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Richard Keys says he has a dilemma with Newcastle United fans and Sunderland supporters

8 months ago

Richard Keys is at it again.

Always desperate for attention he will do and say pretty much anything to get it.

Even (especially???) when it brings down even more disparaging comments on himself.

This time he has tried to stimulate interest from two different fanbases in one go.

Richard Keys asking if Newcastle fans or Sunderland supporters hate him more?

The answer appears to be that pretty much ALL football fans despise him…

Richard Keys via Twitter:

“Having a conversation.

“I really don’t know the answer to this – do Geordies hate me more than the Mackems?

“I think this could be close.”

The replies…

Dave Courts (Coventry fan):

“Cov fans can’t stand you…. Fact!!!”

Dave Harvey (Newcastle fan):

“If you don’t know the answer to this you are truly deluded and corrupt!

“Political and personal agendas are rife in world sport and for me mate you are beyond knees deep in it!

“I truly hope this comes all unstuck and your golden bubble bursts!!! Much love.”

Kevin Newey (Coventry fan):

“Will be the mackems.

“They’re still sore that Coventry relegated them and now they’re pretty much a non league club.”

Brady (NUFC):

“Don’t tie yourself down to just 2 fan bases, you’ve done something pretty special in having football fans hating you across the board.

“Doing the dirty work for Qatar on your show just dropped you to a new level with Newcastle fans.

“Just a patsy for Qatar!!”

N J Lawless (Man City fan):

“Newcastle are a great club with world class fans and I’m saying this a a Man City Fan.”

Man About Toon (NUFC):

“Can I suggest a third group that dislikes you even more than the others? Women.”

Paulie Belta (NUFC):

“Karma is coming for you, and when it does it will be celebrated on Tyneside like Thatcher’s demise.”

Dave Powell (Liverpool fan):

“Well done for completing a tweet without mentioning Rafa.”

Gary Hipwell (Arsenal fan):

“I’d say everyone does, that’s why you are in Qatar.”

Alan Hudson (Hartlepool fan):

“Don’t forget the Poolies as well.”

Graham (Sunderland fan):

“We haven’t hit L2 just yet, we can ask you for your advise if and when we do seen as how you’ve already sampled that division.”

Condorman3 (NUFC):

“Love the mackems compared with you.”

Danny G (SAFC):

“One of the few things that unites us!”

Steve Toon Wilkes (NUFC):

“Daughter, wife, geordies, mackems, Sian Massey-Ellis. Shall I go on?”

Kirk (Liverpool):

“I think the majority of football fans do Richard.”

Kayleigh K (NUFC):

“His attempts to stay relevant…my god.”

PeterMcr (Man City):

“Neither as much as City fans do.”


“Never thought I’d agree with Keys but he is right – it is a tough call.”

Iany (NUFC):

“Richard my friend, up here in the toon we’d rather have a pint with Hitler.”


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