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Law of unintended consequences hits European Premier League and Liverpool and Man Utd owners

2 years ago

This week it is the European Premier League.

Last week it was the Liverpool and Manchester United led attempted power grab in the English Premier League.

They never give up, do they?

There is one undeniable fact, those who are rich and powerful in any walk of life, are almost always simply relentless in wanting to be even richer and even more powerful.

To put it simply, they are never happy and content with what they have got, they aren’t satisfied with how much of the pie they have. Always greedy for more.

That is very definitely true in football.

With the absolutely greediest being those in the Premier League.

It is hardly a surprise though, not when you remember that the entire drive towards establishing the Premier League, was to generate more money and for the most powerful to grab as much of those extra riches as possible.

To be fair, you can’t claim they haven’t succeeded.

The Premier League generates more money than any other football league in the world and the Deloitte rich list is always dominated by English clubs every year.

However, the owners of the richest clubs in the richest league don’t want to settle for that, they want to grab ever more money and power.

The American owners of Liverpool and Man Utd (and others) are obviously the ones leading the charge to grab total power over the Premier, plus it is totally predictable that they were also the ones named as the key drivers for this new planned European Premier League.

It is a simple fact that the Premier League is the world league, by far the most popular around the globe.

Clubs such as Real Madrid, Barca, Bayern Munich and Juventus are massively popular of course in numerous countries BUT it is the league in England that people look to above any of the others. Which is of course why it can generate far more money from overseas in TV contracts than Germany, Italy, Spain and France.

The problem of course with a lot of rich and powerful people, is that they don’t then properly appreciate what they have already got.

In their manic drive to grab more money and power, they are incapable of seeing the risk they run of destroying the value of what they already possess. They want more and more golden eggs to roll out of its backside but the golden goose itself is being put at risk due to neglect.

It is the law of unintended consequences which may well hit the owners of Premier League clubs, if they succeed in establishing a European Premier League and the Liverpool and Man Utd owners successfully lead a PL power grab.

If allowed to do exactly what they want, the likes of the Glazers and FSG would have everything driven towards making more money overseas and falling over themselves to try and slant everything towards overseas broadcasters, countries and people.

Kick-off times / days to suit key areas around the globe, playing Premier League and European Premier League matches around the world as much as possible and so on. They want to make clubs such as Liverpool and Manchester United truly world clubs, ‘owned’ as much by fans in China, India and Saudi, as they are by fans in Liverpool and Manchester.

This is where they just don’t get it.

Certainly in my past conversations with fans of Premier League clubs from other countries, they love far more about the Premier League and English football than simply the likes of Liverpool and Man Utd as a brand.

The overwhelming feedback I have got over the years is that they love Liverpool, Manchester United and loads of other Premier League / English clubs, because of the whole package, the whole culture.

For example, overseas fans love seeing Liverpool and Man Utd playing at a packed Anfield and Old Trafford, they dream of one day or as often as possible of being able to get to these stadiums themselves.

They love the whole culture of fans and crowds inside the stadiums in England.

If say in the future Liverpool played Manchester United in a PL match in Riyadh, overseas fans of those clubs in India, China or wherever, would in no way see it as the same product they buy into when watching games from Anfield etc on TV.

It is the Premier League and matches played in England that makes these matches and clubs special. Yes some overseas fans would no doubt not be bothered if Liverpool or whoever weren’t a Liverpool (or wherever) club, playing matches here, there and everywhere, BUT a lot more would be bothered.

Coming from a culture of franchises, where they will quite happily kill off a team / brand in one city and simply move it to another, if it isn’t performing well enough, little wonder the Glazers and Fenway don’t see any negatives in relocating Premier League games, or doing anything else that might make more money. Indeed, some regular season American Football games have been played in London for well over a decade now, only temporarily stopped at the minute due to the virus situation.

In some ways you want them to press the button, for the likes of Liverpool and Manchester United to ditch the Premier League and go off and form some kind of invitation only league, then see how long it lasts before the reality hits them, that artificial competition and breaking all tradition, is not what people want, whether in the UK or overseas.

One thing for sure, we all need to be vigilant, because they will keep trying and trying to grab all the power and money, it is simply in their nature to do so.


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