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Newcastle United takeover situation – The letters to The Mag

9 months ago

The Newcastle United takeover is of course the big (only?) topic of discussion and letters / opinions continue to flow in on this subject.

Sixteen days ago (30 July 2020), the announcement by the Saudi PIF, Amanda Staveley and the Reuben brothers, was not what the NUFC fanbase were hoping to hear.

We are now 20 days into the summer transfer window and just four weeks away from the 2020/21 season kicking off, yet the only thing on the agenda remains the collapse of the Newcastle United takeover

Some contributions are sometimes too brief to make up into a full article and so we have gathered up a number of recent comments sent in, relating to the Newcastle United takeover (if you would like to send anything in, long or short (doesn’t have to be on the NUFC Takeover!), then [email protected] is the place)

This is tough.

Nobody told me when I started standing in the Leazes End (where Geordies never end) that one day I would have to answer for human rights abuses in a country that I have never been to and never will go to.

When the Leazes was knocked down in the late 70s and I was forced to move to the Gallowgate, navigating the open air toilets without drowning looked the biggest hurdle for me as a fan, never mind becoming a specialist in geopolitics in some far away land.

It feels like we need to hit the reset button, like in the past when you had a problem with the TV or whatever, the advice would be to switch it off and back on.

Turning Newcastle United off and back on must be worth a try, nothing else seems to work.

Alan James


Davy from Byker

I for one am not surprised that the takeover has stalled, nor am I surprised that other PL clubs have had a “quiet word” in the PL ear.

The broader picture is that it used to be the top four, now it’s the top six or seven vying for the Champions League places.

The traditional top four have financial models that require runs in European competitions to be sustainable long term. The new boys on the block are edging the old guard out and they don’t like it one little bit.

Now onto Newcastle, under Keegan we thrilled the nation with our attacking style and arguably became the most popular football team in England. With one or two local exceptions everyone had a soft spot for us, unlike Man U or Liverpool, whom some people, including myself, loathe whatever they do on the pitch.

Then came Sir Bobby, not such good football but a national treasure. All football fans recognise the poor owner we have and most feel some sympathy. We are the proverbial sleeping giant and most people acknowledge that on some level.

Finally, I would like the Mag to dig out an old article which perhaps, even over twenty years on, shows what we are really up against..

The day we signed Alan Shearer I was on holiday in London.

The Evening Standard headline was “UNITED SIGN SHEARER!” Man U were after him so I assumed it was them and was understandably angry and disappointed.

Later in the afternoon we were going on a river trip, my sons had Newcastle tops on, and before I could get to the bottom of the ramp the cockney boat operator shouted up “I see you boys have signed Shearer”. I had a quick chat with him to make sure he knew what he was talking about and had the happiest hour anyone has ever had on a river trip!

I immediately bought a copy of the Evening Standard to get up to speed.

The article made my blood boil, it said we were trying to buy the league and cited several past purchases to make the point. One of which was in 1901!

Please track that article down and re-print it then you will know why this takeover stalled.

Tony McBurnie

If you want the right and truthful answers then you have to open Pandora’s box.

Ask yourself this question – Who do the guys running the premier actually support?

These guys have their fingers in a lot of cookie jars and Newcastle united are not one of them.

If Newcastle became a major factor in the league and the top five didn’t win anything for years then the premier league shareholders’ cookies go stale.

Now let’s see who the premier league put against Newcastle in the first six games because if there’s a rat in the pack, Newcastle are going to pay big time and relegation odds are going to look good.

John Kay

Can someone explain the difference between the current Manchester City owners and the proposed owners of Newcastle?

Manchester City is owned by the CFG group which consists of Abu Dhabi United group, owned by HRH Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan

How is that allowed when the consortium proposing to buy Newcastle is not?

Steve Proud

I live down under and the sorry saga of Newcastle United and my home town, born and bred…

The Premier League are correct in stating that arbitration is the best way to sort the problem.

So what is keeping Saudi Arabia from negotiating a good ending?

I believe that it is not appropriate for the consortium to be in control, because they are tied to a Royal Family, moulded in politics.

We cannot have interference from a political source.

The supporters should take this in carefully.

Quentin Dunn

If every Newcastle fan in the world changed their profile pic to an altered image of the EPL logo E.vil P.rosperity L.egion or something along those lines (or perhaps just the “EPL = corrupt”) this strikes at the heart of their identity.

Alternatively, we could all just change our profile pictures to Richard Masters with the word “Coward” blazened across it.

My point is, we can collectively and very visually show our unity and send an unmissable message to the EPL and the world, if we weaponise social media by way of our profile pictures.

Stephen Carris


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