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On the buses – Time to take the Newcastle United takeover battle to London?

1 year ago

In October 1936, a group 200 men from the north-eastern town of Jarrow marched 300 miles to London.

They wanted Parliament, and the people in the south, to understand that they were orderly, responsible citizens, but were living in a region where there were many difficulties, and where there was 70 per cent unemployment – leading one of the marchers to describe his home town in those days as ‘…a filthy, dirty, falling down, consumptive area.’

The extremes back then were life and death poverty due to no investment and I certainly wouldn’t want to draw too strong a parallel in order to make a point.

However, if the notion is to make people sit up and take notice, an organised visit to London isn’t really such a bad idea to consider now either.

As we teeter on the brink of a recession caused by the pandemic, lo and behold the olive branch of investment, jobs and hope is offered from a wealthy foreign state, to help regenerate parts of our region.

What’s not to like about that? I know Boris Johnson is aware of the bigger picture, as are our MPs, when it comes to this Newcastle United takeover situation.

Enter suddenly a group of people as if nothing previous had ever happened between the two countries and adopt a sudden moralistic high ground based on football club ownership, making us believe we are about to deal with the devil himself. While ignoring the fact massive trade links already exist and a certain football club of importance (not us) already have deals in place with the aforementioned Lucifer.

Morals us???

We ourselves not so long back invaded a country looking for non-existent weapons of mass destruction, slaughtering thousands in the process and abusing human rights of innocent everyday families just like us.

Yet people deal and trade with us and this past is rarely mentioned.

So what we have here is something else…a corrupt organisation trying to protect the establishment of the top six by once again pretending the north stops at Manchester, as must the annual trophy haul.

I’m not saying it’s time yet lads and lasses but if the silence continues, then NUST need to seriously consider organising buses and banners to take down and confront them on their own doorstep.

The press can draw the parallels to the past if they like but it was the spirit of those people back in 1936 that highlighted injustices…it may be just time to do it all again to preserve a future for the region and much needed cash for projects.

Maybe one or two of our MPs might consider addressing the gathering for maximum publicity, we need to break this silence.


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