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Chris Sutton says ‘A wealthy takeover at Newcastle United’ will be blocked by PL power grab

7 months ago

Chris Sutton has been talking about Newcastle United.

I can’t say I usually agree with what he has to say but this time he is right on the money, in a manner of speaking.

Chris Sutton talking about the overwhelming issue grabbing all the headlines, the Liverpool plan for the elite to grab total power and make themselves and a small number of other Premier League clubs ever richer at the expense of the rest.

Sutton rightly declaring that if allowed to happen ‘The game will be a cartel.’

Alan Shearer’s former teammate declaring that any claims of the Premier League being ‘the most competitive league in the world’ would be long gone, zero chance of any other club (outside this self-proclaimed elite) competing to winning the league in the way that Leicester did in 2016.

Chris Sutton stating that the change in voting to give the ‘big six’ all the power would clearly be used for their own benefit and ‘they are not going to allow anybody else in. Nobody from the outside is going to be allowed in.’

As the prime example, Chris Sutton unsurprisingly picks NUFC, declaring:  ‘A wealthy takeover at Newcastle United for example. Possibility of somebody coming in who could actually challenge financially this top six. They won’t let that happen. Why would they?’

This is of course exactly the point, everything the rich and powerful clubs try to do already, is all about trying to benefit themselves at the expense of others. As was seen with the change they managed to force through on distribution of overseas TV money. Instead of all 20 clubs getting the exact same share, we now have a case where league position dictates who gets the most and who gets the least. Yet another way they have found to ensure the wealth and power gap grows.

If these self-proclaimed elite clubs had total power, they absolutely are going to try and make everything for their own benefit, leaving crumbs for the rest, and 100% are not going to let anybody try to break into this elite grouping. The fact they are demanding that they, the ‘big six’, should have the right to stop a takeover at any other Premier League is as outrageous as it is astonishing that anybody could think this is something that should be allowed to happen.

Chris Sutton talking to BBC Radio 5 Live:

“Further down the line we will get through the pandemic and it will be a monopoly if this is allowed to happen.

“The game will be a cartel.

“We always talks about the Premier League being the best league in the world, the most competitive league in the world, that will be gone, that will be no more.

“It will be just about the top six getting stronger, getting better, getting bigger and everybody else will just fade away into insignificance.

“We won’t see a Leicester City winning titles any more, other clubs won’t be able to challenge.

“It will come down to voting and I have read up about the voting system of this, they are not going to allow anybody else in.

“They are just going to let themselves get more powerful and stronger.

“Nobody from the outside is going to be allowed in.

“A wealthy takeover at Newcastle United for example.

“Possibility of somebody coming in who could actually challenge financially this top six.

“They won’t let that happen.

“Why would they?

“They may say that that’s business.

“We understand that they are trying to drive their businesses on.

“But is it for the greater good of football?

“That is why this cannot be the only option, so they have to come up with another.”


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