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The main man at The Times sticks up for Newcastle fans – Just look at reaction from fans of other clubs!

2 years ago

Henry Winter is arguably the best football writer around and whilst he isn’t a paid up member of the Newcastle United fanbase, the man from The Times has a lot of affection for the club and supporters.

The Chief Football writer at The Times has regularly stood up for Newcastle fans in the past.

In complete contrast to so much of the rest of the media, who are only interested in taking cheap shots at NUFC supporters.

A couple of past instances…

Henry Winter speaking to BBC Radio Five Live – 5 February 2018:

“Newcastle United’s most important asset, along with Rafa Benitez, their most important asset is their fan base…this incredible support.

“It has been said a million times, it doesn’t need to be re-emphasised – they are fantastic. Without them, the club is nothing.

“What makes Newcastle tick, as with most clubs, but particularly with Newcastle because of the way it dominates the city, emotionally and geographically – that stadium – the fans are absolutely key.

“Ashley, sitting in London, has got to listen to these people. He has got to sell up, he has got to move out.

“I can’t believe that he sleeps particularly easily at night know he is getting vilified, quite rightly, by sane people.“He has to sell up, he has to move on.”

Henry Winter writing in The Times – 13 April 2019:

‘Newcastle’s owner, Mike Ashley, either has to sell up or become a proper owner, somebody who invests properly, and gives Benítez the assurances he needs for the future, sorting out the training ground, and also making permanent Salomón Rondón’s loan deal from West Bromwich Albion.

With more time under Benítez’s tutelage and work on the training ground, the instinctive understanding and complementary gifts of Rondón, Pérez and Miguel Almirón could prove a formidable attacking trident.

Ashley should be pleading with Benítez to sign a new deal, give him more funds to strengthen the team and then push on next season.”

Now the man from The Times has spoken out after Thursday’s announcement of the Newcastle United takeover collapse.

Henry Winter saying that Newcastle fans ‘deserve an apology and an explanation from the Premier League’ due to the way they have (mis-)handled their process of approving the deal or not.

Just look though at the reaction from fans of other clubs to what Henry Winter has said, with some Newcastle fans putting them right with the reality.

It is always a massive problem in this country, that there is never any proper solidarity or sympathy amongst fans of the various clubs, with Newcastle supporters just as guilty. People are only interested when it is their own club that is being impacted and / or unfairly treated.

Over in Germany, there is far more willingness from fans of all clubs to pull together and put pressure on the authorities to act correctly and for the benefit of supporters.

Yes, I don’t expect fans of other clubs to be that sympathetic Newcastle haven’t got new ambitious owners, BUT there should be a general acceptance and acknowledgement that the Premier League have been an absolute shambles in dealing with this NUFC takeover process.

Henry Winter of The Times via Twitter – 31 July 2020:

“Mike Ashley will leave one day.

“Newcastle United fans will have their cans festival.

“In the meantime, they deserve an apology and an explanation from the Premier League.”

And the replies…

Doubles (Sunderland fan):

“Why an apology?

“Perhaps it’s the cheerleaders of a bid raising unrealistic expectations who should apologise.”

Ragh (Liverpool fan):

“What a load of sh.te!

“There are 19 other clubs in PL and the PL as a brand doesn’t want a murderous regime with a categorically horrible human rights record use the brand for sports washing.

“This is bigger than NUFC ffs.”

Yorkshire Toffees (Everton fan):

“An apology?

“If you think the Premier League need to apologise for not authorising a sale to murderous state, you’ve lost it Henry.

“Human rights violations matter!”

Wine for my men (Liverpool fan):

“Not being obtuse… what’s Ashley actually done that makes him so hated?

“Has he fleeced them a la Glazers; or is it simply because he’s not Jack Walker (or Freddie Shepherd)?”

Rich Wearz (Newcastle fan):

“Relegated #NUFC twice, relegation battles over numerous seasons, sold our best players with zero reinvestment, £12m net spend in a decade, Kinnear, Pardew, McClaren, using NUFC as an advertising tool for Sports Direct + zero communication with fans.

“How’s all that for starters?”

Kevin Scott (Middlesbrough fan):

” – In the EPL

” – In no danger of relegation last season

” – English owners & manager

” – Making a profit & no danger of bankruptcy / Administration

” – Broke their transfer record TWICE in the past 18 months

“But as they’re not “The richest club in the World” they are in crisis.”

Eddie (Newcastle fan):

“In the EPL through luck.

“In danger of relegation at times.

“Owner’s only ambition to make money for himself

“Making a profit yet no investment in 13 years (where has the money gone)

“Made a profit in every transfer window to the detriment of the squad.

“Doesn’t communicate at all.”

Nick Waites (Middlesbrough fan):

“Don’t be ridiculous.

“You are sounding like an Arsenal fan.

“A mid table Premiership club and moaning because that isn’t good enough.”

John King (Arsenal fan):

“Sorry Geordies but we thought having a govenrnment who assassinate journalists might be a bad look for the league.

“Pretty simple.”

Carlos Cameraman (Liverpool fan):

“Easy, get relegated, the EFL will let anyone own a club.

“Their checks are apparently not as stringent…. Allegedly.”

Kev Lennon (Chelsea fan):

“If they think they’re in crisis what do they make of the likes of Bury, Macclesfield, Wigan and Charlton amongst many others over the years of the Ashley era.

“Clubs fighting for their mere survival.

“About time they got their heads out of the sand.”

Allen Brown (Newcastle fan):

“The clubs you have mentioned don’t have 50k fans every week ploughing money in left right and centre!”

Robert Gausden (Charlton fan):

“As a Charlton fan my heart bleeds for Newcastle fans.

“Whilst we have sh.t owners who are about to put us out of existence for ever, they have a sh.t owner who has invested in the club, brought a £40m player, kept them financially secure, and kept them in the premiership.”

Rebecca (Newcastle fan):

“In terms of sales and net spend he’s actually taken money out of the club.

“Training facilities include a paddling pool for the players, academy is non-existent, free advertising for sports direct for years.

“The man is a parasite.”

Gareth (Arsenal (and Wrestling) fan):

“Why an apology?

“It’s disgusting to see sports fans complaining about a corrupt murderous regime being stopped from using their ill gotten money to buy a football team.

“The regime should all be jailed not becoming part of british football.

“Hopefully now that’s the last we see them.”

Ian Hogg (Sunderland fan):

“Fans of Wigan and Bury deserve an apology from the football authorities first.

“Newcastle fans just crying because Neymar and Mbappe won’t be signing for them.”


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