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Newcastle United takeover will go ahead for these 3 reasons – Ignore Qatar propaganda puppets

1 year ago

Why am I so confident this Newcastle United takeover will eventually be passed?

Well firstly, before we get onto that, it wouldn’t be Newcastle United, without a drama or panic and anxiety from the fan base.

It’s been like this all my life.

From selling our Crown Jewels – Beardsley, Waddle and Gazza, taking far too long to sack Ardiles, to appointing KK, enjoying the best football of our lives, hearing we’d sold Cole on Five Live and just not believing it, or finding out KK had quit when we walked to the pub after leaving the Valley.

The post KK years, until SBR came, brought highs like the Barca game and Tino’s hat trick, unlikely cup finals, preceded by wonderful semis which Geordies made Old Trafford’s North Stand rock twice at and terrible lows such as the Mackem game in the rain, when Gullit unbelievably picked the line-up he did.

SBR’s era was fantastic as he built us back to a club and team to once again be proud of , shame on the fans who deserted him in the end and failed to appreciate a European semi-final and fidth place, hang your heeds in shame. How you’d give your right arm for such a high flying team now and such a passionate and knowledgeable manager.

Chop Souey and Allardyce with Glenda sandwiched in between, was in the main depressing, slowly moving backwards sh.te.

Most of the Mike Ashley era is best forgotten, except for one Pardew season where he fluked European qualification and the run to the quarters the year after, a season we very nearly went down in, of course!

We all know the rest and then eventually we finally got some hope back, alas the Rafa era was hamstrung by Ashley’s failure to back a genuinely world class manager.

Now we have that loveable Geordie with the mashed in nose, who practically cried when we hammered Man Utd five nil, although to be fair he did manage the Mackems to their Halloween howler at St James Park! 5under1and street signage a joy to behold following that, doff my cap to whoever did that!

Sorry, I’m rambling on aren’t I?

Back to the original point, my confidence in this Newcastle United takeover, which has mirrored our last few decades at our club, with the highs and lows along the way.

My confidence has never wavered though and as we are now over four months in, I’m 100% convinced this will eventually be approved.

Why you may ask?

Well, despite what certain journalists have to say, who I don’t need to name, but whose motives may be a little questionable, I do believe this Newcastle United takeover will be approved.

To be so confident I must have some pretty solid reasons, not just a ‘feeling’ biased by my love for the Toon.

Yes, I do base my confidence on more than just that:

The Premier League’s own Owners and Directors Test – freely available for anyone to read and check the criteria and how it works.

The time it has taken so far.

The highly successful and extremely wealthy people behind our bid.

These are my three main reasons for my confidence.

The people that are named on our Companies House documents and we assume they are the ones submitted to the PL clearly have the funds, have not been charged with or committed a crime and cannot be disqualified under any other part of the O and D test.

Would the people involved have not anticipated piracy or any of the other multitude of reasons put against their bid by let’s face it, Qatari influenced outspoken propaganda puppets?

Of course they would, they are not stupid and the person who put this all together, Amanda Staveley, has already been involved in a football club takeover by Middle Eastern backers, they will have known and anticipated all of this – don’t believe all you read from questionable journalists to the contrary.

The time this has all taken gives me confidence that the PL are trying to make this happen and a high stakes negotiation is ongoing, to get a satisfactory result for all involved.

It’s clearly far more complex a deal than it might first have appeared all those weeks ago.

However, I don’t believe the O and D test is the stumbling block to a green light, more likely a greedy PL, smelling the Saudi cash and working out how they can leverage this situation to their advantage and solve the COVID impacted holes appearing in their budget.

There’s a good chance supporters will not be allowed back in grounds until a vaccine is found, or at best only a minority percentage, or whether indeed many actually want to return to a hugely diluted experience, with no away fans, face masks, pre-health checks, social distancing, no to little atmosphere.

Will fans really flock back in grounds with a third capacity? Maybe at first, but after a few games they’ll be sat there thinking “this is sh.t”, will sponsors agree and pull deals or reduce them? You bet they will!!

It clearly is not the same product!

The hold up is almost certainly about money and how much of the PL’s diminishing revenues can be salvaged or new funds extracted from this.

The Saudis are clearly serious and being patient, as this takeover to them is far more than simply wanting a shiny new toy – ie a PL football club.

This is part of a much wider strategy, to reinvent their country and move their economy away from a reliance on oil.

They have a much younger King in waiting who is shifting minds over there.

NUFC will be, along with many of their other recent investments, a very global vehicle to promote their new era.

Being one of the biggest draws in the biggest league, of the most popular and watched sport on the planet, it makes lots of sense for them.

The commercial opportunities it can represent will be significant for them.

Money talks in this capitalist world and in particular football and most definitely the PL.

Be patient my fellow Mags, ignore the hyperbole from journos who are simply guessing.

Read the O and D documents, read between the lines and draw your own conclusions.

Keep the faith.

Leazesloyal – NUFC – a lifelong obsession.


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