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As the righteous disappear from Newcastle United this broadcast decision is so symbolic

8 months ago

Newcastle United were the story of the summer.

Indeed, this football club pretty much single-handedly kept the football media going throughout lockdown and beyond.

Never a day went by without Newcastle United making the headlines.

Our club became the ultimate political football.

Everybody wanted a piece of us.

The debate and discussion was endless, every strand looked at and examined closely.

The Newcastle United takeover attracting them like flies to the proverbial.

The media couldn’t get enough of us, politicians as well.

It wasn’t just local media, it wasn’t just national media, indeed it wasn’t just worldwide sports media, Newcastle United were more than just a football story.

As Newcastle fans glimpsed a future that didn’t include Mike Ashley, instead, one that might see at last a club ran with ambition, investment on and off the pitch – in the infrastructure and the squad, to start making up for 13 years of treading water and occasionally ducking under.

However, so many people wanted to get involved and have a piece of the Newcastle United action.

So many of them concerned for Newcastle fans and looking to save their souls from the horrors of ownership that would include Saudi money.

Some of them were undoubtedly genuine and well-intentioned. Seeing it as a bigger picture, that yes Mike Ashley wasn’t a great football club owner but that long-term it could be even worse for Newcastle supporters having very questionable people, a regime, in ultimate control of Newcastle United.

You might not necessarily agree with them but there were genuine people involved in that side of the takeover debate.

However, there were an awful lot more who were happy to use Newcastle United and the fans simply to benefit themselves. Commenting, writing letters and making demands about the takeover just to get attention and a higher profile.

Plus of course you had the Premier League and other official bodies who will all claim to be looking after our best interests.

The likes of Sky Sports and other TV and radio, their pundits and presenters, all demanding a piece of the Newcastle United pie, more often than not claiming concern for NUFC fans and the club’s well being.

We all knew what would happen of course.

A bit like allowing a teenager to have a house party and their mates (and gatecrashers) turn up en masse, have a great time at your expense, then next thing you know it is daylight and they have all disappeared without a care in the world, leaving you to survey the damage and clear up the mess that they don’t feel any responsibility for.

Those who gatecrashed the Newcastle United takeover party are now nowhere to be seen, nor do they feel any responsibility for the mess that has being left behind.

Their claims of ongoing concern for Newcastle fans and the club and the city and the region if they were ‘successful’ in stopping the takeover, all long forgotten. Only the usual suspects such as local MPs and Newcastle fans, Ian Mearns and Chi Onwurah, have any ongoing care about what happens to Newcastle United, the city, the wider region.

We all know that we are the easily forgotten north-east outpost, that if anything positive is ever to happen then we can’t rely on outsiders who don’t care a less about us.

As the tumbleweed blows past St James Park and we all think about what might have been, for both Newcastle United, the city, the region and so on, with new ambitious owners and investment in the club and beyond, on Friday we saw a very symbolic illustration of 2020 for NUFC fans.

The broadcasters and Premier League announced which matches had been chosen for live TV up to the end of September.

3 Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, West Brom

2 Brighton, Everton, Fulham, Leeds, Leicester, Man City, Man Utd, Tottenham

1 Aston Villa, Crystal Palace, Sheffield United, Southampton, West Ham, Wolves

0 Newcastle United, Burnley

The symbolism is stark, Newcastle United a club that has been easily forgotten about by the masses who used and abused it / us week after week, month after month.

A Newcastle United takeover would have seen our club at the heart of the football conversation ahead of the season. The players signed, the top quality new manager, the dramatic changes planned on and off the pitch.

I have a feeling the broadcasters wouldn’t have been totally ignoring NUFC when it came to choosing the live games,

Yes, I have no doubt we will end up with more than our fair share of matches chosen by broadcasters but it will be as they feast on a relegation battle, one which Newcastle United are most unlikely to escape from this time. Unless something dramatically changes…

The outsiders who claimed to care so much about the well being of the fans and club and city, don’t give a single thought to the fact that Mike Ashley is taking us to a new all-time low. Refusing to allow a penny to be spent on the infrastructure and five weeks into the transfer window and only two weeks until the first game, not a penny spent on the team.

On top of all that we have the usual lies and misdirection, put out via the media, whilst Steve Bruce is willing to say whatever he is told to, no matter how ridiculous. No direct communication from Mike Ashley and the puppets such as Lee Charnley, they won’t even tell us where the club’s £40m record signing is, not sighted so far and fans having to rely on press speculation on his unexplained absence.


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