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European Premier League unveiled in new report – Would be the end of football as we know it

1 year ago

Liverpool and Manchester United are involved in talks that could see the formation of a European Premier League.

Sky News are reporting the story and say that this is a FIFA backed tournament according to their sources.

Sky News say that their information is that ‘more than a dozen teams from England, France, Germany, Italy and Spain are in negotiations about becoming founder members of the competition, with Liverpool and Manchester United amongst the clubs involved.

Zero surprise that those two Premier League clubs are named as at the heart of it, no doubts surely that is inextricably linked to the scandalous plan that was exposed just over a week ago, where the same two clubs had came up with a plan to effectively control the Premier League and take voting rights away from most other PL clubs.

Sky News say ‘As many as five English clubs could sign up to join it, with a provisional start date said to have been discussed as early as 2022.’

The reported details are that up to 18 European clubs would form the European Premier League and games would be played during the normal European season.

Effectively, if it went ahead, the European Premier League would be replacing the Champions League.

Difficult to imagine that this kind of plan could ever be successfully pushed through but absolutely no surprise that the rich and powerful without any integrity would attempt to do so.

The Champions League is rotten enough with every new measure aimed at helping the elite to stay elite, with rankings (coefficients) based over a number of years of competition to favour the powerful clubs that compete most seasons and then seeded in groups to try and ensure the ‘right’ clubs qualify.

However, a European Premier League would be a whole new evil, a ‘competition’ that would be only open to those invited.

It is everything that football is not and it isn’t what fans want, they want qualification and progress based on merit, not invitation.

In America their traditional sports (American Rugby, Rounders etc) are basically invitation only competitions, based on franchises, no promotion or relegation, the way they are formed is solely to try and ensure the owners make as much money as possible.

After the corruption that we all knew existed within FIFA became so public in recent years, who would be in the least bit surprised if that organisation was involved?

Why not make the World Cup invitational as well, why bother with qualification?

It is obscene that both this European Premier League and the power grab for the English Premier League are being attempted when so much of the world’s population is suffering due to the impact of the virus.

The thing is, in their never ending greed, the owners of the elite European clubs who are pushing for this type of invitational European Premier League, would be basically killing off the golden goose.

Any competition that is invitation only would surely lose its appeal very quickly and stagnate.

Sky News says that as well as Liverpool and Manchester United, the other PL clubs who have been approached about potentially being part of the new European Premier League are Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur. Once again, zero surprises there.

Even if a small number of places in any European Premier League were awarded to some clubs on merit, via some kind of qualifying, via their domestic leagues or whatever, it would still not make the idea any more acceptable.

Many football fans in England are no doubt thinking good riddance if these clubs want to go it alone and form what is basically the European Super League that has been talked about for decades.

However, they surely can’t have it all ways. Able to continue playing in their domestic league and then playing in this fake new European competition / league which effectively takes away the chance of playing in top European football competition for the vast majority of clubs.

I must say, I would find it very difficult to believe that German clubs would become part of any such new competition based purely on invitation. Bundesliga fans have a majority ownership of each of their clubs and I would be amazed if the supporters would allow their clubs to be involved.

If only fans in England had any such power with regards to the shameful way the Premier League has been constructed, built purely on greed and attracting the kind of people who own the likes of Man Utd, Liverpool, Chelsea and…Newcastle United.


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