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Bournemouth fans comment on Fraser to Newcastle and Wilson / Ritchie swap plus cash

1 year ago

After five Premier League seasons, Bournemouth fans are facing life back in the Championship.

Last time they were in the second tier, Bournemouth went up as champions in 2014/15.

Three of the players involved that season, to greater or lesser degrees, were Callum Wilson, Matt Ritchie and Ryan Fraser.

Now those three players are at the centre of much debate about who will be playing for Bournemouth and Newcastle United in the rapidly approaching 2020/21 season.

Free agent Ryan Fraser is now widely reported to be set to join Newcastle, whilst Tuesday brought news of the two clubs in discussions for a possible Matt Ritchie plus cash swap for Callum Wilson.

Interesting reading what Bournemouth fans have to say about the potential deals.

Seems to be a fair amount of respect and affection for Callum Wilson, pretty much an acceptance that a move will happen to another club and to an extent that will suit everybody, just a case of getting as much money as they can for him.

It appears that if Ritchie is heading their way then that would be seen as a positive, providing he doesn’t knock the Wilson fee down too much. An added complication is that Coventry get 15% of any transfer fee above £3m.

However, little affection for Ryan Fraser, a player who is seen to have ran his contract down and not giving his full effort last season. Bournemouth fans clearly willing him to fail! Some of them wondering whether his amazing 2018/19 season was a one-off, or at least hoping that it was / is!

In 2018/19 Ryan Fraser got seven goals and 14 assists in the Premier League, last season only one goal and four assists.

In 2018/19 Callum Wilson got 14 goals and nine assists, last season eight goals and one assist.

Patently obvious that if the pair could recreate that 2018/19 season at Newcastle, it would tick a lot of boxes. A big ‘if’ of course.

As for Matt Ritchie, his stats these past two seasons in the PL were two goals and eight assists in 2018/19, then two goals and one assist last season. Though he has found himself playing wing-back at times these past two seasons.

Easy to see why though he would be seen as a real asset in the Championship, as his last two seasons there saw 15 goals and 17 assists for Bournemouth in 2014/15 and 12 goals and seven assists for Newcastle in 2016/17.

Bournemouth fans commenting via their Up The Cherries message board:

‘Callum goes with (most of our) thanks, a player who rapidly stepped up from League One with Coventry to Championship to “Premiership“ to an England cap, with two serious injuries in the middle.

That cap was reward for a brilliant run, many of us were so proud of him for that achievement. It also proved what incoming players could achieve playing for us.’

‘Callum still has 3 years on his contract. Therefore if the price isn’t right (and 20m quoted seems very low), we should hold out for a better bid, say another 5-10m. We shouldn’t be held to ransom on this one. I think 30m is a fairer price.’

‘Personally think Callum is worth every bit of £30m (£25.5m to us after sell on Coventry cut). Give him service, he will score.’

‘Would love to see ritchie back here and we need to get callum off the wage bill, £25m seems about right.’

‘Claimed Fraser looking forward to renewing his partnership with Wilson at Newcastle.’

‘It appears ritchie being up for dropping down a division is the key.’

‘Reported that Callum Wilson‘s contract contains a 50% relegation clause. No idea if that is true but, if so, it is no surprise that he wants out.’

‘Wilson being on 100k per week with 50% relegation clause so 50k per week going forwards this season (if he stays).

To me that clause reduces the pressure to sell slightly, which may mean we can be patient for a better price.’

‘Looking forward to the day that Ryan Fraser plays at Dean Court and the home crowds are back.

I’d turn my back on him when he walks off after the pre-match warm ups.

Cue a lot of boos when he has the ball during the match.

Shame it’s come to that but only himself to blame.’

‘Fraser had a decent spell with us, he was an average player signed from a Mickey mouse league who needed some serious coaching.

Bottom line, AFCB invested serious time , money and effort to give that little rat a career, a shot at the highest level of English football and finances that will last him a lifetime.

In return the little rat said , during a relegation season, that he couldn’t be bothered to play for the team, or his team mates or the fans.’

‘Fraser thought he was going to Arsenal £100,000 a week, he was too good for us, didn’t need to try, he was made for life. Wee man let his manager down, his coaching staff, his fans, his family and most importantly his self down.

What he had gained since joining us was thrown away by acting like a spoilt brat.’

‘If any club thought Fraser’s level of fitness would be at an acceptable level after not training with a club for the best part of 6 months then they are as foolish as any club willing to pay him £100k a week.

It’s why he really needed to sign for someone before the start of pre-season to get him to the level for the start of the season.’

‘Regardless of his poor season up to lockdown, Fraser by not playing for the last 9 games betrayed his team mates and the manager who supported his development for so many seasons.’

‘The problem was Wilson losing a bit of interest with his massive contract, losing a bit of that hunger that had made him successful. The loss of Fraser giving a hoot and that natural link up.’

‘Hmmm… Higher up front payment (probably between £20m – £25m) over a lesser fee in instalments (probably) and Matt Ritchie, who may not be convinced about returning to both us and the championship…

I’m not convinced Ritchie will command that much of a fee so it depends on how much ‘more’ the Villa bid could be…

If Newcastle bid north of £15m upfront + Ritchie… and he’s good with the move… Seems a decent deal all round.’

‘Wilson was great when he had Charlie and Franno bombing down the wings and giving him crosses he’d smash in the net.

When this service ceased his goal tally dropped dramatically. I still think he has goals in him but he needs those crosses from the wings.’

‘You’re right, but the the bigger miss last season was Fraser. Remember the Wilson/Fraser combo in 18/19 was one of the best in the league.’

‘This rumour re Ritchie coming back has been going on for two or three weeks now, if not longer and previous seasons.

So if he comes back it won’t be a big surprise.

‘Gayle has done his knee – hence Wilson interest as Carroll isn’t exactly robust and Joelinton not a scoring machine.’

‘Interesting that Callum Wilson and Matt Ritchie have the same agent. Kerching!

It seems that professional football has never heard of the concept of Conflict of Interest.’

‘We want this Callum Wilson move done and dusted asap so we can make our moves and preparations. Two club fighting over him might force them to act sooner rather than wait to see if we blink over his fee.’

‘This is one (unlike Ramsdale imo) where I think it’s frankly in the interest of both parties for a move.

Will always love Callum for what he’s done for us but sometimes we have to accept that things just come to a natural conclusion.’

‘My big question is why would Matt Ritchie want to move to Bournemouth.

a) Signed a three-year contract just six months ago

b) Why drop down a division?

c) Would/could Bournemouth match the wages?

d) Even if he has a house, it will still be there in three years time?

Could Newcastle, desperate to sign a striker (i.e. Callum Wilson) but unable or unwilling to splash a headline amount of cash, make Bournemouth some kind of offer that compensates Matt, but that we can afford?’

‘Thinking this through – Newcastle want Callum, so do Villa.

Newcastle don’t have a pot to in, so can only offer about £20 million.

Villa know that Newcastle are skint so offer £22 million.

AFCB want more so spin a story that they’d take a lower offer from Newcastle if they chuck in Matt Ritchie.

Cue huge internet chatter. Villa fall for it and up their bid to close to AFCB’s £30 million asking price.

Just saying …’

‘The smart move is to get Newcastle to subsidise £3m or so of Ritchie‘s wages and reduce Callum’s value in the transfer by the same amount.

We owe Coventry 15% above £3m so the lower Callum’s fee the better as long as we are getting compensated another way.’

‘Isn’t this exactly the kind of snide tactic that we used to absolutely despise back in the days when we were penniless?’

‘We ride with the devil these days!’

‘Indeed we do.

Shouldn’t condone or celebrate it though. It might not be long until we are on the receiving end once again.’


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