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Newcastle United takeover – Shame on the Premier League for their actions

4 months ago

So that’s it, the Newcastle United takeover is over, finito.

This Thursday afternoon, with one short headline on the Sky Sports News yellow ticker at the bottom of the TV screen, dreams of getting a professionally run and competitive Newcastle United were dashed.

I can’t say I’m entirely surprised, it’s felt like it hasn’t been destined to happen for weeks now, with all and sundry almost gleefully putting stumbling blocks in place.

That’s the most annoying thing as this deal wasn’t likely to be passed.

Statement from Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund, PCP Capital Partners and Reuben Brothers:

“With a deep appreciation for the Newcastle community and the significance of its football club, we have come to the decision to withdraw our interest in acquiring Newcastle United Football Club.

“We do so with regret, as we were excited and fully committed to invest in the great city of Newcastle and believe we could have returned the club to the position of its history, tradition and fans’ merit.

Ultimately, during the unforeseeably prolonged process, the commercial agreement between the Investment Group and the Club’s owners expired and our investment thesis could not be sustained, particularly with no clarity as to the circumstances under which the next season will start and the new norms that will arise for matches, training and other activities.”

I had started the afternoon writing an article based on some sort of positive, that I didn’t think that Newcastle United would be relegated next season, even with Mike Ashley as owner and Steve Bruce as manager. Based on the premise that there is so much dross in the Premier League and that if following that was your thing, then you wouldn’t be disappointed if the takeover doesn’t go through. How prophetic those thoughts were to be just an hour or so later.

To PCP, Amanda Staveley and The Reubens I thank you. There was a brief flurry of optimism that we could shake off the last 13 years of deliberate stagnation and regression under Mike Ashley. For that I can at least raise a smile.

It is now an unknown¬† as to whether they would have come in and tore the current playbook apart and kicked away this club’s malaise and actually played the game of football, rather than the balance sheet. We will never know.

Where some saw a toxic regime, others like myself saw a progressive one. A Muslim nation, Jewish brothers and a female businesswoman, nobody mentioned how positive that looked in 2020.

That’s typical when it comes to all things Newcastle United, let the negatives scupper any positive on the table to detriment of the things that matters the most – Newcastle United, it’s fans and the benefits the region as a whole could prosper from the takeover. Bet they didn’t even consider such things at Premier League HQ.

It’s the remark – “With a deep appreciation for the Newcastle community and the significance of it’s football club” that really hurts. If only the Premier League, the media and Mike Ashley did. It’s nice when people care. I only say that as I’m past the point of caring.

And on that note we are now in a transfer window with a new season just around the corner.

Where we could have been on our way to the top table and playing big lads games, we now have to remain with the status quo of fighting relegation. Aren’t we lucky? If 13 years hasn’t taught you that it will be sheer purgatory then I don’t know what will.

And to the naysayers and holier than thou media snipers I ask you…Do you REALLY think having an obvious lame duck in the Premier League adds value to it?

Is keeping the current top teams nigh on untouchable a good thing?

What agendas do these parasites have and what do they get from such motives?

Would a West Ham United or a Crystal Palace be more to their liking?

We’ll know the next time one gets so much of a hint of being bought out. Rather than improve their brand, they just tarnished it.

It was fun while the dream lasted and I can sit back next season and either dip in and out of football or switch off all together.

Rather than liberate Newcastle United, this move has sh.t on every Newcastle United fan across the globe and will likely only liberate bank balances and stress levels, for without this takeover a lot of people will be finding other things to do where normally they would be watching the match, with their mates, in a pub, you know? Having fun? It’s a long time since Newcastle United fans can say they experienced that.

Going forward, having any connection to Newcastle United and of course our so called friends at the Premier League, is a lifeless, pointless and biased experience.

I would almost welcome a statement from Richard Masters to explain why the decision not to pass the takeover was made. I say “almost” as the words he utters aren’t worth the air that comes out of his mouth or the paper they are written on, let alone carry any weight or have honest substance. It might even be amusing to read them and see him tie himself in knots defending he and his organisation. However, I feel he will use the old line “We can’t possibly comment on such private matters”…Don’t you bloody dare, you two faced a.sehole.

Who knows if another consortium or buyer will come along in future and attempt to buy the club but one thing’s for sure, they will have to be the most perfect of suitors from moral standpoints as well as financial ones, those sorts of people simply don’t exist. Besides, Newcastle United are NOT the darlings of the Premier League so it will doubtless be doomed to fail.

And with that, we move on. Newcastle United goes on, well S****s D****t FC does anyway.

For once I have nothing critical to level at Mike Ashley. Ashley can run the club as he sees fit, after all he’s being doing that for 13 years so why stop now.

When fans get back to football, I wonder how many thousands of tickets he will have to give away to promote his tat empire and fill the empty seats. Steve Bruce can run the players into the ground with his appalling management and backside licking attitude towards the owner to his hearts content as eventually his management of the club will start failing and failing to the detriment of the club’s Premier League status.

It’s a shame but save for a few glances and comments, I’ll be finding other things to do next season and beyond.

It’s one thing being prevented from competing by your own owner but to be denied the chance to by the Premier League, is a slap in the face.

Focusing attention on such an institution as the Premier League and a deliberately uncompetitive Newcastle United isn’t for me thanks.

You can stuff your so called “Sport”…


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