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Richard Masters challenged on the Premier League being corrupt and spineless on Newcastle United takeover

7 months ago

I get a lot of stick on here for continuing to go to matches whilst Mike Ashley is in charge.

Some of it over the top, some not so.

However, given the recent takeover collapse, I emailed (probably not the only one) Richard Masters to voice my feelings, so sickened am I by it all that I am going to turn my back on it.

There was always going to be a straw that broke the camel’s back…

Recent events just confirmed what we all know, football is now more corrupt than ever.

There is a body very similar to the freemasons who quite simply won’t allow entry into their world, we quite simply don’t exist outside this corrupt place.

May as well bulldoze St James Park now and simply say ’thanks for the memories’…

Dear Mr Masters,

In the light of the now collapsed takeover deal of Newcastle United, I think as a fan of long standing and season ticket holder of the said club, I am entitled to voice an opinion about the whole thing.

Please be aware that the whole content of this email will appear in the Newcastle United fanzine ‘The Mag’.

Everybody knows that football is a corrupt business, the well publicised dealings including that of the governing bodies FIFA and UEFA simply confirm this, when a footballer of the profile of Platini is guilty of offences it is clear that plenty incentives are there for wrong doing.

The award of the World Cup to Qatar simply amplifies all that is wrong with football, I have no doubt there has been influence given to both you and your colleagues not to approve the consortium bid.

Let us be brutally frank, Saudi Arabia also has a very suspect background with regards business dealing and human rights issues, however, they also have a vision which you will be fully aware of, it is called Saudi Vision 2030. The idea being that they could repair their image through business trade and sport, indeed Boxing, Golf have already held huge events in their country, a formula 1 track is being built and readied so it can be added to their portfolio.

All these happened and are happening without so much a whisper of discontent. Then we have Newcastle United and the whole world is suddenly against it.

Far from me to suggest what most people know, other clubs have influenced your delay in making a decision, Amanda Staveley has already said you would neither block it nor approve it in the hope it would go away, well guess what? You won by sitting on your hands.

However this is far bigger than just football, although I will stay with football for now.

Let us look at the North East, once the hotbed of football, the loyal football fans of those clubs have been hung out to dry by the authorities, Darlington now a very low tier non-league club after bankruptcy, Hartlepool now struggling in the national league, Gateshead have faced more struggles than most, our neighbours Sunderland and Middlesbrough have both also struggled in recent years, these clubs are in many cases the heartbeat of the towns and cities they represent.

Let us look at Sunderland for a moment, a club with a proud history and a fan base not unlike ours, starved of success but with fans who still turn up in numbers. They have changed ownership several times in recent years and now have people in charge who have no ambition but who hoped to gain a quick buck, cowboys and charlatans with limited financial backing, you have to ask how do they pass an owners suitability test. Make no mistake, the good people of Sunderland are as fed up as we are.

Looking further afield there are ‘dodgy’ owners at many clubs, Blackburn and Chelsea to name but two, yes Chelsea one of your so called elite clubs who until recently only had a proud history of…hooliganism and nothing else.

Quite frankly sir, you favour the elite clubs and the whole world can see that!

Back to NUFC and somehow or other you let Mike Ashley take over at Newcastle and in the 13 years he has been here we have achieved nothing, well part from two relegations.

The EPL have looked on in deafening silence while he has systematically stripped the club bare, including acquiring and selling land around the world renowned St James Park to prevent the club from growing. Remember, before he took over this club was challenging regularly and was batting in the champions league long before your favourites such as Chelsea (here we go again) and Manchester City, there is a pattern emerging.

Are you aware the joke that is the training ground has a kids paddling pool for players to cool off in, it is beyond funny. Elite clubs grow and have owners who invest, we have Mike Ashley, an asset stripping business man and you sit back and allow this to go on!

Do the EPL really want a league like in Scotland where in reality year after year only two clubs can win it? Apart from Leicester that is exactly what you have in England, a non-competitive league for those outside your own favoured elite.

The bid for Newcastle United was more than about just football, it was about investment in a city and its surrounding areas and would have brought countless jobs to an area that has always struggled foe employment and with the effects of Covid will struggle even more.

The north / south divide has not ever been as wide as it is now, the only difference being regarding football, you clearly favour London and the North west so this boundary differs. the investment promised into the club and city would have lifted this region immeasurably.

The long-term impact of all this is damaging beyond anything closed minded people can comprehend, under this owner Newcastle United will lose fans. The cathedral that stand proudly above the city will become a ghostly reminder to what might and should have been, have you ever been to St James Park?

The fabulous skyline is supplemented by this footballing cathedral that is now slowly but surely rotting away, infected by a cancer that can’t be removed – but it could have been – and you sir and your colleagues must share the blame and be held accountable.

It is now 24 years ago Newcastle United broke the world transfer record by signing Alan Shearer, he chose Newcastle United because he could see the potential of his hometown above the massive pull of the great Sir Alex Ferguson and Manchester United, now we have a rotting corpse of a football club.

There is a myth amongst many that Newcastle United fans have high expectations, I have followed this club since 1970 and whilst we have had the odd flirt under Sir Bobby Robson and Kevin Keegan, we have actually won nothing of consequence.

Astonishing fact is that a club of the stature of Newcastle United has not won any domestic silverware of consequence since 1955, are you even aware of that?

We as fans do not have aspirations to be Manchester United or Liverpool et al, we simply want a club and football team that competes and does not just go through the motions, our club ambition is avoiding relegation so the current owner (who clearly equally wants out) can continue to milk the cash cow.

So what now?

There are reports of various American businessmen being interested. How ironic would it be if this happened and there were no objections.

You only have look at the Glazers at Manchester United to answer that, you would happily allow debt ridden American owners ahead of actual cash rich middle eastern business man, I’m sorry sir but the whole business is corrupt from top to bottom.

We as fans have no way of knowing if you are actually one of the rotten apples that seem to have control of the governing bodies of football, but as you are in the position, you need to come out and speak honestly about what really happened.

I am aware last time I emailed in I received a reply from one of your minions, however, given the nature of this issue and the strong feeling in and around Newcastle I would be grateful if you could add comments and substance to what has gone on.

However, I expect nothing but further hand sitting. I mean why should you explain things to the fans, who are the fans anyway…..let me answer that, the fans are the people that matter…end of!

Why don’t you take the opportunity to respond and disprove the the growing theory up here that the managing body of the EPL are corrupt and spineless.


Brian Standen


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