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The double positive with Newcastle United takeover delay

4 months ago

I accept that for fans, seeing positives in this Newcastle United takeover saga is a bit tricky.

We are now 112 days beyond when the Premier League began their process of approving the change of ownership.

No conclusion and no official updates, not of any substance anyway, confidentiality used as an all powerful shield to rebuff any questions posed by Newcastle fans or indeed anybody else wondering exactly what is happening.

It is especially difficult to see any positivity, now that the lack of takeover completion is starting to seriously impact Newcastle United.

We are now in the first week of the 2020 summer transfer window and as other clubs make ambitious moves, NUFC are paralysed.

Only six weeks to go until the 2020/21 Premier League season starts, every day that goes by without new owners in charge, weakens the chances of Newcastle being in a decent state to meet the challenges ahead.

However, I do have two big positives with this Newcastle United takeover to hopefully raise your spirits.

Firstly, whatever is or isn’t happening with the takeover delay, what we do know is that the Saudis haven’t gone away. Nor for that matter have the Reuben brothers or Amanda Staveley.

You might say so what?

However, with all the criticism and accusations flying around, you wouldn’t exactly have blamed them or been surprised if they had walked away and said they don’t need this hassle.

Maybe just added a few more sponsorship deals to the ones they already have at Manchester United. You know, 12 years and counting and deals with official Saudi regime companies and organisations that bizarrely nobody in the media, MPs or human rights activists have any problem at all with.

Or the Saudis could instead just up their stakes even further in their part ownerships of Twitter, Uber, Disney and countless other companies / organisations, that once again appear to be of zero importance to those who see the NUFC ownership as standing alone, in terms of something to block.

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Secondly and most importantly, I think that the Premier League and especially certain other clubs making things so difficult for the Saudis, will produce an ‘interesting’ reaction when the takeover eventually happens.

I have a feeling they don’t forgive and forget easily.

Having met such opposition, I think the Saudis will be even more determined to make Newcastle United a spectacular success.

I have no doubt they were ambitious beforehand BUT now they will be absolutely ruthless in wanting to outdo those who have tried to keep them out of the Premier League.

A bit like sticking your hand into a hornets nest, those who opposed the Saudi takeover of Newcastle United, are set to get seriously stung.

I will remind myself of the above with each passing day.


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