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20 Premier League clubs now reviewing and voting on pay per view matches – Report

11 months ago

The debate around the Premier League and pay per view matches is continuing.

Monday afternoon seeing The Independent and other media reporting that the 20 Premier League clubs are meeting tomorrow (Tuesday) to decide what to do next, whether to keep with the current arrangements or change.

After Sky and BT chose 15 matches in October, the other 15 scheduled October games were then announced as pay per view games at a charge of £14.95 per match.

The last of those October matches made pay per view is Fulham v West Brom on Monday 2 November.

On Friday, Sky and BT selected 14 of the 30 November scheduled matches for their usual live choices.

So it is these other 16 November games which are waiting on the Premier League decision tomorrow.

A lot of people talk about the issue being whether or not to have pay per view games, so for them the decision is whether PPV will be scrapped when the clubs meet tomorrow.

However, surely this is a very naive way of looking at it.

At the weekend, newspapers carried reports that both Sky Sports and BT Sport were in favour of scrapping the pay per view matches altogether. This is no surprise as they never wanted them in the first place, they see them as diluting interest in their normal choice of live matches which are part of usual football packages.

The broadcasters claim they are not making money from PPV and just covering costs, with the PL clubs making the money. A little difficult to believe that, as surely they wouldn’t have agreed unless making some extra money from the pay per view matches.

However, as per the weekend reports, I do think the broadcasters would rather drop the PPV games altogether so as to protect their ‘product’ (live PL matches) longer-term.

So for me, the choice tomorrow is never going to be keep pay per view matches at £14.95 a go, or scrap PPV altogether and make those games all free, as they were prior to the pay per view charges introduced as from October games.

The £14.95 charge is surely going to be scrapped BUT the last thing we want is for the broadcasters to get their way and it ends up nobody will be able to (legally) watch the PL games that aren’t chosen by BT and Sky.

Earlie this month (9 October) we asked Newcastle fans the question: ‘How much is a fair price for Premier League Pay Per View matches?’

These were the results rounded up / down to nearest whole figure:

More than £14.95 – 0%

£14.95 – 0%

£11.99 – 0%

£9.99 – 9%

£7.99 – 14%

£4.99 – 41%

£2.99 – 10%

Free – 26%

Only a quarter of the fans voting, were insisting that games should be free.

Instead, 41% went for £4.99 and for me, hopefully that will be a compromise price agreed on tomorrow.

It would defuse a lot of the negative PR for the Premier League and broadcasters, allow fans a reasonable price to watch these extra televised matches, plus surely make extra money as there would be a far higher take up of PPV matches than is currently happening.

If the extra games were made not available, the likes of Fulham and West Brom fans would really suffer, they haven’t had a single game selected in October or November by BT or Sky.


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