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Divine intervention needed on Newcastle United takeover after this ‘injustice’ ignored

9 months ago

Could you imagine being banged up without bail and then getting to trial, only to find that there isn’t any evidence against you.

To add insult to injury the judge then decides not to say there’s no case to answer or put it to the jury because he isn’t easy with a favourable decision. He ultimately decides not to do anything and the powers to be tolerate such action.

Sounds bizarre, unreal even, impossible, familiar?

I’ve taken stock, now I’ve calmed down, before this final article from me on the injustice of the Premier League. I have contributed a nujmber of previous articles on the Premier League playing for time, misusing the Owners and Directors Test and more on the farcical handling of what should have been the Newcastle United takeover. I started in May.

Sadly, this result is the worst possible outcome.

Yes would have been a dream come true.

No would surely have led to an appeal.

However, walking away is just what the league committee and the big six all wanted, a perfect scenario with no comeback. The Saudis have either scored an own goal or didn’t fancy the deal under the current circumstances.

I know that we are kicking and screaming but by law this means nothing. There is every chance our pressure will be ignored and the press will put all the failure down to refusing to admit the club would be state owned. This would have given them the chance to disallow or suggest arbitration. They simply asked a question but wouldn’t accept the answer as they wanted another one.

Walking away could be tactical but I doubt it, the Saudis simply don’t need the hassle and will in time turn to another league and / or another club, with more success. I think their statement said it all with the pandemic making the deal less attractive. They don’t need it and the league have done what they set out to do, without the threat of an appeal.

Where is the media who were quick to stick their nose in when a deal looked likely?

Why aren’t they mentioning the massive petition to protest for transparency?

Yes the television and press were quick to highlight the injustice of acceptance. The fact that the door has been closed without any means of appeal or explanation doesn’t seem important. Our injustice is simply ignored.

Here in a nutshell are my final thoughts on the Newcastle United takeover issues before I simply go back into my bitter and twisted state of acceptance that I will never see a competitive team as long as I live:

In the end the fans may have been desperate and still are but the Saudis were happy to walk away.

If the remaining consortium are so upset and disappointed why don’t they take the deal forward? The Reuben brothers aren’t short of a bob or two.

There were no rival bids and won’t be. It would be mad to buy a club in the current crisis and we are stuck with Mike Ashley.

There is a good chance that we will be relegated next year. Does it really matter? If you aren’t one of the big six you are simply making the numbers up.

Football for NUFC fans will never be the same again, for me the game has changed so much, the Premier League is all hype and the predictability is worse than in Scotland even if the standard is world class. There is an elitist mentality and bullying nature.

Sorry for the doom and gloom but that’s where we now are as a club. Thank you Premier League, the big six and the media. No gatecrashers at your little party.

We need divine intervention.


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