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Newcastle United Takeover – Letters to The Mag are here

9 months ago

The Newcastle United takeover is of course continuing to be the big topic of discussion.

Thursday’s announcement by the Saudi PIF, Amanda Staveley and the Reuben brothers, not what the NUFC fanbase were hoping to hear.

We are over a week now into the summer transfer window and less than six weeks away from the 2020/21 season kicking off, yet the only thing on the agenda remains the collapse of the Newcastle United takeover.

Some contributions are sometimes too brief to make up into a full article and so we have gathered up a number of recent comments sent in, relating to the Newcastle United takeover (if you would like to send anything in, long or short, then [email protected] is the place)

Toon fans throughout the world, call to action,sign the petition

I have never used Social media but at last I see a benefit, in communicating this unfairness and galvanising support from all fair minded people

After a fantastic start I call upon Toon fans everywhere in the world to spread the call to action, sign the petition on and demand answers as to why PL scuppered this deal.

If you know anyone – individuals, celebrities, media people or anyone who can help, please ask them to sign up and spread the message. The increasing momentum is starting to generate interest in the press, lets get the message on TV next and we will shine a light on this unfairness across the world

We deserve and must have answers.

You can read more and sign the petition here (at 7am on Tuesday morning over 68,000 have already signed it):

Thank you all

John Wylam

We should be asking for a judicial review of this whole rotten to the core process.

We should crowd fund a team of top lawyers to insist that this proposed takeover is handled legally, in a transparent fashion and in accordance with the owners and directors test.

Alan Redpath

I for one would have still been upset but probably would have accepted it, if the Premier league had said no to the takeover on ethical grounds and produced a statement saying why.

It’s all old boys club to keep the status quo and the whole thing stinks.

I think it’s not so much the sale didn’t happen, it’s the way it didn’t happen.


Whilst there were issues that had to be looked at, I can’t believe the amount of time the premier league spent dilly dallying over things and were too gutless to make a decision.

This would not have happened had it been a Manchester or London club involved.

The thought of the big six clubs having a northern competitor induced fear into them that they used their powers to block a decision being made.

B Bingham

I have just read the statement from the so called Independent Football Ombudsman on The Mag.

No doubt Professor Fraser draws a very nice salary for sitting in a plush office sending letters to people to say he is not in a position to assist.

One would have thought a football ombudsman would do something about the performance and behaviour of the Premier League in this particular situation concerning Newcastle United. Otherwise what exactly is his job?

1. An ombudsman is an ‘official appointed to investigate individuals’ complaints against a company or organization’ according to popular definition. So why would he not see fit to investigate this complaint? Why does he not do his job?

This whole situation is nothing short of disgraceful and stinks of those in power closing ranks to avoid uncomfortable questions.

Best wishes

Michael Conway

Please find below an email (almost word for word) which I have tonight sent to the premier league. If possible could you pass this onto Amanda Staveley and give her my greatest thanks for all she and the consortium have attempted to do

“As a lifelong supporter of Newcastle United (almost 60 years) and having worked in the banking industry I am writing to express how disappointed I am in the unprofessional and almost incompetent way the takeover has been handled.

The way the premier league have conducted themselves is not only an insult to business people in this country but football supporters across the world. I feel that rather than hiding behind a wall of silence the premier league should give reasons for their decisions. If none are forthcoming I will take it to mean there are no good reasons and legal reasons for their actions and inactions.

Yours never anymore

Ps. I have not used capital letters for premier league as personally I don’t feel you are worth it”

Perhaps others may want to send something similar. I hope you are able to comply to my request

Yours disgruntled

Mark Johnson

(An email I have sent to my MP, Kate Osborne)


As the Jarrow MP can you advise on how you and fellow north east mps can get a committee hearing and investigate with the premier league the now abandoned take over of NUFC.

We the people of the north east demand to understand the reasons for the delays in the multi million pound takeover of NUFC.
We need to understand the premier league acted in line with process and laws applicable.

This will have adverse effects on the potential growth of the community and business alike.

It’s not just about the football, there was potential for many growth business and badly need investment in the areas, jobs and opportunities. The club could of potentially been the flagship for the area.

As MPs you should be devastated to see this opportunity go away so let’s find out the truth and hold the premier league to account.


A. Marshall

Trying to do my bit. Geordie, living in Windsor, having stood on the terraces from the age of 12, used to go to many away games, never missed a “live” game on TV…

As below, to Richard Masters.


Whilst I understand the need to do all the necessary checks of the proposed takeover, I think the delay in “stalling” the process has been appalling.

You have now got what you wanted, possibly influenced by others, in that you personally didn’t need to make a decision.

As a “footballing man” and a businessman, surely you could see the huge benefits to Newcastle United, the passionate supporters, the investment in the city itself and, indeed, to the Premier League.

I urge you, whilst you have the opportunity, to bring both/all interested parties back to the table and progress the takeover to create some excitement, again, in a wonderful football club, and a city that could do with some renewed energy.


Paul Summers


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