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Robbie Savage and BT Sport get upset after Newcastle United fan catches them out with live TV stunt

8 months ago

Fair to say that Robbie Savage and Newcastle fans haven’t been the best of friends down the years.

Very limited ability as a player, he loved to dish it out (especially verbally) on and off the pitch but struggled to take it.

Very much the same as a pundit, somebody who is laughably bad with his patter and views, Robbie Savage then struggling to handle it when anybody bites back.

Working for BT Sport on the Newcastle v Tottenham match on Wednesday night, Robbie Savage and the broadcaster weren’t laughing when an NUFC fan pulled a cunning stunt…more of that later though.

To set the scene, you have to go back to the 4 January 2020 and working for BT Sport on the Rochdale 1 Newcastle 1 FA Cup match, Robbie Savage tried to say he took it all as a laugh when Newcastle fans took the mick out of him but clearly he was instead closer to tears…

With their placement right next to the Newcastle fans, BT Sport apologised during the game as the away section sang ‘Robbie Savage, he’s a w.nker’…

It is all about context and Robbie Savage was making himself look ridiculous by making such an issue out of it. He wasn’t threatened or anything like that.

Newcastle fans weren’t abusing him walking down the street with his family.

It is laughable when he whinges about being abused trying to do his job. You would think he was a surgeon and not somebody getting paid a fortune to talk absolute drivel.

Robbie Savage speaking on BBC Radio Five Live after that Rochdale match in January:

“I was working for TV and the commentary gantry was right amongst the Newcastle fans, right amongst 3,000 and in commentary I said What a great turnout from Newcastle fans, passionate, supporting their team, they were singing away…and then I was obviously spotted.

“Then obviously…I was trending on Twitter for obviously obscenities that Newcastle fans were singing at me which I took in good faith, I was smiling, laughing, but…

“Put yourself in that situation, you are…

“If I was a Newcastle fan I’d be embarrassed, I was…to sing the obscenity at a commentator when he’s doing his job.

“You imagine in your workplace, you’ve got X amount of people turning around pointing camera phones in your face and waiting for you to respond and you are trying to do your job.

“I thought they were a disgrace, the Newcastle fans.

“Try and support your team, who by the way, got battered by Rochdale in the second half and instead of putting your frustration at a co-commentator… listen, I took it, I was laughing, I had to laugh.

“But I just though…at the end of the game when the Newcastle players were coming over to applaud the fans, a lot of Newcastle fans in the front row were giving gestures to Newcastle players to go away and all they (players) were doing was coming over to applaud their support.

“And on the whole the Newcastle fans are brilliant but you know, try venting your frustration on the team.

“And I heard Newcastle fans hammering Joelinton, what’s that going to do for his confidence?

“It’s pathetic. Newcastle fans who were there singing, you are absolutely pathetic.

“Alan Shearer said to me today, he put a laughing faces emoji and said ‘I was the one that started the chants’.

“I saw lots of people singing it and it was well heard on the TV. It was embarrassing. I was sitting amongst Newcastle fans trying to do my job and you’ve got that many people singing it and putting camera phones in my face.

“If I react, I lose my job. Imagine putting yourselves, Newcastle fans, in that situation for a split second.”

Moving forward to last night and Robbie Savage was once again working for BT Sport, as Newcastle lost 3-1 to Tottenham.

However, it was BT Sport and Robbie Savage losing it when their fan wall feature was compromised by Newcastle fan Jay Garland (@jaygarland1)…

During the game:

A close up:

The ban:

In commentary:

The perils of live TV – working with animals, children AND Newcastle fans!


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