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We have now reached Batman level – Steve Bruce in the luck groove

1 year ago

As a kid I loved Batman.

Not the comics or the films, the old TV series one.

If you are of that generation then you will remember it, after all, kids TV programmes were so few and far between you relished anything that was half decent.

It was made in the 1960s but it would have been the mid to late 70s when I would have been watching I think, kids TV programmes did tend to get repeated over and over again because there was so few of them. Especially in the summer holidays with the Banana Splits, Champion the Wonder Horse and so on.

Anyway, I stray from the point.

In the Batman TV series, one of the big features of it was at the end of every episode there would be a big cliffhanger. Basically Batman and / or Robin would usually be facing what looked certain death, chained up and a circular saw (or something similar) heading towards them and no possible means of escape.

Yet each week / episode they did. The programme wouldn’t have lasted very long otherwise.

Batman and / or Robin saved each time by some different, but always ridiculous, route of escape. True comic book stuff.

I have a feeling that Steve Bruce must have been an avid fan as well of the Batman TV series, or maybe he wrote the scripts…

I give you Sunday 27 September 2020.

The plot saw a football team visit North London, under orders never to attack, no matter what the provocation or opportunity was.

Sit back and invite the opposition to have chance after chance until the inevitable.

Then even when conceding, change absolutely nothing at all.

Not even a single shot on target.

Then after fully 96 minutes, with Batman (Steve Bruce) seeing only certain disaster ahead of him…instead a truly unbelievable plot twist. Newcastle launch the ball into the box, Andy Carroll heads it and somehow that circular saw is stopped in its tracks.

A bizarre penalty awarded, Wilson keeps his cool, Batman / Steve Bruce lives to fight another day.


Steve Bruce is completely back into that luck groove, some how even surpassing that amazing point at Everton when after a horrendous negative display, Lejeune scored twice in the final minute of added time to rescue a point. There were also another ten or so contenders for the Steve Bruce jammy b.stard award as well last season.

However, incredibly, Sunday at Tottenham saw Steve Bruce experience a heady triple layer of luck, just from that one incredible incident as the final whistle was due to be blown.

Making a point

Firstly and most obviously, the penalty meant that Newcastle United somehow came out of the match with one more point on their Premier League total. Despite showing zero attacking intent and using woeful tactics, a draw was achieved when a five goal loss should /could have been the outcome.


Secondly, even Steve Bruce’s mates in the media couldn’t have stopped what was heading his way.

Such an ambition free performance against an average opposition, Bruce was going to have this display picked apart but by bit and questions asked.

However, instead of a major investigation discussing the shambles Steve Bruce had put on display, that was all completely forgotten about.

The ONLY thing the Sky Sports people and other media wanted to talk about, was the ludicrous new interpretation of handballs that equal penalties.


Then thirdly…incredibly, instead of being castigated and ridiculed, Steve Bruce actually became the hero of the hour!

That is, hero to all but the Newcastle fans who have to watch the shambles he is overseeing at NUFC.

The hero status became his because when interviewed, Steve Bruce said that it was ridiculous that the penalty decision was given and the rule needs changing.

I have always wondered why some managers when getting an outrageous piece of good fortune on a decision like Bruce did on Sunday, don’t just hold their hands up. It isn’t as though that if you admit you were fortunate to get the decision, that the Premier League will then deduct the goal and the point after the game is over.

So Steve Bruce simply repeats what every single other person is also saying and that is all that matters.

Newcastle get a point, nobody mentions the shambolic 96 minutes and Steve Bruce emerges the hero.


Don’t forget to tune in next weekend for yet another outrageous undeserved Batman like escape for Steve Bruce.


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