debate their club’s PL reform (power grab) plan – Must read comments

2 years ago

Newcastle supporters, like all other decent fans, see the Liverpool plan backed by Manchester United (and the rest of the big six no doubt) as the shameless scam it clearly is.

An attempt by the ‘big’ clubs to remove democratic voting (all 20 clubs having one vote each) and change to a model whereby the ‘big six’ would decide any big votes including the right to veto new owners at any other PL club, whilst at the same time introducing all kinds of changes (as well as hidden ones in the future) that will make them (the elite) ever more powerful and richer.

This shameless power grab very transparently dressed up in a wolf in sheep’s clothing style, made out to look like it is all about giving more money to and saving the EFL clubs, whilst providing them (EFL clubs) with supposed increased funding moving forward.

The reality being that this ‘increased’ funding is nothing of the sort, it merely takes the parachute payments off EFL clubs who have been relegated from the Premier League in recent times, then redistributes that money amongst all of EFL clubs, on top of the £100m+ in solidarity payments that already comes out of the big pot.

So what do Liverpool fans think of the ‘Project Big Picture’ put forward by their club’s owners?

Some intriguing comments below.

I would say the majority of Liverpool fans do retain at least some integrity BUT as you can see, there is a massive spread of opinions / reaction. Most definitely a case of the good, the bad and the ugly.

Many Liverpool fans see the plans for what they clearly are, a blatant power grab and attempt to make their club and the other usual suspects far richer and more powerful at the expense of others.

Whilst other Liverpool fans…simply see this as an opportunity for their own club to grow even richer and more powerful at the expense of others.

Let’s not kid ourselves, every fanbase will include supporters who react the same, purely looking at everything from their own selfish viewpoint.

However, it is still disappointing to see some of the comments below, quite ironic the way some are talking when their club has only won the title once in the past 30 years and lost their most recent Premier League match 7-2 to Aston Villa.

All football fans should be united in opposing this shameful power grab.

The Premier League do have a duty and do have the means to help the EFL clubs BUT that has absolutely nothing to do with what this Liverpool plan is really all about.

It is laughable that their plan is saying / claiming in reality, the only way to help the poorest is to make the richest even richer and more powerful.

Liverpool fans comment via their Red and White Kop message board:

‘When you read it properly the proposals make a lot of sense.

This isn’t just about a one off payment in exchange for more power, it’s a proposal that secures the future of lower league clubs, whilst providing benefits to those that will be the primary providers to the rest of the clubs.

The EFL clubs should be snapping up this offer. It’s the clubs just outside the 9 that miss out. Clubs like Newcastle and Villa that are big clubs but don’t get the benefits of the teams like West Ham who just happen to have not been relegated more recently. Other than that group it looks win-win to me.’

‘Sounds alright to me.’

‘Im opposed to most of these changes and i’m a little disappointed that we appear to the are driving forces behind them.’

‘Fixture congestion is a big problem. And money spinning friendlies, expanded CL and CWC are going to happen.

You either make more room for them or you run the risk of your biggest teams leaving domestic football for some super league.

We already had to throw away a LC semi because of the CWC and that competition is only getting bigger.

To be honest i’m okay with most of these proposals. It was obvious that some would use the current situation for a power grab but i actually thought they’d want stuff far more outrageous.’

‘I mean that’s ignoring the fact one of the changes is giving them the power to vote more drastic changes through without a majority.’

‘About damn time they get rid of the league cup and community shield!’

‘Some good ideas (grassroots and EFL support, some of the fan charter measures), some terrible ones. Disappointing that our club seems to be one of the driving forces pushing for top flight football to become even more of a closed shop.’

‘Modern football hardly resembles the game i loved as a kid. pure greed, as soon as klopp goes, I will follow.’

‘Taking voting rights away from teams lower in the league, reducing the number of teams and bringing in playoffs is just a way to entrench revenue at the top clubs. I’d be amazed if they get 14 votes. Once that new voting system is in what’s to stop the big clubs eliminating relegation for themselves and changing the revenue sharing rules? Embarrassing Fenway have come up with that but hardly a shock.’

‘I don’t get why those nine clubs have to get special rights either, it means football will become even more divided then what it presently is.’

‘The proposals seem very similar to the Bundesliga. It’s not perfect. But its a step in the right direction IMO.’

‘In the main, I like the proposals.

The league definitely needs to be reduced to 18 teams, that was the original intention when it was set up.

We have to move with the times, it may be unsavoury to some who harket back to the way football was played in the 60s and 70s, by men who would have a pint after the game with supporters and the players were closer to the fans both in terms of contact and salaries but those times are gone and they aren’t coming back

‘Good stuff – hope it all goes through.’

‘Big 6 will be able to renegotiate this the TV rights once this goes through without the smaller clubs having a say, that’s the big picture.’

‘Simple greed then, depressing how many seem happy with it. Not saying there are not some good ideas in it, but this is just about the rich clubs getting richer sadly.’

‘Why do British football journalists and pundits always think a “European super league” is bad they’re so parochial … would be amazing – I’ve wanted to see it for 20+ years.

The champions league is the best football on the planet bar none … the idea that I could watch Milan vs Dortmund or PSG vs Chelsea on a Wednesday night as part of a league instead of United vs Rotherham in round two of the league cup or Brighton vs Newcastle in the ‘premier league is a no brainer.’

‘Why would you ever want a Super League? The idea of playing the same European side will become as boring and predictable as any other big league. Then there is the chance of taking football away from traditional fans even more, by playing in the States or in the Arab states no doubt as well. There is nothing remotely good about the prospect of a Super League.’

‘I can see that there is obviously a lot more attraction in watching us V Dortmund/PSG/Barca, Dortmund v Juve, Real v Bayern etc etc than say watching us play Burnley or Palace or such, where you know its attack v defence.

As for watching the rest of the sh.te the teams from 9th or 10th down serve up.

I did say during the void debate that we should threaten a Super League to the other clubs, as we all know, the Premier League is dependent on us and the Mancs for their viewing figures, who the wants to watch Brighton V Burnley, Sheff Utd v Everton, Palace v Newcastle etc etc. The standard of football, for the obscene amounts of money in the game, is shocking.’

‘We weren’t far off having Saudi owners forced on the League via Newcastle.

We’ve got Man City trying to cheat their way to every trophy going.

Any change that gives us more power to deny sh.t like that should be supported by us, to my mind anyway.’

‘Some of the comments are laughable thinking its a good idea along with the pay per view games.

These clubs arent hard up, 1 billion in transfer fees this summer!

Last seasons tv money Liverpool got 140 million and Norwich who finished bottom got 100 million.

Take that back 6 years to 2014 and finishing 2nd Liverpool got 96 million so the team that finished bottom got more than 2nd place 6 years ago!

Nothing more than greed, the little teams beating the big teams is what the premier league is all about.’

‘I’m for it as long as they change the name from Premier League.

Tired of you’ve only won it once and football was invented in 1992…’

‘Looks like decent proposals overall.’

‘So if the proposals are accepted, only 9 teams get to vote on future changes to the league, and only 6 of the 9 need to agree for a change to happen. At that stage it stops being a league, it is (to use the parlance of the day) a cartel with us, the two Manchester clubs, Chelsea, Arsenal and Spurs running the league, and while maybe not initially it will inevitably be run for their financial betterment.’

‘Get rid of the self-serving bits and its pretty good. A good opening salvo at least to be negotiated into something great.’

‘Problem is the good bits are only there to get the self-serving bits through.’

‘Here’s a thought, if the top 9 clubs seize effective control of the PL, strenthening their own brand while simultaneously diluting the PL, how long before they adopt an American style franchise system and start chafing to leave cities like Liverpool and Manchester, looking to locate in bigger markets with richer, more populous fanbases?’

‘I don’t think the domestic cups are taken very seriously in any country.’


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