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As a Newcastle United fan living in Sunderland the stick I will get is severe on this takeover nightmare

9 months ago

The Newcastle United takeover shambles has incensed us all.

I am a Newcastle United fan born and bred in Newcastle but live in Sunderland. The stick I will get over this will be good natured but severe.

I also have a season ticket holding brother in law at Man City. So will be getting it from both sides.

Calling on fans of Wolves, Brighton, Leeds, Burnley, Everton, Leicester, Sheffield Utd, Southampton, Crystal Palace, Aston Villa, West Brom, Norwich City, West Ham, Watford, Bournemouth. This could have been you.

As a season ticket and longstanding fan of over 50 years of Newcastle United and someone who is gutted that the takeover has not gone through, I would like to point out that any one of you could have been in exactly the same position, if the Saudis had been purchasing your club.

First of all, I’m sure you all are secretly laughing at what has happened but what if it was your club that was denied this takeover. I read that West Ham fans wanted Gold and Sullivan to contact the Saudis to see if they are interested in their club.

Well before I carry on lets lay once and for all that Newcastle fans are deluded and have high expectations. We don’t, we just want a team that competes.

Yes, we would like the days of Kevin Keegan or Sir Bobby Robson back, just like Leeds fans want their competitive days back, Aston Villa fans want to win the league or European Cup again etc etc, there is nothing wrong with that.

The Sir Bobby Robson days are nearly 20 years ago.

The Ashley days until last season (up to a point) didn’t even give us hope for a cup run, as he isn’t interested in anything but Premier League survival.

So why the call to these football clubs, which if you notice, does not include the elite top six in the eyes of the Premier League. Well it appears the elite clubs, some of them or all of them, have wrote to the premier league with Liverpool and Spurs named in reports, in order to try and stop this takeover.

They want to continue to get the lion’s share of the money that is in the corrupt world of football. Let’s face it, none of our clubs have a hope in hell of competing with them, unless we get mega rich owners. Its about time the Premier League realises that without the other clubs the league is nothing.

The Premier League have shown in the supposed confidential owners and directors test that they haven’t got a clue. This is the same bunch who will change games at short notice so away fans are travelling Friday night, Saturday night, Sunday night, Monday night, all so their pockets can be lined by TV money and don’t care about the inconvenience to the people that should matter, the fans.

The owners and directors test moving forward will come under intense scrutiny, so if any of your clubs should be lucky enough to get someone with money interested in purchasing them, it will be a lot harder to get through.

I understand why people have put their views forward about human rights etc but the test should only look at the proposed directors / owners, the Premier League not following their own rules – it’s absurd.

The Newcastle United takeover should have been private and confidential but was leaked as soon as the Premier League got hold of it – very interesting. Leaked probably to gauge the reaction.

Amanda Staveley is rightly upset and I believe what she is saying, as why would it take four months (and longer)?

Piracy issues? Please, I reckon we have all streamed away games on a Saturday afternoon via wherever, quite often beIN being the broadcaster you are watching. The Premier League can’t stop it in their own back yard for god’s sake. Hypocrites the whole lot of them.

I could rant on forever. My point is we are all supporters of that band of teams that just make up the league in the authorities’ eyes and we should all know our place. It is making me seriously question my love for football and what it stands for today. I’m sure there are many of you feel the same but you can’t quite divorce yourself from supporting your club. I feel exactly the same, my team probably needs me more than ever but every time I think of the Premier League committee, I think why put myself through it?

As we have seen recently, games without fans are pointless. I hope genuinely that none of you are put in the position we are in currently, where the rug has been taken right from under your feet by inept people. We all care passionately about our teams and let me tell you the feeling is sickening, frustrating and does make you downright bitter.

Richard Masters is a coward by not making a decision and has shown a lack of leadership. If he doesn’t come out and explain his actions then in my opinion he should not only lose the respect of Newcastle fans but fans all around the country. The Premier League is a cartel lets not forget it and we make up the numbers.

Let’s all show some unity and respect to each other next season as we all go head to head with the top six.


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