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Living in Qatar I always supported them in petty feuds but as a Newcastle fan this takeover has been last straw

4 months ago

I would like to introduce myself, I’m a 14 year old Newcastle United fan who currently resides in Qatar.

So I am well acquainted with the geopolitics that are occurring.

To be honest, I always support Qatar in these petty feuds but this time it is the last straw after what has happened to our club with the takeover.

I don’t think some fans realise the opportunity that our club might have just missed out on.

I love the city of Newcastle with it’s architecture and unique location with the river and close to the ocean.

However, I have also lived in Manchester and the investment levels are off the scales between the two cities.

It is a clear problem that the North is underdeveloped and not looked at, which is completely horrific and wrong. Just forget the footballing side for a minute, imagine how our city could’ve been transformed thanks to the takeover.

I would love to take this to the premier league and give my opinions as I have a passion in public speaking, writing and debating and I don’t care who I’m speaking to because if they’re in the wrong like Richard Masters, they need to be held accountable. My dream is to represent our club, or work with a consortium for example who revives our club from the dead.

I’m sorry but I’ve had enough of all these takeovers failing and fans just giving up. Especially now when we’ve basically missed out on the opportunity of a lifetime and if we don’t do anything now, we’re going to look at the club that the Saudis buy eventually and the thought of what could’ve been will wriggle through our blood till the day we leave this earth.

This is what I propose.

If there is even a chance of the takeover being revived we need to take it now.

As Newcastle fans we need to do everything we can to protest against the Premier League, actions which will also show the Saudi PIF how much we back them and how amazing our fans can be with the unlimited potential at the club.

I know I am just a 14 year old kid who dreams to be a famous writer or debater and represent the club I love, so people will undermine me to a massive extent. Please give myself and these ideas a platform for the club you love and forget my age for a second, as it is not only unfair on kids my age with aspirations but especially this football club.


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