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I believe in karma and Richard Masters, destiny is coming your way

2 years ago

Some thoughts for Richard Masters.

The entire credibility of the Premier League and the owners and directors test is in serious question.

Power and control are not enough!

Justice, ethics and competency make respect and admiration. Transparency would significantly rectify the loss of respect.

As I understand it you are less concerned by human rights and more about revenue lost through piracy?

On the matter of human rights, I think it important to relate the O and D test rules that say a crime equivalent to breaking the law in the UK is a bar. Aside from breaking the law not being a barrier to other applications, it is understood no one associated with the bid has credible evidence against them.

I also was struck by one writer who questioned why so many (who can now move onto their next target) jumped on the anti Saudi caravan, and that on human rights we have blood on our hands many times, in recent times the thousands of Iraqi citizens murdered in an illegal war.

For me, there is an immense condescension and prejudice in the air which judges Saudi development and culture through a western prism, expecting the Saudis to fit neatly into the Western zeitgeist, as that makes it simple, convenient, bland, insipid and palatable for the grey suits in the English establishment.

One thing is sure, those attributes mean you should never leave your armchair, for travelling to another country requires a respectful and understanding and compassionate outlook on cultural and historical differences.

On the matter of piracy, Saudi introduced criminal processes to tackle this, thus showing they took these concerns seriously. The WTO report may have established a link but I understand it was not compelling. What was vital is how the Saudis responded and they did, this counts massively and you have failed to act judiciously in this regard.

I agree with the consortium. ‘What more could we do… they kept shifting the goalposts’, they said.

It appears you only want ‘investor players’ in the Premier League that fit your own hidden criteria, this will ruin the future of the EPL and history will judge you.

The money in the PIF is good enough for blue chip companies, the UK government and Mayfair, but not for football. What hypocrisy and prejudice!

What is needed now is a full unvarnished transparent account of your involvement in this process, and you need to stand by your account no matter what the consequences, if that means your resignation, then let that come.

You are only the custodian of your post, passing through, you have no God given right to hold it indefinitely.

I believe in karma, that every flawed action we commit we will be repaid, destiny is coming your way.


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