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I would love it, just love if, we beat Manchester United on Saturday night

5 months ago

The last few days feels like another bomb has gone off in the world of Newcastle United.

A few months ago our dream of competing alongside the elite once again was shattered and again we find ourselves stuck with Mike Ashley.

No ambition, no hope, no point to even dream.

Then these last few days this plan cooked up by Liverpool and backed by their old rivals Manchester United of helping the lower league clubs out whilst helping themselves to total Premier League power, was released to the public eye.

They are willing (bless them) to back a plan which includes another £250m per year (money which currently goes in parachute payments to clubs in the EFL who have been relegated from the Premier League) to be spread around all EFL clubs. The pandemic having pushed many clubs close to the edge.

I’m sure a lot of people have already read the proposals and everyone has their own opinions whether it benefits or affects their own respective club.

As far as I’m concerned, it’s one of the most hypocritical proposals I have ever read.

They want to play Robin Hood and back a plan to help the good people out but in return they want full control to make their own rules and dictate everything.

This will only benefit the the likes of Liverpool and Manchester United and a small number of others. Nobody else!

This would kill off any potential of growth for clubs such as Newcastle United, Leeds United, Leicester City, Aston Villa and so on.

Now I’m sure not every Liverpudlian or Mancunian agrees with the actions their clubs have taken. The way the owners have behaved should go against everything the people of the two cities believe in and stand for.

There will always be selfish people in any walk of life and we are all guilty at any given moment when the problem affects us and is our own. Saturday we play Manchester United.

I said a few weeks ago and wrote an article about how much I disliked Tottenham Hotspur. Well to tell the truth I don’t like Manchester United either and thanks to these disgraceful actions by their owners (over £400m in debt yet they want a big say in the future finances of the game) I really want us to stick it to them and beat them and root them towards the bottom of the table.

I may not hate them as much as Liverpool but I would love it, just love if, we beat them on Saturday night.

No league title in seven years for Man Utd and those red scousers have one in 30 years, yet they feel they have a divine given right to play god and decide what’s good for the rest of us .

So let’s beat Manchester United on Saturday and make a total mockery of their arrogant ownership.

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